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I've already started toying around with additional block types/upgrades but tbh I'll probably put it aside for awhile... Definitely inspired by Besiege and Robocraft for sure

Great graphics for a jam game! Very well lit... I wish there were more "skateboard" tricks, or just a jump button in general. But still fun!

The movement is so smooth! And the shrink/grow ray is very intuitive, nice puzzle game!

Thanks for pointing out the level order, i fixed that today :)

And yeah there's a lot of potential with this game, I'm definitely gonna add engine upgrades, physically bigger guns, repair bots,  etc

Very fun game! The rules and scenarios are clearly written out and the super fights are fun and chaotic. I only played with 2 players but I will definitely play again with more!

My one suggestion would be to add rules for rolling with Disadvantage, for example when it's dark or when crowds are blocking your exit, or when villains don't listen to diplomacy - to stop players from using only their best trait over and over.

The dialog in this is so wonderful... and accurate... 11/10 made me smile

If only I could smite Burgie like he deserved

Controls: On your turn, click the tiles to spell a word, then click the top bar to submit. During a fight, type words to spell your insult, and watch the battle

This game is unexpectedly fun, and a solid game all around... I just want to keep playing it! It would be helpful though if it paused itself when reading the presents and their curses, so I don't have to skim through the text at warp speed... Even college finals could not prepare me for this level of high intensity speed reading XD

"How'd I have enough time" I didn't lmao. Lots of coffee

if only you could see how messy the code of this thing was... I was coming up with ideas literally as I was coding them :P

Just plain fun! I love how the movement feels slippery and "icy", but stays super responsive. A very addicting game

Yeah I hadn't actually programmed ANY of the second season so I'm surprised you got even that far :P

I'll work on that. Might have to do with a bug involving holding dogs as they die of old age

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This game is amazing... It's like a dark and twisted version of Overcooked except somehow even more hilarious... It absolutely needs a co-op mode and controller support so I can team up with friends and just chop the heck out of these poor bodies

 You guys don't disappoint, 11/10

Can you explain the controls a bit better? I know you click to move and interact, however I can't seem to be able to use anything but the Inspect (?) button.

Wow those controls are confusing... Couldn't figure out the start menu for a while until I saw your post in the comments. The game was fun, but I'm pretty sure there is blood actively pouring out of my eyes... can there possibly even be a harder to read font than the one you chose?

If you have no idea what this is about, I suggest you visit the game page

Oh man, it's a full blown ninja turtle RPG... It's like broke geek Christmas!

...But you'd think the turtles would be skilled enough to shoot diagonally, or at least not give code errors every other time they die :/

Uke manufactures hate this man.

Just role playing him, I am wanted already.

edit: maybe the man is just super swole, it's probably his own fault he's blowing through the E strings like nobody's business

This is surprisingly complete... Smooth camera controls and wall collisions, a minimap, a frickin pause menu?! For Gob's sake people it's practically AAA at this point xD

What... What is this? What have I just witnessed?

Sweet Neptune where am I? Am I dead? So much red.

I cannot get out. There is no menu. There is no escape. Is there no end to this labyrinth of suffering?

Is the only way out to win? A cruel twist of fate, for a game with no end...

Day 38: Starvation. Mountain Dew running dangerously low. There is only one way out. Ctrl Alt Delete

This is just plain arcade fun! 

...Though I'm pretty sure the NES didn't have a mouse to aim with :P

That ending... I'm speechless. Potato-kind frickin' owned that meteor. 11/10. Bravo.

oops >_>

This game feels sooo smooooth

Impressive artwork too, especially considering it was made in a few days!

This is the exact game I made for this jam, except 10X better/more tense. Way to go!  And the sheer ghetto-ness of that voice-acted thunder sound got me every time... 

Also major props for sneaking this thing in literally minutes from the end of the jam, I bet you guys' hearts were racing just as fast as your heroes there :P

Dancing around to an 8-bit irish jig while socking dudes in the face somehow makes the combat even more satisfying... 11/10 would dance again

Super zen and only slightly infuriating. I love the aesthetic. But I'd have to agree with everyone else in the comments that a rotate button would be great

This is just plain fun, guys. Great job with the "story", progression and that 8-bit aesthetic. The only things that I think you could improve would be making the controls keyboard-only, and adding a clearer indicator of how well you're doing, to make your goal more apparent (maybe even effects like lights flickering or a warning if the pet is starving)

You probably discovered a dialog branch I forgot to type in, due to the immense pain in the ass it wound up being to manage a game with 100+ dialog choices... But I'll work on that save system

If i'm being honest, this is the best game out of the jam. It's got a lot of gameplay and the level design is novel and challenging. Great work!

The level of fucks you don't give is legendary. Inspiring. Truly you're on a higher level, us mortals down here on this Earth can only aspire to your degree of fucklessness.  "Sex scene followed by picture. You've completed Truce's questline" I laughed too much at that. Teach me your ways, O great procrastinator


It's so much more fun to see how fast you can turn OFF your clients, using the strangest prompts... This needs to be an official mode!

I've always wanted to play a 'realistic' hacking game, and you're onto something great here... You could even add a campaign where you're hired for the NSA or something. Unfortunately I couldn't even get past the first puzzle b/c I'm a klutz at hacking and there was no tutorial, but now i want to know the solution!

Y'all better check out this game's actual page, I didn't spend a whole hour messing around in Photoshop for nothing!

This is truly an innovative game! I finished all the levels and want more... Definitely keep working on this one!

The default generic capsule controller really hasn't had the recognition it deserves until now. Way to show 'em all that you don't need all those high-poly models, it's what's on the inside that counts! xD

Hey, it's actually a polished game with smooth camera controls! Way to go! Really makes you think about what life decisions took you to this point, screaming at little dots on a computer for twenty minutes in your parents' basement.

You know I, like many people unsuccessful programmers, had this little future dream that one day I would be a proud father to a few kids of my own in a nice little family and OH GOD THE CRYING, THOSE LITTLE DEMON CHILDREN, GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE BLOOD GUSHES FROM MY EARS

OMG someone voice-acted a jam game... I love it. 

We need more of this in the world.

This is actually a good game! Better than probably 90% of anything here made on unity! Mad props for explaining the controls too... Maybe in the future experiment with setting view_angle[0] to lock the camera to the spaceship, it'll make the movement less confusing.