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Yup if I would only have to do only one room. I snoke around the bad one at the beginning but then did one step to much and died. Its just a little bit hard

Did you need a jam to make it? Not judging or anything just cool to see one

liked it very much. The part where you actually get higher and see old positions were interressting

Let me give you an example of this: a door when you got nothing and you step on the door nothing happens but when you got the key suddenly you get teleported to the next room. Or another one some one says bring me these 3 objects of power and you actually have to give them to him before you can get teleported to hell or shit. Well basically you got something so you go somewhere different than if you wouldn't have it.

Would loved to see some starts though. But I can only agree with everyone else here

well done. Loved this game simply for the discorvery! Very chill too

Nice graphics. Sadly I cant fully take it in with the RT Trigger not being used and having a time limit. I just need to cool myself

Yo let it also play in html ;)

Windows will follow?

Also It does run poorly on mobile when having many sprites. It would be awesome if a web build where you could even create bitsys would be avaiable. I can see myself sitting on my daily bus and building a small game. Sadly it runs so slow on it its almost impossible.

Arranging the work tiles I mean the windows not only horizontal but vertical. So art can be under animation or so

-Music inspired


-Box Art



Ups I just reported this one. Ahh sorry for that. I wrote my comment into the what has he done wrong section. I would prefer a none rating phase just because then people only say nice things. Also because my games never get a good score but hey

Thanks, the atmosphere is definitely the thing about it I like at well. To the point that you can miss cues I agree. Didn't turn around don't see the hangers and so on. One thing I could have changed would be that the bathroom door is open. 

The End is more a time meets laziness design. I wanted that whatever you choose you feel like you are a detective. But I can clearly see how that backfired with not clear feedback. 

There are some things I definitely could have changed to be more clearly to read. Again thanks for playing (multiple times) 

sadly chrome. I don't really know how that happend either since it's actually a good machine

wow first it looks great, even thouth it lags here a little bit. I think the game design is pretty well executed here as well since cooperation and fighting are very close together. Well done

Okay its pretty basic because the tanks dont shoot back and you can spam the Z button to fire all day. Well done non the less I mean it has menus and you are actually capabe of avoding stuff on the road better than most games for me

Okay its pretty basic because the tanks dont shoot back and you can spam the Z button to fire all day. Well done non the less I mean it has menus and you are actually capabe of avoding stuff on the road better than most games for me

It has been fixed both things. I hope it makes more sense now and the ground bug has been fixed! 

Just look very closely! Thanks for appreciating the art

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GOOSE BUMPS- the video game, Nothing to add here!

Wow if this game would be slightly longer and through the jetpack controls not that of a pain in the ass I would buy it. The graphics are neat and everything respones but really the jetpack controls make my hand hurt and make it harder as it would be (played with controller). Maybe let it with a conroller up activade and the normal thumper for the direction maybe even use the backtrigger because it can apply to such a skaly but this ...no

defently one of the polished ones. The idea is great even though I was not capable of givin her her meat. Also the Conrols are a bit wierd at least for me but I see you have a ton of options there

It does seem pretty smart but I really really dont get what I am supposed to do. I start my day in my house as a electic thingy then I walk outside select a mission then some powerlines with numbers to change them and number searcher?! Sorry didnt get it but seems cool

now it does not even start :(

ALT-GAME!! I liked it but the collision didnt seem easonable and when I arrived at the generator it changed the world but I was not sure how. Still the filters and the style are marvelous

Hey is it for windows? then maybe put a windows icon to it (check the windows icon box on itchio edit game) so the aluncher works

looks cool  with these graphics but I really dont have a mac 

I loooove it. Would never do that in the real life but I loved to annoy folks!

seconded! Neat Game

you were right awesome really really awesome! Its just ... so well made

seems pretty cool. But I ran into bugs/features?: 1. the enemies didnt kill or attacked me 2. I aquiered the key but I didnt get through the door with the lock on it. Ohhh just saw the describtion. Then I would say maybe make it a avoiding the enemy game at least I had fun with it and its possible. Get rid of the attack and maybe put the controls as floortiles into the starting room. Just a idea. I liked the game

Hard as balls but wow this was not made in pico8 (just joking) really well done the level design, the design and the effects are so well done. Great Job

Awesome liked it very much because you coudnt really see when its over it gave it a great vibe

Wow that was actually pretty well done. Really heartwarming. I dont spoile anything here but wow. One little thing were I had problems with as a non native english speaker: I coudnt find out what cinderhounds were it looked like a fox to me so there I sort of was stuck. But anyways well done! I would have commented under my last comment again but I couldnt find it here :/

beautiful! Some checkpoints would have been nice but the intro section is pretty well designed. My only "problem" was that the music sounds like the hogwarts theme through a pipe, my opinion 

I did good! You did good! The UI is basic but hey it works!

I dont know if anything lies beyond the layed egg but I love it very much.

Well done its kind of a learning expierence! I liked it a lot and if you are not that good at writing fast or without looking this might help a little bit

I still like it even though I was not a fan of the survey