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Robbin' HoodView game page

Stealthing Your Way from Rags to Riches
Submitted by Avidity Studios (@aviditystudios) — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Casey - Artist, Sound/Music Design
Joe - Programmer/Animator
Ken - Artist/Programmer

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This was really charming, a platformer where you can't defeat enemies and you can only use stealth is a breath of fresh air. There was a few collisions which could be better to get the gameplay exactly right though.


This game is totally addictive! Great job guys!


Love the humor in this one, I really enjoyed it nice job


Thank you so much for the feedback!


Fun game, jumping feels good, hiding feels good (should probably decay the detection limit over time as well as while hiding), however you did have some problems with getting stuck on the corner of tiles. Art and visuals are good. Music a bit repetitive after a while.

Glad I was able to help Short Stack. :)


Thank you for the feedback! You made Short stack's day, no doubt.


So first of all, BUCKLE UP, because I played this during class and no one even noticed (except I think the student sitting next to me but I'm not counting that person because clearly they only noticed because they saw how comparatively happier I was)-- THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER DONE IN THAT CLASS, OKAY? I was jumping, I was hiding behind rocks, I was answering questions about voidable preferences, I was getting coins, I mean-- I PARTICIPATED IN CLASS AND GOT STUFF RIGHT, OKAY? This game improved my classroom experience.

Secondly! The ART OF IT ALL. 12/10, like wow. Those trees, that boulder. God DAMN. Seriously, I played a LOT of the entries for this jam and this art impressed me the most. It's so polished and it looks professional. 

Thirdly, I could easily see this game being expanded with multiple levels, more characters, items, etc. It feels complete as is because of the speed run aspect, but it could also definitely be a really challenging rogue-like platformer and I like the possibilities that offers. This plays like a really successful demo for a full, professional game.

Fourthly, I like how smoothly the game plays. The controls are easy to understand and you get faster and faster each time, which is nice, because I definitely sucked to start and now I'm only a little below mediocre. 

Fifthly, the music was really fitting to the theme and doesn't get tiring as you start over... and over... and over (I'm not good at platformers, okay?) The music is just really, really charming.

Overall, sixthly and lastly, the replay value is what makes this game a win. There were definitely other entries that had interesting concepts but the novelty wore off after 10-15 minutes. I could play this game for hours (I have, honestly). So, kudos, hats off, cheers, etc.

fun game

game was really good has some speed running vibes to it Gj i got the game done is just over a minute.... want more levels thanks for the fun


Thanks! We're hoping to add more content after the jam. I'm not sure if you knew, since you said you beat the game in a minute, but you're supposed to go back and forth and try to get as much gold as possible. The bags multiply your score. We probably should have made that more clear. Thanks for the feedback!

top kek's man feelsnostalgiaman


me likely muy muy bien amigo better than mi drugas 

great game! Easy to pick up and understand aim of the game. Game looks good and runs smoothly. Not to easy or hard. Over all good game nice story.

Super addictive game, I literally played it for about 3 hours straight 😂

Seriously love the art style too! (Especially the trees 🌲🌳❤)