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Beautiful game :)

Controls are responsive, nice music and sounds, the upgrades mechanic encourages you to finish the game in all its parts.

I noticed some little bugs that can be easily fixed:

  • When you fall from a great high, the character go out of the camea view (dont know if it was meant that way).
  • You can wall jump out of the stage.
  • In the settings if you change the window size you cant go back to "medium".
  • "Windowed mode" option work in reverse (i think).

(as you can see I played your game a lot :p)

Good job :)

If you have time, take a look at our game

Now that's some great feedback, and thanks for picking up on those bugs, I was short on time and I guess I didnt check all the options where working as intended - seriously much appreciated that gives me places to focus on.  And thanks for taking the time to review my game