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Thank you  about the visuals, means a lot to me because I suck at it. I'm forced to keep the style simple so the early arcade vibe it's the best way.

Actually I made a video showing a strategy to win but I don't want to spoil the experience for future players, I might post it if I add more levels.

Thanks! Did you make it?

PS: Controls are in the title screen...

I agree, frustrating platform level but
the rest it's just brilliant, very well done.

ps I remember your candy wrapper in another jam, but this one  !!!

Fast paced and bullets can hit your butt. Good job!

Thank you, usually visuals are a problem for me, this time the gameplay popped in my brain thanks to the railgun/laser effect (made by mistake, of course).  Did you win the battle?

Yeah it's less than 30 seconds gameplay, in my opinion needs to be challenging

Well done with everything, ++for soundtrack and sound fx.

Mmm sorry, that's something I should look up. Also it might help me choose better color schemes. Thanks for the feedback.

The animation and +n time  on the collision with the door.

It's a good game that needs more ratings!

I would simply add more time everytime you exit a room, two seconds or just one.

Good job, now you own the zeta reticuli system.

Feels so good when the bullet is returning and blows up the enemies from the back. Especially those flying things.

hey good game.
I used the gamepad, and took a bit to get used to the lock movement button.  I whished  that holding the fire button could lock the movement without the need of another key.

Cool, great with drum samples too

Haha brutally difficult indeed... maybe I should tweak the gravity. Thanks for the feedback.

I really enjoyed the visuals and the concept but... maybe there are too many flowers or too much air?

You will see your rank and points for each criteria and a overall.

couldn't get to level 3 because I suck at puzzles... good Idea.

Nice game, I enjoyed the pace and the graphics, very relaxing.

Would be cool to have the ability to zoom out and see the full tower, maybe it's there but i couldn't find it?

Hitting the keyboard synced to music...

Great c64 glitchness!

to play the game:

1. download .exe and .win in the same folder

2. double click .exe

That's because I wanted to implement a little bit of air control using Left/Right. But I wasn't happy with it.  I might give it another try post jam.

 Thanks a lot for the feedback!