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I worded my question poorly but I just wasn't sure if it can soften normals without needing to have any detail on the pre-baked normal map (for example taking a simple hard-edged cube with no high poly model and blurring its normals to create a beveled like look) or if it only blurs the details that are already there on the normal map bake.

is it possible to create soft normal maps without having a normal map texture? great work btw

Thanks for streaming our game, it's always nice and educational to see someone else's first time playthrough :)

Btw if you want to fullscreen you can download the standalone version

Although the effects look nice it's very hard to see anything and the controls are kind of finicky, I think with some polish you could have a very nice game

apologies about that, if you get stuck anywhere you can press R to restart the level

What does the RotAux layer do? You showed it in FAQ 7 but I don't think you explained what it does

Hey I bought Spritestack while ago and yesterday the program became completely unusable for me for some reason and I am unable to fix it, most of the buttons still seem to works except the ui is very broken. I'm using Win 10 with i7 and GTX 970

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Yeah the stars can be frustrating to get but I can reassure you that all of them are reachable and there might be a reward for getting all of them ;^)

We are looking into how we can tweak the movement but that will come in a later update if we ever do one

Yeah you are definitely not wrong about the leaps of feith. Our programmer had to crunch most of the levels in a few sleep deprived hours right before the deadline so the quality of the level design could have been better if we managed our time more efficiently, I guess it’s one the leasons we learned from making this...

Either way thanks for taking the time to critique our game it helps a lot.

I’m glad you like it!