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dig it.

I dig it.

SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! Ya the bullet limit was so you couldn't hover forever but I realized it made the clean up levels annoying haha. I love working on the mechanics but I suck at level design. And I'll definitely add upgrades and other items. Thanks sooo much for the feedback.

This game rocks! The concept is solid and the level design was good. But the music was AMAZING!!! I love that song soooo much! I would love to download it.

SO GOOD! I loved it. great job

One of my favorite games of the jam. LOVE IT!

Cool game. The sword did not work how I thought it would haha. good job

Cool game. I dig it.

Neat little game.

What do you mean?

Such a good idea! I had a lot of fun good job.

Very cool game. The controls feel great and I love the cops haha!

Such a cool concept and game. Very polished I love it!

This was a lot of fun. Great job.

Dude this ROCKS!!! good job!

Love it! Homer kicked my butt tho haha.

So good dude! I didn't expect to laugh while playing this. Didn't a single line haha. Great job.

Thanks so much! This was the first time I've ever done any voice acting in my games (or ever). For my next project I will definitely download some audio editing program, this time I didn't have time to cut the dead air at the start of every voice clip.

Then you remember... YOU'RE A MONSTER! haha. Great game.

Great game! I wish the last room had even more bombs haha.

Thanks so much! haha. I ran out of time at the end and decided to just not have text. I did some copy and pasting but must have forgot to delete that part. I'm going to check out your game immediately .

Breaking blocks and collecting stones was so fun. Looks like you got that auto tile thingy workin.

Great game. I actually laughed out loud at the driving sections.

This game ROCKS! You really set the bar high for this JAM haha.

This first jump is so nerve wracking cause I have no clue whats above me and I move so fast. Am I going to fly right into some hot lava? haha

This was pretty cool.

Love that music.

Simple and fun. Great job!

This is my first attempt at voice acting and and it's not great. I would love your thoughts. I played all the characters haha

Great game. Love it.

Thank you so much!

Oh it GMS2. I guess it doesn't work for GMS1

Nice game. Nice M Night Shyamalan twist! haha

Very cool game. great work.

Nice! I've wanted to play this for a while now. DEMO!!! :)

I describe it as 'warm and fuzzy' . Love it.

Loved the game!

Thank you!