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I just thought of your wonderful post and needed a deep dive in all the posts anyone I followed published. I am more in awe than ever about this

loved reading it

I always see my Mac and Linux builds as experimental: report to me if complete broken so I can google why it might be that way. But yeah requiring sends mixed signals 

lol thats great!

the music really underlines the best part of the internet well. I hope this package reaches you well :)

wonderful interpretation 

than it worked perfectly :)

it’s a really calm experience but I am unsure if there is an ending. Lovely vistas and atmosphere 

oh no but thanks playing and highlighting this

totally understandable and the message was very clear!

I love the plaintext one. It is a very bold rejection of the thought of we need more specialized cloud crossplatform AI powered shit funded by VC

that was lovely 

Thanks! It was fun watching you

(1 edit)

this is so cool! Thanks

Me too! :D Hope to finish it when we are in the same town again 

I had Spanish in class some years ago and tried my best to piece it together but must admit mostly stayed with the vibes :D hope its oki

Do it scared and it will be still worth it! Great read

Super cool!

hahaha you bet it is :D

fuck this rules!

that was great! The visuals together with your writing were felt so strong. Also this would be my first time seeing such a cool hex system. Well done

Thanks Maik! haha didnt notice the bug but I am super happy to now have fixed it :D

yes the future is near

ha! loved it!

That was a great read! Thanks to all the authors. The link that was kinda hard to understand was that none of the pictures were included in the .epub version. Still great writing and insights into a "industry" no one talks about (out loud)

well done!

love the colors you chose and the video you made of course :D

Perfect days

hate it but also hate cities like that

Thank you for making this

Thanks I hope you do

Minimalism can seem so great: sharing, caring, finished up unfinished things, thinking about what you want to be but in the end it can run you down to only a ***** bed and some lonely hangers. It felt really depressing but in a non-judgemental way. I hope the people who play this can feel the impact of getting rid of everything you think of as unworthy/bad/not worth your time anymore. Really great bitsy

I remember BADLAND :D Very nice!

I can only say: yes please!

Woah crazy! When it started I would believe it was made in bipsi :D Wonderful: writing, art, music. Loved it!

Thanks! Glad you played and enjoyed it

haha it might be because the physics fps is way higher than the normal fps so it might be not getting the right values at a time. Hope you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for making me a video. I tried to locate it, but couldt figure out where the wired behavior was coming from without breaking stuff. As it is the first time and I don't have much time right now I will (must) leave it in. If I got more time on my hands I will try to remodel it a bit. Again, thanks for telling me

Hey, I am really sorry to hear that. I looked a little bit into it and can’t really figure out where the bug ist coming from. If you have the chance try it on a different machine. Again I am really sorry. Thanks for telling me