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A turn-based escape from the island game for the HeartGameJam
Submitted by securas (@Securas2010) — 4 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Great artwork sounds and music. 

The turns felt a little slow paced. I like the idea but I would have liked to see more movement or choices for each character. I understand that because of the time limit for the jam you may have had to cut it short so take the feedback as a "if you decide to keep going with it" kind of thing :)


Thanks for playing it... I would very much like to include all the things you mentioned on a proper post-jam version. Adding feedback like warning the player about which tiles are about to sink and add more choices, different types of characters, a faster boat, more boats, etc, could actually make this game interesting.... I'll try harder next time.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nailed it! My weak spot is 8-bit and pixel art games (especially NES aesthetics).


There is  good strategic possibilities. I like the procedural aspect.  The fact that the map can reduce by itself is a good point because it adds pressure and it corresponds to the theme apocalypse of your game and scarcity.

But, the feedback are not really present, for exemple, when you succeed to lead a human in the boat, or when one gets eat, there is no specific feedback.

But good job! It was fun to play it.


The "select" sound needs to be balanced with the music, i was using headphones and it was a little painful, I'm ok though, haha. I like the music, and without the bugs it could be a cool little strategy game.


Thanks for trying out the game and many thanks for the feedback. I'll try to do better next time.


Beautiful art and cool concept! I also like that the humans become zombies. Also a cool thing that the map is random, I got an easier one on the second try hehe. Music and sound effect also very good, overall pretty impressive for a one man army, very polished, good job!


Loving the concept, and the sounds and graphics are great. Only issue I've encountered is the random removal of tiles sometimes making the boat inaccessible almost immediately.


Thanks for trying the game. It's weird though... The boat should move to shore when tiles get removed.


The random island generation was a great addition. I did encounter glitches though, one being that occasionally the selection messes up and I can't move anyone anymore and another where the game straight up crashes. Despite that, I like the look, I like the music, and being able to control where the boat goes after getting a someone on it adds a lot of depth.


Thanks for checking it out. Did you try the online version or the windows executable?


I played the web version. If you're wondering about the crash, it happened when I had two people on the boat and on my way to reaching the next piece of land. The boat operator drowned, I tried moving the other person and then the game froze.


Thanks! I'll take out the web version since it's crashing way too much...


Love the music! Unfortunately I am running into this bug where I cant get passengers to board the ship..


Unfortunately, there are a ton of bugs to squash before this is fully playable. I'll try to do it on a post jam version. Until then, sorry for the trouble and thanks for trying it.


Yeah the concept is really cool tho! Had a lot of fun up until bugs haha


Wow! The music really made me feel for those poor souls left behind. Tragic stuff. Well done!