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I have some extra questions after reading the rules and watching the video.

Will there be a CrowdForge page for finding a team?

Using premade scripts, or scripts from older projects:

I'm super new to game development and I lack a lot of skills needed to make games, can I use scripts, or parts of a script from my previous projects, or do I have to relearn anything that I forgot how to code? I'm not talking about game assets,  but more like player movement scripts, camera scripts and such.

I'm asking this, because a Game Jam is for me a big challenge, and I just want to know how everybody else feels about this, since no one ever actually knows did you write the script fresh or copy pasted it from an old project, and I just want to know how other people see the coding part of Game Jams, since a lot of the rules you have to actually set for your self. I'm not talking about taking about importing all the scripts from a previous game and making a reskin, but more like if you don't remember the correct way to code movement and you know you've done it before and the script is right there in your other project, you just need to copy 5 lines from there.

Also, are you sure ALL of the games will be played on livestream? I mean that's a BIG promise.

Well holy hell, thank you for the comment! I was in charge of music, but our programmer quit and I had to redo the whole game from scratch on the last day, since we weren't sure if he will come back, so music and sound had to take a back seat and what ever was made, made it in to the game. It's nice that someone liked it, it never had a chance to be polished.

Tried the browser version, while the game looks great, and the music and sounds are fantastic, for me it was laggy, and I found it lacking a tutorial and explanation. Although that is expected with game jam games. Keep up the good work.

It is because of an error in the code where you can end the level at any time, but collecting all of the parts gives the correct text. The game is slightly longer but we had issues where we practically remade the whole game from scratch the last day and with a limited skill set I stayed up all night getting things to run correctly.

Thank you for your feedback! It is much appreciated!

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Still looking for a team, can sort of fill any role, but nothing advance in any way, more of a support, unless it's art or music, in that case I can try and do it from start to finish.

As a portfolio, you can check out my two available games in my profile, so far that's what I managed in my month of being a game dev.

Hello, I've recently got in to game development and have very little skill in all the fields (design, art, music and coding), I currently use Unity, but I am willing to try other things, if you could get me involved in your project that would be awesome, I really want to learn more, and I heard that working in teams boosts learning speed and progress many times. So I am hoping someone I can collaborate on someone in this jam and learn more about game development and working in teams.