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Submitted by PG311 — 2 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

So it appears the player auto-attacks whenever they're near any NPC, not sure if that was to demonstrate the character's increasing zombie tendencies but I liked that aspect either way.

Developer (1 edit)

Thats it!! We try do this, but we run out of time xD

It was meant to have a HUD that would show how close he was to becoming a zombie. And depending on how the HUD was, he would or not have control over his attacks.

And thanks for enjoying our game, we really enjoyed it!


Really interesting art style, and the character attack animation is really funny. I did not understand how to interact with some things, like for instance a water/syringe thing that definitely looked like I could do something with.


Yo!! Yeah, we have some issues with the scope. We planned something big for the time we had. So some things are no longer implemented. There were also bugs almost at the end of the jam. Served as learning for the next jams: D

And, we really appreciate that you liked the style of the game <3


I quite liked how the character looked, especially the facial expression. Also the music and the setting really transmitted the right feel. That being said, here are some issues I found / suggestions for improvement:

- I didn't understand very well how collecting the herbs is supposed to work. In the beginning there's an indication of X for herb, I thought it was the key to collect the herbs, but they just disappear when I go over them, so are they picked automatically? There's no counter indicating how many herbs we collected so far. So what is the X for?

- There's some issue with the character movement, sometimes it becomes jittery and slow for a bit. 

- In a more polished version it would be nice having extra player animations for walking down/up.

- Sometimes the character plays the attack animation without the player having pressed the attack key, which is kind of confusing.

- The music stops playing after a while, I don't know if that's intentional?


yeay! thank you so much for your feedback. Collecting herbs is automatically and the key X is to use the herb. Using the Herb was suppose to decrease the need for flesh of the character (that is turning into a zumbi), but we hadn't time to implement that (even the transformation itself wasn't implemented). We started making a counter for how many Herbs the player gets, but it was buggy and we couldn't solve it in time.

yes, the movement.. omg.

The character attacks as soon as he touchs a human, it was intentional, but we actually must discuss if it's a good thing.

the music was not supposed to stop playing. It was my fault, I forgot to enable the loop >.<


I wandered around aimlessly collecting "herbs" then suddenly meet a litle kid and eat him.
Best game ever.

Developer (1 edit)

Haha thanks, and don't eat a lot little kids!!!