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Very cool!

great game!

awesome little game

cool game. I like the art and music

The Zombie Elvis is so awesome! haha good game

You played my last couple GBJAM games and was thinking of you when I finished this entry lol.

Hello everyone. I finally finished my gbjam entry and would love to get some feedback from you guys.

I'm new to game development and this is the closest I've ever home to actually finishing a game. Play as a bird and cat duo helping each other out to reach the end of the level.

Check it out and tell me what you think

Download link

love the name. Can't wait to get home and play it

looks great! can't wait to play it.

UPDATE! Tell me what you think of my game. I'm super stoked on this, I'm kinda new to game making and I find that I make my best work during these Jams




Here is a tutorial for ya. It will make your game exactly the resolution you want. So when you rotate objects, it won't add extra pixels to it.


Looks great. Love how you have to collect your throwing starts. And how the star fell out of the ceiling, nice touch!

good game dude.

Here is a gif of the game im working on for the Jam. So far it's not much of a "Game" but hopefully when it's done it will entertain people for at least 5 minutes haha.



Thanks so much!

I would like the hit box to be a bit smaller, I couldn't get past 10 seconds. And the score at the top doesn't restart.

The game looks really cool. But won't download. Ill try again later. I really want to try it out.

fo shizzle

cool game

Haven't played it yet. But judging by the name and art. It MUST be good haha

I really like this game. Very interesting mechanics. The art looks great too.

Funny little game. :)

I use Game Maker Studio. UHeartbeast basiclly taught me everything i know. he has a great rpg tutorial series to.

cool game. i like the art

looks cool


looks very cool

i like the art style.

lol interesting game.

Hey dude. I've been jumping back and forth from working on Squid Life and this other RPG im working on. Ill make sure to keep you posted when i have new things to show. Tell me what you think of this RPG "RudeBoy RPG" I still have a lot of work to do.

Thanks man. I'm working on having procedurally generated maps for this game. Including enemies and power ups.

cool game


my guy glitched out and fell under water. I could walk under water but the light was still above sea lever lol cool game tho.

I did not know the snail was from Adventure Time. I just googled "snail" and that was one of the first things to come up.

Very cool little game.

Cool game. Looks like we did the same tutorial haha.