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Frozen Well Studios

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Thanks for playing glad you had fun

Thanks for playing, I do have a tendancy to make my games a little on the hard side lol

Really fun game, and great use of the theme

Thanks for playing and glad you had fun

cheers, thanks for playing

Thanks for taking the time to play

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Thanks for playing, yerh i did think of hot keys but thought if I expand the number of planets  it could get cumbersome

Ecellent game, definatley a lot of rotation going on, and has that addictive just one more go 

Cool concept, I really enjoyed playing it, hope you work some more on it

Nice game, really want to play more levels, Fits the theme perfectly

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for taking the time to play it

Thats the 2 ships bug squashed

Thanks for playing, yeh needs a bit more balancing of the difficulty level

Thanks for playing, Yeh  got tunnel vision with the controls and just never thought of a different and simpler solution

Cheers for playing Tauheed, I had plans for upgrades and various  building just ran out of time. The controls will be getting changed after the votings ended, No idea why I made them more complicated than needed.

Thanks for playing, I plan expanding the game, I did have lots of other ideas to add just ran out of time, these included various farm buildings, defensive structures and more varied enemies(just ran out of time). I'll give the control changes a try,  that sounds a lot simpler solution. 

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Thanks for playing and the kind words, I enjoyed making it and definately hope to expand the gameplay

Nice idea and I like the art style

Nice platform/SHMUP mash up great take on the theme

Nice work, really well presented game, reminds me of Daley Thompsons decathlon. 9.32 seconds is my best

nice game, love the streakers

Really enjoyable game, sad when it was over. Nice Work

a top down space racing game, but not sure I'm going to get it finished for the jam but may work on it after

Great game idea, I very nearly made a lawnmower game as well

Thanks for playing and yeh a pixel art  cat was needed, and it meows when you walk past it

But what a lovely octopus he is lol, thanks for playing Emma,

yeh not as long as I originally planned and I was going to have various air pockets in the game but was a bit lazy and dropped oxygen tanks in instead

yeh, should probably have used space for the interaction instead of control, but thanks for playing

Thanks for playing and glad your son enjoyed it as well, I tend to make pixel art games that are suitable for any age

Really liked it, would have liked my ship to be a little more responsive but a  nice game

Really fun game and a different take on the theme

Nice game and on theme, awesome

cheers for playing and I loved scuba dive also, spent many an hour on that as a kid

Great game loved it

cheers and thanks for playing

Thanks for playing Samuel and the kind words

Nice game, although the music is very annoying lol

Nice fun game, another great jam entry