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Git flow can be quite fun to play with, doubt it? Play this!
Submitted by Pigdev (@pigdev) — 1 hour, 40 minutes before the deadline
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Shared already :P

Game description
Merge Fever gamifies the git flow process where you play as a git HEAD in the bug-fix, development and master branches, making commits to score!

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Yep, first time

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Nice and simple, well done!


Nice simple and well polished game!


Awesome game. I was wondering who was going to make the Git game! It would've been awesome if it sped up more as we were getting closer to "release date". lol. 


This game is definitely one of the best looking and feeling games I've seen this jam!  The graphics and the music/SFX were all great.

My one complaint is the lack of instructions.  Sure you could say that it's an analogy for how junior devs are thrown in the deep end without any help... but it would be nice :P


This is a pretty polished entry! The game is quite fun, and it's a very good take on the theme. :D

I'm still a bit confused about the red commits. For a while I didn't know what to do with them, then I discovered by accident that I could catch them by switching on the bug-fix branch… I guess it makes sense, but it's difficult to figure out.^^

While the game becomes a bit repetitive (it takes too long before becoming difficult), it still provides a nice experience. Great job!


I am so happy someone made a game about git!!! :D That was my immediate association when I saw the theme.

Very satisfying visual effects, and pleasant aesthetic (I like the background!)

I feel like some more explanation to the player on the mechanics and goal of the game is lacking - it took me quite a bit to get what I had to do (especially about the red dots) and the significance of the various visual cues.

After getting it though, I thought it was a very neat idea! :) 

I feel like in order for it to really become a fun and challenging game, however, it needs some some work at the level of balance and progression. So here are my 2 cents on it:
- I feel like the game needs to pick up pace more quickly, both by getting faster and by having bigger frequency of items - it feels like there is always stretches without anything happening.
- Currently the game feels too predictable. I didn't count it exactly,but it feels like there's always a similar number of greens and reds following by a white. One can use this to reliably catch the white ones and therefore prolong the game for a loong time.
- The score keeps increasing even if one misses all the reds and even some of the greens, that means that combined with the previous point one can mill very high scores just by being patient enough. I got to 50 000 without picking any red before getting tired :P


Nice little game! It took me a few playthroughs to figure out how to collect the red ones or what they even do.