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Frozen Well Studios

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fun little game and bang on with the theme

Nice concept and enjoyed playing it

Nice work really enjoyed it (although did get a little motion sick)

Really great, love the idea of a dentist game (wish I'd thought of it)

More micro managing mayhem from stikkz, you've really got this type of game nailed. Love it

nice work, that spider's so dam creepy

nice game, hope you develop it further as has great potential

Nice work, really good concept and presented well. Hope you develop it further

Just received an N-Go today and this is the first game I have played, really great version thanks

Great game, really enjoyed it

Really cool concept, look forward to seeing further development

Nice game, good job

Hi, thanks for playing, to access the upgrades just press U on the menu screen

cheers, yeh the upgrade was a little rushed

Great take on the theme, the sound effects and music really make the game

simple addictive game, got that one more go feel. Like it

Great game, really enjoyed playing it, nice work

This is amazing, remember playing it on the spectrum originally. This is such a polished version

nice, game very atmospheric

cheers for playing, I hope to balance the difficulty better at some point

yeh, in 6 hours did what I could,  I do need to update it a bit, thanks for playing

Really enjoyable level, nice work for 6 hours

Love the Hammer Slam Mechanic, Nice work

Glad you enjoyed it, I will definitely be making updates for it

Ths turned out great, love the music and the water effect is very nice.

Thanks and good to have you watching

Thanks for the comments and playing the game

Great fun to play and congratulations on finishing your first game. The movement of the ship is really satisfying. I like the recoil when you fire

thanks for playing

cheers and thanks for playing

Nice work, really fun and satysfying controls.

thanks for playing, yeh only got the game over stuff in with  10 minutes to spare so missed resetting the bool, oh well

really like this idea, very imaginitive

gaining energy from enemies you kill is an interesting concept, look forward to seeing more

Nice ability would love to see this expanded into a full game

Love it! Love it! Love it! nice work and very creative

Great minds think alike, yeh the plan is for the clouds to be toxic to enemies

Yeh if I get through I have some ideas but suppose it all depends what the next rounds entail 

Thanks for playing, I may at some point extend the game as I had some other ideas

Can't take credit for that, music is not my strong point, think it was from a humble bundle