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The all-new "All in One Platformer Asset Pack" on This is a complete package that includes 5 unique tilesets, several unique enemy types and objects, collectibles, sound effects, and more, all designed to fit cohesively into one project. Check it out here!

You have no Idea


Thanks for the comment. In all fairness, I did make this from a project I was working on previously, but due to the time constraints I had (I was busy with life stuff for most of the jam plus a cold), I only was able to make the Neon based assets and levels for the game among other smaller details that are too long to list. I have been making games for around 8ish years now, so I know my way around Gamemaker. I do want to make some tweaks, and part of the reason I did this jam was to get some more testing on this game, which is part of a larger project to remake an actual game I made on the NES for modern systems.

Nice puzzle game. some really clever puzzles that never felt too intimidating. It was also really nice to have an undo button for the small mistakes like stepping on a plant for falling off an edge without having to start the whole level over again.  I could definitely see this game having a small release with some new mechanics. 

A Super-Duper well-polished game, and it's really unique too. It's just really hard, and with little to no in-game explanation, it was hard to understand at first. For a while, I couldn't even get the game to play because It hadn't occurred to me to move the player onto the play button. I also struggled to get games going, because sometimes I was just screwed and fell immediately. But the music, gameplay, and art all kept me playing, so nice job.

Cool shooter game. Personally, I found the sprites to be a bit small for my liking, but it still has some nice visual appeal, along with some good sound effects. Also, some better UI could go a long way in making this a really good game.

Neat platformer. It was really hard I found, especially with the harsh stun effect that stopped all movement when colliding with an enemy, but the art and sounds all fit the atmosphere really well.

Really neat. It was nice to have explanations considering how varied each of the levels were. It was a bit abrupt moving from room to room, which should be helped with some simple screen transisitons.

Really cool platformer, reminds me a lot of the old Castlevania games. I would have really liked some sound effects, as the game felt empty without them, especially the opening room where there were no sounds at all. But the art was good and the game felt responsive.

Yeah, I never thought of that until now. Definitely going to work on that.

I really liked the mechanics in this one. The teleporting didn't quite click at first, but eventually, it felt really cool to warp around. I would have wished the enemies didn't fire as fast, as it would have been fun to use them as a temporary bounce point or something of the sort.

I like your game! It is a bit rough around the edges, but it was really cute. I liked the concept of controlling the towers you create in a Tower Defence kind of way. 

Nice Job, really cool, although the directions were a little vague, but I did get them eventually.

Really reminds me of my old games when I first started. If you are new to it, nice job, and I hope you continue. You'll only get better with time. If you want my advice, try learning how to move the camera, because then you can make larger levels, and that's the first step towards making even more complete games!

Yeah, might make it green or a different color to avoid confusion.

A really neat puzzle game. The controls were good, and the art was really clever, but I felt the game lacked some polish. Some levels were also a bit too trial and error for me, and the levels didn't really offer any room for error when learning, as you kind of had to die to learn how things would work. The tutorial also seemed to go by too fast, and it took a couple of reloads to see everything. Perhaps some level flavor text to explain some things a bit better would help. But those things aside, I see a lot of potential here. 

Really Cool puzzle game and the mechanics kept coming. Nothing felt overly bland or plain, and the cute Gamemaker signs and overall aesthetic were a nice touch.

perhaps a more structured tutorial rather than just plonking them in the game. That and some other types of electrical devices to play with.

Even though this game was submitted by mistake, it is still pretty good. Definitely some tweaking could help, but overall good job!

Super cool platformer! The aesthetic and mood were really well done! Aside from some control jank, my only gripe with the game is the camera, which is very close to the camera. A little soon could help, as I couldn't really tell where I was going. Good job to your team though as the rest was well crafted.

Try again after reloading the page. It seems to be a problem with the newer versions of Gamemaker.

Really cool. The aesthetic was really nice, and while it would have been nice to have some background music while performing the puzzle, the game was still well done.

I mean, it's Tetris. (I like Tetris.) Some details are a bit off, but overall it's a faithful creation. Nice Job!

Really cute and short. Definitely has a lot of potential. Also, if you need sound effects, use something like BFXR or Bosca Ceoil. Sound is one of the best usages of time investments for a game jam and can make any game much much better.

Super high effort, especially for what would normally be a super simple game. But some neat enemy AI and a lot of art, this was really cool. The whole team did really well on this one. 

Really hard, but then again I've always been bad at brick breaker (Haha). Otherwise, it's really cool. The screen could have been bigger, and I personally think the color shift would have been more fun if the switching changed the ball, but it was still really cool.

Super cool strategy system. It would have been neat to see strange setups and more enemy types and whatnot, but it was super cool regardless.

Really cool! It was a little jarring to have the last level end with the fated, last room error screen, but it was really cool. Some room decoration would have been cool to see as well.

Very cute game. I can tell this game is a bit rough, including the boss has more health than a Dark Souls boss, but It shows promise. Good Job!

Really interesting take on the theme. One of the most unique I have found. Really nice job, even if the game is a bit rough around the edges. 

Really cool game and the art definitely shows high effort. Honestly, the comment below shows any criticism or feedback point I might have, but otherwise, it's really good.

Nice music, nice art, even if the player is a little flat, and the puzzle mechanics was really cool. it would have been nicer if the changing color block were introduced earlier on to spice up the earlier levels, and some flavor text was added, but otherwise, it was really good. Nice one!

Really cool. While the game is a little shallow mechanically, it has a really cool starting-off point for something cool, and the controls work really well, especially for an asteroids-style spaceship control.

A really cute Tower defense game. The bugs got really intense by the end. I did find it strange that there wasn't really a reason to worry about the bugs because the player didn't take damage, and the player felt slow near the end of the game. It was really cool and would make for a great web HTML game.

Really cool runner game. I could easily see this as some form of mobile or arcade game. Some fonts could be a little better, especially the combo text looking like it was drawn by hand, but aside from that, it was really mechanically entertaining and well done!