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Heavy sheep games

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I can totally understand that and I hope the best for this project, maybe in another run my game can make it :)

Acredito que precisaria de mais objetividade no jogo, ou mesmo uma forma de impedir a mão de desligar, mas o conceito é interessante, parabéns

Gostei da ideia como um todo, infelizmente pelo tempo não teve mt coisa de jogo, mas já tem algo bem sólido pra trabalhar mais se quiser

Early this year we made a small game for the GDC Relief Jam, this game was called BlackJack Math. After the Jam ended (we're so proud that this Bundle made some money and we hope that this fullfilled their needs), we decided to work more on this game, so we worked for about 4 months (part time, mostly) and we released this game on Steam. Now we're happy to announce that this game is also available on 

BlackJack Math is a number logic puzzle where the goal is to swap cards in order to get 21 as a result

This game features 50 challenging levels and an original music composed to help you focus and relax while solving the puzzles.

We've worked hard on this game, and we hope that people can enjoy this game.

We're also making available the Jam version of this game.

Commercial Version:

Jam Version:

I'm really glad you enjoyed, it's a little experience we've made in a few days, but we'll be making more levels to this game. Stay tunned for more :)

I submitted already, but this "disable new purchases" is new for me. Thanks

Do I need to generate some keys or something? 

Right, I did it! Is it correct now?

Hi, this is the first time I made a jam game that will be part of a bundle inside the itch io system, I made a page, uploaded the game and put it restrict, so people can't download it without buying the bundle, is this the right way to submit the game? Can you guys download the game I submitted? 

Kind regards, 

Luiz Gustavo Alves 

Very nice pack, thank you so much for bringing a lot of high quality assets for free.

same happened here

hi, thank you so much for playing our game, we hope you had a good experience playing it. We're working on expanding this game. Stay tuned for more!

thank you so much for playing my game, loved to see you playing this, I am sorry that you faced some weird bugs and I will fix this and upload next week.

Also I'm going to improve the game, making more levels and more puzzles, stay tuned for more

Thank you for playing my game, hope that blast you had was a good one.

Stay tuned for more updates.

thank you for playing my game, hope you had a good time playing this game ;)

thank you so much for playing my game, sorry that you had some bad experience, the spikes part is a little trap, it's kind of unfair I know it now.

I'll keep working on this game stay tuned for more updates after the voting time.

Hi, thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed. 

Desperate room is a puzzle platformer where you are trapped in a dangerous room with a creepy picture looking at you.

This is a short but tense game, where you have to make some difficult choices in order to survive.

You can control the character with W,A,S,D or the arrow keys and jump with the space button, you also have to interact with some objects, to do so you have to use the E key.

play it here

Really loved to play your game, good job!

Loved this game.

I have to admit I am not good with first person experiences, like portal, the witness, or any fps in general, so it was hard for to play it. But I did finished the game LoL. You should continue focusing on this game, this can be a good rage game. Good Job!

Oh thanks for the reminding, my laptop isn't the best in the world, so I experience this kind of lags anyway, but to be honest, this doesn't affect the whole experience, good job!

This was a fun experience, loved it, oh "shit" LoL.

The music is awesome, the character is charismatic and the enemies are... well... shit, I think I can't describe them better ;)

Really good job on this game!

Really awesome concept, like the Spaceface14 the controls are a bit hard to play, but it doesn't affect so much the experince, good job!

Thank you so much for playing our game, we apreciate your feedback, today a post jam version will be updated with a better platforming control, stay tunned for more :)

Thank you so much for playing our game, loved your feedback, we took a break time and we apreciate your feedback, today I'll upload a post jam version since the voting ended, we'll remember this about the hitboxes and stay tuned for more levels in this game soon.

Hi, thanks for playing our game, yes the movement are so hard to control, we fixed it and we'll upload the post jam version today. Stay tuned for more

lots of cool micro games, impressive job!

really cool game, congratulations, very fun and poolished game

Hi Jupiter Hadley, its a pleasure to me that you enjoyed my game, i am currently working on another project, but i'll come back to work on this project later :) Thank you for playing my game

Amazing metroidvania game, congraulations for your great job, love the art and the power ups you get during the journey, amazing feelings playing this incredible game! good job!

it reminds me gunbound, it looks great, congratulations for this game, you're awesome :)

Good job Ghostly feline, it reminds me a lot the mega man, wich is awesome, the bos battles were great and the final boss is insane, congratulations for your good job :) keep working on it!

Hi Lemth, thanks for playing and comment :) until 10PM i'll update the game with a instruction screen and one more level to the game, also i have to upload the source!

i've played this game alone, the art is so beaultiful, you should continue this game, i'm waiting for more improvements in this game, you've made a simple fighting game that is awesome.

Good job, congratulations.

This is a good puzzle game, i've got stuck in one level, but i restarted the game and took care to that level :)

You did a really good job.

Keep updating this game :)

Muito bom o jogo :)