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Slime Research FacilitiesView game page

This slime is going through some tests, can you solve the puzzle to get the reward?
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Godot Version

Discord username
flor96#6006 (programmer) , emrod #5124 (programmer),Andres00#7661 (2D Artist) ,Lolo#9671 (Musician)

Participation level
It's the second time for us

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Silly Kirby! What has he eaten this time? :P

The game is very cute. For now, it's more a tutorial than anything else, but it has promising mechanics. I only have some issues with eating objects, sometime I was pressing the spacebar without having the right angle, which can be tedious to find. But overall it's nicely polished. :) An enjoyable experience!


Thanks for the feedback !


This game was so much fun! The puzzles were so clever, but I wish there were more levels. When can we expect more? :)


We are so happy you liked it ! Thanks, we want to add more levels, any time !


I really love this  game's concept and I'm looking forward for more levels and new interactions between the different mechanics (rock, wood, fire) in the future. 

Art and animations are really good too, they ended up pairing really well with the sound and music!


Thanks a lot, our artist and musician make magic!


I love the idea behind this game, and I really wish there were more than 3 levels!

Because the levels were so simple it's not hard to figure out what to do, but it would be good to have some kind of a hint to the player about what effects different materials have.  For example, a sign that says  "Wood floats!" or "Rocks don't burn!"  This would be more important as the levels get more complex though.

The controls worked well but it would have been good to note that hitting space clears any old merges.

The sound effects and the animations were well done.  It all felt very... squishy, as it should :)


Thanks so much for the feedback ! We'll take into account what you suggested to keep improving.


Its a fun little game. The only problem I had was trying to merge, you have to stand in a very specific spot to be able to merge. Nice concept.


Thanks for the feedback ! We fixed some issues like the one you mentioned, you are welcome to play our game again and tell us what you think.


I love what you did with the Merging concept!


Thanks ! We have fixed some issues, you are welcome to play it again!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It looks like this could be a nice puzzle game! Hard to say so far since the levels are all very straightforward. If I understood correctly, the effect of what you absorbed wears off after a few seconds when you but space again. In the third puzzle, if you are not fast smart enough this means it becomes unsolvable. It would be nice to avoid getting to such unsolvable states.


Thanks a lot for the feedback! We would like to keep adding more levels with some twists. We fixed some issues, you are welcome to play it again and tell us what you think.