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Frozen Well Studios

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Great artwork and a good concept that deserves to be expanded

Nice rpg, with a well written story

Great concept, loved the creatively written life events

Great spooky ambiance with lovely graphics as always

I need to practice, i'm currently beating you in real life though lol

Absolutely brilliant, having so much fun with this. Amazing job

Great idea, although have to say I'm not very good at it. not lived past 24 despite 8 tries so far

A fun relaxing game, full of strawberry goodness. I especially like the lighting in autumn.

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Functions are great, you can call it anytime you wan to kill the character. Hopefully have time to do some more tutorials soon


really nice game, congrats

Thanks for playing, yes I thought it added a bit of variety having random speeds and directions of rotation to the planets

Thanks for playing, I've enabled the fullscreen option in itch now so should fix the issue with losing focus

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, I've checked the full screen button option in itch now so that should fix the problem 

Liked it, good interpretation of the theme with the throwing stars as weapons

Nice work enjoyed this, hope you continue working on it as could make a good mobile game

Nice fun little game, well done

Really nice game, great for 3 hours work, and a fellow Construct 3 user

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Thanks for playing, There should be sfx, not much but when you press space, collect a star hit a planet or die. I Can hear them when i run it

Thanks for playing and thanks for the positive comments

Thanks for playing and for your feedback

Thanks for playing 

Thanks for playing and the feedback on the dificulty. I was planning on have the lasers to be able to be destroyed just ran out of time

Thanks for playing and for your feedback

Really nice game idea, enjoyed it a lot

This a great game so much fun

Really fun game, One thing though are those animals at the end stupid, they are all stood right next to the door lol

nice effort, really enjoyed it

Really enjoyed this, The lighting is brilliant. 

This game is brilliant, i played the original cybernoid a ton when i was growing up and this captures the feel of the original perfectly. Great effort. 

Think I've made it too easy, I normally make thi gs too hard so thi k I've overcompensated this time

Nice fun game(if not a little frustrating)  really enjoyed it

thanks for playing and yes  I agree it could do with the gun being a bit quieter

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it

nice game, good effort

Really nice shmup, nice job

Thanks for playing and also for subscribing. I'll check out your game as well