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Wow ! Awsome music and voice ! It was powerfull. 

The narration was interesting, but I was stuck a moment (at the beginning) before I understand I had the double/triple jump... Maybe you can work again on the "tuto" phase.  Anyway, good job u 2 :)

Thanks for your interest and your comment !

You don't require knowledge of the full game to understand, play and (may) enjoy our video game. But it should be necessary to understand the whole experience we tried to create through the combination of multiple types of game. I correct it in the description, passwords were used during the boardgame phase, players could obtain some, usable in our game, giving them bonus/penalty, but you can play the game without enter a password.

First of all, your game is very fun!  I love what you did. The concept of mini-game is very cool and I had so much fun! Plus, you thought to put checkpoint at every step of difficulty and it's very nice. I have nothing else to say except that is a good game. Good Job!

The theme of the jam is pretty well represented in your game ! And the sound design fit well with the overall atmosphere ! Good job !

But there is some bug (I can leave the map for exemple, problem with colliders) that should be fixed later.

 About the level design, from the chasing ball, the game become a die and retry cause the LD is not clear enough (maybe it's was calculated) and the only objective become to stay alive and run away.