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Thanks for stopping by and giving feedback :) Difference in color is calculated by RGB values, so it can be tricky for human eye to determine which ones are different. It's design flaw, but there is no proper way around it. Still, we hope that game is somewhat fun.  As for cover, it's drawn by my only teammate, Mihailo, in under one hour mark. He also did in-game art. You can check his other stuff on

We didn't see there was a theme for this jam. Just saw the 3h challenge and wanted to try it. One of our main mechanics is color,  so we totally missed jam's theme. Of course we want to opt out of competition, so I'm hopping we can do that here.

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Actually, you are right, we joined late to this jam, so we didn't see there was a theme. We missed it definitely. We had an idea, and we wanted to do a 3h challenge. Thanks for pointing it out :)

Too bad you didn't finished. I really like the effects.

Game is updated with bugfixes for floor issue, font scaling. Also touch support is fixed.

Should be fixed now :)

Sorry to hear about problems. What were the issues you encountered?

This was fun. Controls are a bit confusing, perhaps you can set it to something like Q(Jump Boost), A(Jump), W(Dash Boost), S(Dash).

Thanks for all the feedback!

Zoom and rotation were intended, but impossible to achieve within time frame. We hope to add those and some more features sometime later. As for the bugs and confusing buildings we'll make sure to fix those later.