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@JonatBender I assume you mean Windows Mixed Reality?  If so I've been playing it flawlessly for a few days now through SteamVR.  Have you gotten SteamVR working yet?  

Hey thank you so much for this comment!  I appreciate that you thought it was like a toy.  I did too :)

Oh wow what a treasure for me.  Thank you for playing and thank you so much for sharing your experience!  *big smile*

Wow that is great!  The controls are related to the controls in my game.  I didn't think of that kind of multiplayer aspect where everyone joins just by pressing a key but it works really slick.  Its awesome that you can end up with a whole little gallery!  Nice party game!

Thats a great depiction of what sociopaths are like.  Ive known a few and i can totally relate.  Nice work!

This is slick!  I love the graphics and the little touches here and there.  For example the button which has cat ears.  Nice work!  The controls are tight and its cool how the cats sometimes bounce off of each other out of the umbrella.

Hey this is super clever!  I love how it gives you an opportunity to survive even if you hit yourself and I love the multiplayer aspect.  This would be great fun at a party. Nice work and great innovation and creativity!

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I love the concept and the graphics.  I couldn't really figure it out (maybe because I'm using a touchpad) but I bet its fun. 

FUN!  I got the blue several times and didnt get too drunk.  Nice work!  Cool voice effects too! 

I had to try it a bunch but I got 100 pts!  This is a cool game with a clever and easy to grasp concept that would be great in Wario Ware!  Nice work!

Alright I furried Elvis' head and got 62 points!  Cool game and well done!

Nice work!  I love the art style and it works really smooth (and makes me hungry for avocados!)

This is super fun!  I love the concept but its not just a good concept its actually really well executed.  This would fit in great in Wario Ware!  Nice work!  

Cool Game!  It took me a while to realize that the controls dont respond instantly all the time.  They are sort of turn based.  Once I figured that out it becomes fun like wheres waldo.  Its tricky even finding yourself which makes it even more fun!

Cute game!  I'm a great investor but I can't seem to win this ;)  I love the art and the fun music.

4 modern songs here with nice laid back beats.  Would be cool to play at a hip party (or in a game with that kind of setting).  Nice work!

This is fun and that looks like a rocking party!   Nice work team!

Nice Tune!  I especially like when the synthbass kicks in about half way through!

Wow! this is a great clever puzzle game with lots of cool twists and a great scarcity (clicks is the scarcity!)

Nice work you two!  I like how this became a competitive sports game and I think it could be a lot of fun and even have different themes.   Best Wishes!

Holy cow I LOVED this!  I think what I liked best was the combat and strategy.  I feel like a gauntlet type game or a Zelda type game with more enemy types and rooms and levels and stuff but with this kind of combat would be something I would play for hours.  As is with just one level (that I could find) and just one enemy I still got immediately drawn in and played for like 15 minutes.  

Very nice work team!  I hope this wins the jam!

If you made the difficulty curve ramp up a bit (for example make the first level with just one or no enemies) I would enjoy it even more.   As it was I couldn't get far and gave up.  I loved the graphics and could play a long game that looked like this.  Nice work!

I love the graphics here!  I got confused by the intro text because I assumed that clicking on it or hitting a key would erase it.  I didnt like how an enemy ship came out of nowhere and shot me from off screen before I had a chance to react.  I loved the controls too!  Thanks for submitting!

For sound one option is to get  BFXR  which lets you fashion 8 bit sounding effects without too much trouble.  Its popular enough that there are online tutorials and stuff.  You're welcome.  Its nice to hear back from devs like you are doing.  Once again thanks for submitting and party on!

Cool!  With the tip I found in the comment by  @Fenderbate I got to level 3 (16) but didnt beat that level.  Thanks for submitting this!

Cool clever game!  Nice work!

I beat it twice!  Nice job!

Hey I beat it!  That was fun!  I'd actually play more levels of it.  :) Thanks!

Alright! I got about 2200 in :30 !

Cool idea about converting HP to stamina.  I thought the HP should regen a bit faster because as it is I just attacked and then converted and then put the controller down to type this comment and wait for HP to regen.  Thats ok though I got to the middle of level 2 this way!

The attack and death sounds were grating but the graphics were cute.  With headphones on I can hear someone breathing and clicking sounds in the bgm.   I loved the dual stick controls and think a longer game with controls like this could really work well!  Maybe something like gauntlet but with melee combat like this.

Nice Job!  Thank you for submitting!

This is actually really fun!  I beat it and thought it had clever levels and was great.  Thanks!

This was great fun! Thanks for making this!

This is a fantastic clever concept for a game.  Well done team.  Well done.