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I liked the game, the concept, and the art, but i feel the bag mechanic makes the game tedious and repetitive. It would have felt better if you could run with how long the map is, maybe by holding the punch button. I lost all my progress after getting the saloon because of a game breaking glitch: you can wall jump on the invisible walls to get outside the map, and afterwards there is no way back in. One thing i can give the game credit for is that the jumping mechanics make it easy to get out of the holes you dig unlike the more popular games in this style like minecraft

thanks for checking out the game, I like your idea of adding a run mechanic, that sounds like a good idea and might do that if I come back to this. Luckily you didn’t lose that much progress in the end (the saloon is the second to last mission that I got round to implementing before the time was up) 

I get where you’re coming from on the bag upgrade mechanic - but my reasoning for it is stop people from mining straight down and grabbing precious metals easily. If I was to remove the bag mechanic there would also be one less thing to upgrade, and I wouldn’t know what to replace that with, any ideas? Thanks for the feedback by the way I really appreciate comments that look into the stuff deeper and provide some ideas on improvement