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To be honest the comic sans part is a joke we've decided to force upon everyone looking at the game ;) 
Thanks for your input! 

Also yeah, the broken carriage was meant to be a placeholder for a broken plane which was the original idea for the game, but we decided to go with what you've seen. Also it stayed there because it added variation and we didn't really have time to replace it with something else. 

You're welcome to stay on the island as long as you want! Just make sure you make it to the helicopter before you starve. :)

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, there are some collision related issues, it's due to the way we decided to handle collisions to save on time.
The movement speed is a combination of us not tweaking with the numbers after finishing the core features we wanted to implement, and the fact that the player is supposed to feel a burdened with surroundings to empower the survival part of the game. (but mostly the tweaking ;) )
We might fix the issues as time goes, but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen before the voting closes.  

Thanks for the feedback! :) 
It's nice to know someone enjoys the game you worked on! 

Thank you for feedback! 
We actually didn't have enough time for tweaking the numbers when the jam was finishing, and had to fix a game breaking bug with the helicopter not coming to get the player off the island after the timer, but we're thinking about doing a few more things in this game so it's better. 

We might do something with this game, stay tuned :) 

It didn't want to switch floors, and I had trouble with selecting/placing the blocks. The game is still cool though :) 

Cool concept, I like how it ties into the theme. 

Around floor 30 though I started experiencing severe performance issues, so I didn't finish the game :( 

Yay I won! :) Satisfying. 

I treated this like a puzzle!

It's worth knowing that the version released at the end of the jam isn't really winnable because the helicopter comes to the flare much later than the player can live. This is because we've enthusiastically increased the time as we didn't want the debug one to go in (it was half a day instead of five internally). 

In order to be able to win, please download v.03 or higher.

We are thinking about fixing the collisions as well, but didn't get to it yet. Life goes on after the jam. :)