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Great game. Love it.

Thank you so much!

Oh it GMS2. I guess it doesn't work for GMS1

Nice game. Nice M Night Shyamalan twist! haha

Very cool game. great work.

Nice! I've wanted to play this for a while now. DEMO!!! :)

I describe it as 'warm and fuzzy' . Love it.

Loved the game!

Thank you!

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Thanks! wow 13 seconds ago haha

Very cool game. No one was around be but I kept jumping from 4th to 1st ha ha

very Satisfying swinging that... thing ha ha

The game was great! The only thing I would say is also make the UP arrow a jump button. That would make it so much better for me. Good job!

The character sprites rock!

Very cool

Cute game. The music was VERY good!

Very cool. super oldschool

2056! Great game. I saw a few gifs you uploaded to twitter. The game was a lot more fun than it looked ha ha I like the camera shake and sparks when time is almost finished.

I really like how the ships move and swarm. great game.

great game

5 stars.

one of the best game in the jam. Nailed the theme and the art is great. Awesome work!

loved it

great game. very interesting mechanics.

love the art. good job

very had but i loved it. looks so good

interesting game.

so good!

great game. one of the best in the jam

very cool.

This game is way too cool! one of the best entries by far.

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Great Game! My favorite looking game this Jam and the music was nice. A+

Great game, I really how you animated the ship.

This game ROCKS! Best game I've played from this Jam so far. I love how the player controls, a lot of personality for a tiny stick guy. Very cool concept too A+

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One of the npcs told me to jump and peoples heads and try not to get shot but I couldn't jump on anyone's head and the bullets didn't hurt me. Then I hit an invisible wall soon after that.

Great Game!

Excellent game! one of the more polished game i've played in this jam. good work!

Excellent game. I'm surprised I did so well that mouse was really hard to see.

Excellent game. The only thing I'd change is the timer. I only got to level3 cause the timer was too fast. I gave up cause i really didn't want to have to restart from the beginning every time,

I have no clue what happened ha ha. I think I dies then respawned in the wall and dies again? Then a minute later i jump in a mine cart thing and won ha ha. good game.  It says use WASD but only the arrow keys work.