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Submitted by Halverus

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Submitted (2 edits)

Nice puzzle game and unique take on the theme, the visuals sometimes hurt the eyes (at least for me). Was not able to do lvl 7 and 9 (got stuck there) 

A bit sad there was a lack of sfx and music would had been nice if the buttons had sfx

For exporting it would had been better if it was a Zip instead of a installer

You can check my game jam entry out at:

Developer (1 edit)

Hello, I uploaded a new version of Clickless as a zip file that has a few adjustments and fixes added :)

Sound effects would be great, I'll definitely look into adding some after the voting period for the game jam ends ^.^

Level 7 has a similar trick to level 8 for the blue toggles that you had to use to get past both of those levels where you have to pre-toggle the blue switches before letting the moving arrows pass over them, and as for level 9, there are a few ways to get through this level but you have to pay close attention to which doors each purple button is connected to. Also that particular level is very rushed xd I originally intended to have 10 levels with level 10 being crazily difficult compared to all the previous levels but by the time I got to level 9 there was only 1 hour remaining in the game jam xP So I tried to make level 9 take the place of level 10 and ended with a difficult level that had very little testing lol. I might fix it up after the jam ends however.


Nice puzzle game. I really appreciated the care taken into a functional user interface: clear instructions, level select, visual connection between buttons and the affected door, different colors for different types of buttons.  That being said, here are a couple of suggestions for further improvement:

- having the clickable elements get highlighted when the mouse hovers over them, so that it is clear what is clickable and what is not. 

- keeping visible the connection from a button to a disabled door (e.g. having a full line if the connection is active and a dashed line if it's not or something like that).  This is particularly important if the door is disabled at the start of the level.

- there is also a bug with the level select, clicking on level 9 loads the end game screen and not the beginning of level 9.

I enjoyed discovering the different mechanics and how varied they were. I particularly liked the moving arrows. My least favorite were the purple buttons. Unlike the other elements I felt it was not clear how exactly they work and they felt somewhat arbitrary (or maybe I'm just missing something obvious?). Particularly the ones in the last level were very confusing, there were too many connections and I didn't really feel like tracking them all and which were toggled on/off with which button.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for all of the suggestions and feedback ^_^

I fixed up the  issue with selecting level 9, it now properly goes to level 9 instead of ending the game (Idk how I missed that but thanks for mentioning it lol).

Here's some tips for the purple button: The line that changes from purple to white instead of purple to red points to the next door that'll be disabled, while all other doors that the purple button connected to previously will be re-enabled even if another button turned that door off. This allows for some interesting interactions with other buttons that connect to the same door as one of the purple buttons which is seen in level 4 and level 9 (I'd say that level 4 is a better place to go and see this however xd).

I hope that clears some things up about how the purple button works, I'll see about adding clearer instructions to the way each individual button works sometime after the game jam ends :)

Also I'll look into adding in your other suggestions after the voting period for the game jam ends as well, those would be pretty good additons to the game and would definitely help with level 9's confusion lol. Thanks ^.^


This was a really good game all around. I enjoyed the levels that I played.  A very creative use of the theme. I liked everything but the camera/view movement. Nice work!

Submitted (1 edit)

The puzzles were really smart! Very unique take on the theme too. Just needs some better presentation, and this will turn out to be a good package altogether.

Wow! this is a great clever puzzle game with lots of cool twists and a great scarcity (clicks is the scarcity!)