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Love the gameplay and pixel art but that intro stage is way too long and the intro stage mini boss is too much of a bullet sponge to be followed by another boss. Some of the enemies have way too short of a telegraph period for me to respond like the flier enemy's air dash and the genie's scythes. Also the double jump/air dash move should be in the tutorial.

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I liked the game, the concept, and the art, but i feel the bag mechanic makes the game tedious and repetitive. It would have felt better if you could run with how long the map is, maybe by holding the punch button. I lost all my progress after getting the saloon because of a game breaking glitch: you can wall jump on the invisible walls to get outside the map, and afterwards there is no way back in. One thing i can give the game credit for is that the jumping mechanics make it easy to get out of the holes you dig unlike the more popular games in this style like minecraft

It was really hard and scary but you clearly put a lot into it. I would've made the chasers slower and show how much of the light battery is left to the player with a gauge. I keep dying at the first enemy, so I can't give a full review.

thanks, I was forced to keep it bare bones, because this is my first finished game and the three day time limit. The graphical quality was low since I'm out of practice with pixel art and drawing. I'll try to return the favor of your review by trying out and rating Watt.

thank you. Like I mentioned in Zen's comment, I do want to make a dx version with more features in the future. I hope then you can have a better experience with my game.

I really liked it. There were a lot of cool speed running tricks,  and the level design was great. The player runs and jumps to fast though. I tried to collect all the stars, but without a reset button, I missed one right before ending the level. I think it would be great to have a full version of this game with a longer development cycle.

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Thanks, I'm going to try to make a dx version with more of the features I wanted to add. With that, I'll try to add more fun to the game.

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