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I had lots of fun with this and would love to see more.  Thank you!

What a cool game! I love the aesthetic and loved getting huge!  Thank you!

This is a cool game!  

I like how much combat this game managed to squeeze into a weekend. There are lots of different maneuvers and I like the idea of discrete rooms. It also seemed like I could get bonus points by getting more coins.   It's a cool game with lots of neat combat. Nice work!

Good news: I got this working on mac just now. I’m on Mac OS X Big Sur 11.5.2 on a 2017 macbook pro. I moved it to my desktop and then ran these two commands and then it worked great:

sudo xattr -r -d "/path-to-game/Godot\"
sudo xattr -cr "/path-to-game/Godot\"

I hope it works for you and others too.

I love the aesthetics in this game and would love to explore this dungeon fully.  Its really cool.  Thank you!

I love the graphics style.  I love the keyboard typing mechanic.  I liked the person talking to us and the quirky music too.   Having the goldilocks timing mechanic is leagues more interesting than just hitting the key.  Its also really cool that you made a leaderboard.   Thanks and great work!  *** High Score: 564 *** currently #5 on the leaderboard.  (I bet you can't bump me off!)  

good tips thank you!  I'll chime in with another one: usually (95% of the time) to get around this you can right click on the file and click open.  this brings up a different popup which has an open anyway button built into it.  good luck to everyone getting games working on the latest macs!

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This looks cool!  Just the screenshot makes me wonder if the ghost is a kid in a ghost outfit, or a ghost with prosthetic arms.  I bet I will be able to tell when I play the game. :)

Update: This is great!  I just died by skeeve-bite but will try again.  I need my candy gosh darn it!  Ok these last two times I won and got two totally different endings.  What happens if I do something to the door mat? ;)  Wow I got 4 different endings.  I bet there are more!

Thanks this was fun!

P.S. I think its a kid in a ghost outfit :)

Try right clicking and selecting open from there.  Mine then lets me 'open anyway' or something like that and it works.

I know its been a while but maybe this will help you or others.  Good Luck!

Its a testament to the quality of the writing and art and atmosphere of the game that I thought those stories were real!    Since they are not I'll make up a happy ending for the two friends but will prepare myself in case I find out I was wrong when I play Rat Lands 3 :)

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Are there any discord channels on public servers where people are chatting about this Jam?  Or about anything related?

Thanks!   I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

This is great.  There are so many great stories and texts in this and I can hear them all in Dready's voice which makes them even better.   (if you dont know dready's voice check her out on youtube or twitch @dready82x) Most texts are funny, some are heartwrenching, but theyre all great.  Awesome art and sound.  controls are crisp.  Multitasking is solid.  I loved it.

- My wife knows nothing about the game but loved having the music on while she woke up and we had breakfast

- I wonder if the Rat-Hero's friend will ever play this game?  Maybe they could come play rat-quest with the Rat-Hero without bringing any baggage?

- Some possible stories for future "analog anecdotes": ball-pit-adventure.  The story about that trex museum makes me sad.

- Those ratlands profile drawings would make great emotes (especially the 'knowing' one)

- I BEAT IT!  So good!  Thank you for making it!

- lolz: "Stay Ratical" "Big Frickin Mutant Slapper" "Rocktimus Tronbot" "NOIWILLNOTWEIGHMYSELFYOUGOWEIGHYOURSELF!" "expert urination noises" "DISHITATOR!" "position your butt to block egg thief" "Mr Bingles!" "RATS!" movie poster like jaws.  Nice touch that the mirror has a kind of alien in the reflection "RATRUM"

I downloaded the source and it was such a cool project with such a clear and modifiable design I was able to make a new level for the game!    Cheers!

 `Double-click -> Esc`  then `Right-click -> Open -> Open` to get around the security of the mac gatekeeper.  Apparently the Gatekeeper considers it more intentional and trusts you more as a user when you right click.

After that most games perfectly!  It only has to be done once and recently I was involved in a gamejam and every single mac game I had to do this and it worked perfectly for all of them too.  

This would let you replace that scary warning on your page with something more mild.  Good Luck!

I loved this game!  I have beat it now like 10 times and loved it all.  I left a spoiler in my comments on the game jam page in case anyone gets stuck then search for my second comment on that page.

Awesome!  I like your metaphor of the terrarium and you're right its hard finding the right balance. I support your choices.  let me know if i can help!

Hey how did the creation of this game work, was it something like: OgnePtaX writes the scene in words and hands it off to Puba24 to make the illustrations to portray the details and emotion of the scene? could you tell me something about that?  

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I'm watching Leighclipse play this right now.  Its so beautiful, though dark ofc, and the illustrations are amazing.  The one by the fountain in particular is creepy af  and I love it  :)  

uh oh it just got super dark. :( now its so sad.

OMG she did WHAT?  

And now its bittersweet.  

What a masterpiece.

This is a fun game!  I got it working on mac real smooth:  I just had to do the usual tricks for MacOS Catalina:

  1. type chmod +x <name of app>.app/Contents/MacOS/*
  2. Right Click -> Open -> Cancel -> Right Click -> Open -> Open (to workaround gatekeeper)

In that case you were right to use the capsules.  They work fine to my eyes and the real goal is getting the game shipped and you did it!  I liked it!

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I fixed my wand!  Time has been restored!!!

What a fun game.  I imagine that this game could have been a big hit on playstation or N64 in 1995.   Thank you so much for making it!

Getting it working on Mac:

Catalina has been having problems with Unity games (it says 'this game can't be opened') so I had to do the following:

chmod +x "Mac 3Contents/MacOS/*"

and then the usual gatekeeper workaround for downloaded apps: right click -> Open -> Open.

then it worked great! 

Also @Konstantine Khitrykh is right about Safari but it worked in Chrome really well on mac and its actually when I compare the Mac Native and HTML5 versions this is one of the best looking HTML5 ports I've seen.

Thats a fun story!  Thanks for making it and for drawing attention to the important foundation.  Spreading knowledge about things like this is valuable and I learned some things quickly from that website. 

Thank you for playing it and commenting.  A little bird told me that you got a great score, would you be willing to upload the screenshot?

OMG I loved this so much.  I timed it and I spent about 25min on it.  I loved the style and the gameplay mechanic and I'm really happy you didnt punish us by starting us over because I absolutely would have quit and was about to the second time I failed on the boss. 

 I really liked it though and kept going because the zombies gameplay I loved and could memorize way longer patterns for later levels, and the ghosts were straightforward, but the bats were messing with my brain (I understand it 100% logically but in the heat of gameplay it was really difficulty) so I never got the hang of the boss just kept getting one hit in and dying and finally winning! 

Thank you!

I got it to work on MacOSX Catalina!  I just had to run this command: 

chmod +x*

and then it worked like a charm with one weird thing: It decompresses from 33MB zipped to 994.7MB for some reason.  None of that is a big deal because this is a fun game and nice work especially for just 48hrs!

Got a terrible time of 2:28 but had a blast doing it! Thank you!!!

Cool game! I beat it!  Great game!  And wow ... 8hrs!  You + Puzzlescript is an impressive combo.  Will have to try my hand at that someday :)

Best score ever by anyone ever: 295.  By me!  J/K about the score I stank but I finished it and loved every second.  This had the perfect amount of longevity and interest for a jam and the perfect amount of potential to build into something even bigger some other time.  Fantastic work!  P.S.  I'm a unity guy atm but I've always had my eye on this engine and now I want to use the Löve engine even more than ever before!

Update: My Stepson just got 337.78 which is a new WORLD RECORD!!!

Hey any progress?  this is an awesome project.  Have you learned a lot by doing it?

Awesome thank you! SGDK looks really cool (I think I might have fiddled with that once upon a time). 

P.S. Your first sentence was hilarious!  

Wow I love this!  I found you while looking at the Arcade Game Studio, but what tools did you use to create this genesis game may I ask?  

Hey thank you so much for this comment!  I appreciate that you thought it was like a toy.  I did too :)

Oh wow what a treasure for me.  Thank you for playing and thank you so much for sharing your experience!  *big smile*

Wow that is great!  The controls are related to the controls in my game.  I didn't think of that kind of multiplayer aspect where everyone joins just by pressing a key but it works really slick.  Its awesome that you can end up with a whole little gallery!  Nice party game!

Thats a great depiction of what sociopaths are like.  Ive known a few and i can totally relate.  Nice work!

This is slick!  I love the graphics and the little touches here and there.  For example the button which has cat ears.  Nice work!  The controls are tight and its cool how the cats sometimes bounce off of each other out of the umbrella.

Hey this is super clever!  I love how it gives you an opportunity to survive even if you hit yourself and I love the multiplayer aspect.  This would be great fun at a party. Nice work and great innovation and creativity!

FUN!  I got the blue several times and didnt get too drunk.  Nice work!  Cool voice effects too!