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Fresh new dev looking for a team!

A topic by DeguDevs created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 241 Replies: 3
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Hello, I've recently got in to game development and have very little skill in all the fields (design, art, music and coding), I currently use Unity, but I am willing to try other things, if you could get me involved in your project that would be awesome, I really want to learn more, and I heard that working in teams boosts learning speed and progress many times. So I am hoping someone I can collaborate on someone in this jam and learn more about game development and working in teams.

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Still looking for a team, can sort of fill any role, but nothing advance in any way, more of a support, unless it's art or music, in that case I can try and do it from start to finish.

As a portfolio, you can check out my two available games in my profile, so far that's what I managed in my month of being a game dev.


Hey! I just made a crowdforge page. It might be helpful in finding team member:

Best of luck!

Hi! I'm pretty new in game development. I mostly do pixel art inspired by earthbound, zelda and undertale. I'm cool with showing you some of my work. I also do a fair amount of coding but my best skill is drawing/concept  art.