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The game looks amazing, but I could not get past the jumping tutorial since the controls are so clunky, and I think it's because I'm using the keyboard instead of a controller. Whenever I try to switch directions, the character continues for a while in the original direction before turning, and the jumping is not high enough or responsive enough to the keyboard. I would suggest adding better support for people without controllers, or at least an option to skip the tutorial and fail miserably while still having fun.

Amazing aesthetic and great mechanic, keep up the good work.

If you continue making this game, I would recommend making it harder by having the enemies shoot or chase you into space.

I like the idea of a "create-your-own game", but could you include some printable "starter cards" with some of the things you'd like to see on Voyager, or cards with the actual media that was sent to space? Also this game could be made competitive by having a judge figure out who has the best collection of cards to represent Earth by the end of the game (it would take some modification but I think that would really up the playability)

It's definitely possible, I've won at least 4 times testing it

Why is there milk in the bathroom??