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Kai Werder

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Thanks for making this game!

really cozy

This sounds like a great plan to me :)

Best anime intro ever ;) No really great game

when you get the hang of it it is one of the best skating games!

got the basics really figured out

I really do hope you make a small series out of this because I really enjoyed reading/walking through it. Really great analogy in this poem as well. Only one thing I thought I read cunt... idk how that happened but loved your version way more!

hahaha but it’s too easy to fall for another project :D

there are surprisingly few marbles games in existence but maybe mine adds one to the pile. It is 3D and you can see the journey through this hashtag: #NeoSea

That is a really cool idea Adam! 

So I am juggling multiple project at the same time but my project where I am the happiest about creating is a little marble game.

You accelerate while rolling down the dunes and then fly across vast distances. It’s all on an alien planet that you have to repopulate with foliage. (that is my little tribute to wall-es impact on my life).

And if I don’t feel like coding in the godot engine I continue working on Rusty Blade my little 3D Bitsy game that takes way too long :D.  That would be my attempt at changing the things I don’t like about RPGs and doing some meta storytelling. 

And if I would want to torture myself I would try again to export my ue4 kit for the unreal engine 5 which somehow always triggers an absurd number of console warnings :( . 

Or I would continue making my game set around a highway where you realise you would need to move on from your relationship but that is kinda a dark space which currently don’t want to occupy in my mind so that on halt I guess. 

haha it got kinda long. Hope your work on the sound system is striving and everyone else who read this keeps doing their pieces which they are proud of

I really enjoyed it

that urge to wipe your own hard drive is a feeling I can very much relate to. Today I learned that the files of one game are forever gone and I cant get it back. Thanks for making this :)

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Loved it! It needs some getting used to but after the few times dying it was a lot of fun. Also the feeling of the graphics and the sound design was just so fitting

One of the best bitsys in my opinion! Wonderful artwork and writing that felt like poetry. Really great! 

that was very touching!

loved the interesting Camera UI with a story! 

A really great and insightful blog post adam! That is some really great work you are doing there even though the current system of browsers, itch and discord works pretty well. I agree that in the long run it is better to play safe.

fyi a really great web series about preserving digital worlds is this one: (if you havent watched it already)

I must admit, I find it confusing that W is interacting and not jumping. Also why does S not do anything. But I really dig the art and sounds

Space is Jump ;)

sometimes the feeds are just too dark but this game is realy something that picks you up :)

cool to see the prototype. The main game was just great!


Learning so much hidden knowledge of bitsy right now, thank you for adding to it! 

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I am really blown away by this game! One of the best bitsis I have ever played.

But I got a little question: how did you have this many colors in bitsy 3D? Did you use this fork?

I just like the sprite so much 😅

thank you very much :) Glad you liked the dog beside you 

thank you! :)

hahaha thank you :) 

loved the vignettes and their soothing colors :)

great combination of almost every element. Loved it! (and even a great start menu :) )

you made me cry so i would congratulate on that :) really enjoyed my time with it

most realistic cooking game with its mechanics and its feeling :)

sooo much polish! Its great

that writing with these super expressive sprites and beautiful backgrounds. Loved it!

ty :)

beautiful artwork and a very surprising twist :)

I am just to stupid for most puzzle games but here I at least managed to get to level 5! So great game with a novel idea (at least for me) :)

besides this one block in the stomach it was a pleasant treasure trove! Great to see someone with talent at pixel art making a game with this cart :)

its visually super impressive

best game about heaven and hell period <3

just wow meow!