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Love the gameplay and pixel art but that intro stage is way too long and the intro stage mini boss is too much of a bullet sponge to be followed by another boss. Some of the enemies have way too short of a telegraph period for me to respond like the flier enemy's air dash and the genie's scythes. Also the double jump/air dash move should be in the tutorial.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! Been a very busy month! The intro stage is really just a showcase of what we've done over the past year, we felt sorta bad for keeping our loyal fans waiting so we thought it'd be good to give them a playable experience to mess around with. Overall I'm unsure how the mini-boss is a "Bullet sponge" are you referring to how long it takes to kill him? There are other ways to kill him quickly but it also comes with learning how to do that. Cheers and thanks for the feedback!