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Hi ! I'm sorry you couldn't make it run, do you use Windows or Linux ?

thanks !!! Will consider about changing the controls then 

thanks for the feedback! We couldn't finish it the way we wanted to but there's a new version that will be uploaded today were the game ends and go back to the menu, hopefully we can continue to develop it and add the Christmas tree at the end as it was meant.

Very nice graphics, sounds and seems great!

Really fun game! Simple but fun to play.

I didn't actually understood how to play it, maybe Im missing something ? I loved the graphics and sound, great concept!

Hi! I just tried your game out, the beggining was a little boring, at least to me it was too much history, I just wanted to play the game, when i got to it the game was fun, adrenalinic, I really liked the concept.

thanks 🙌

thanks !!!

Good game! Fun to play to kill time, good job !

thanks a lot !! Glad you liked it 

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Yes, we supposed that the version you have is the problem, we are sorry you can't play it but we are taking notes for next time, thanks a lot for taking the time, although it's not the game's feedback this helps us too! We will tell you if we manage to make it work for you!

Thank you!

We are so sorry you can't make it work, we tested it out on Gentoo and Manjaro and it works, do you have glibc installed ?

Now it should work, please let us know what you think, every feedback is very well welcomed !

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hi! Yes, now that you've mention I've just realised I forgot to upload the libraries, I use Manjaro and it was coded on Linux so I'm more than glad that linux users get to play it. I will tell you when it's re uploaded correctly so you can play it!

thanks a lot !!!

thanks 🙌❤

Now you can play it!!


Nice and simple, well done!

Thanks for the feedback !

We are so happy you liked it ! Thanks, we want to add more levels, any time !

Thanks a lot, our artist and musician make magic!

Thanks so much for the feedback ! We'll take into account what you suggested to keep improving.

Thanks ! We have fixed some issues, you are welcome to play it again!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We would like to keep adding more levels with some twists. We fixed some issues, you are welcome to play it again and tell us what you think.

Thanks for the feedback ! We fixed some issues like the one you mentioned, you are welcome to play our game again and tell us what you think.