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so is it going aka when can I buy it ;)

pretty cool concept but sometimes just way too hard.. Will see when the full game comes out

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Here you can ask me anything and I will try my very best to answer it. 

The most asked questions will be attached here. So, feel free to ask here anything to the tool.

Q. How can I download the #FPEkit?

A. Buy it once and then click download to implement it into UE4 please look in the download description


Q. Why did you made this kit in the first place?

A. I started to use UE4 in 2016 with the goal of making a walking simulator. I actually was stuck in pre-production for almost half a year but the hole time I tried to build system without prior knowledge of the engine and what was all possible. I thankfully had help and someone I could ask so much. But still one time I used one weekend on drawers with physics and holding and throwing was something highly complex for me at the time. Now that I "mastered" at least a bit the engine I thought about saving you and me the time when we are just interested in building the game. 


Q. Can I use this kit for making a game for a game jam?

A. Yes of course. Game jams are great and this tool will save you a lot of time especially if it is so limited like in a game jam.


Q. Why is the price as it i?

A. Because its fair: I put 2-3 months into it, did documentation and my younger self would bought it at this price.


Q. Why do you use the term walking simulator but name the kit different?

A. I personally like the term. Walking simulators are relaxing and its somehow easy to describe and its widely accepted. But I use a different genre name for the kit itself, because for some walking simulator would be the standard ue4 first person template and with this name it shows that there is more to it.


Q. Why didn`t you made more Assets (Models, Materials & Textures)

A. There was simply no need to it. More development time would have increased the price or my time without payback. That’s why there is enough of everything but not a collection


Q. Did you made a walking simulator with this kit?

A. No I didn’t but would have loved to. I made it after I made Alias Express and therefore had more knowledge and a reason to make it. 


Q. If you ever return to walking simulators will you then use this kit?

A. Of course I made it for everyone and me including. All of my previous game didn’t have many of these systems like a reading UI or context UI simply for time sakes.


Q. How long did it took you to develop this kit?

A. Around 2-3 months on evenings. That also explains the low price.


Q. The game is running so slow in the editor. Why is this?

A. You probably have the FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint open. There are a lot of nodes in there and for some reason UE4 can’t handle that much. Just close it or open another Blueprint as well


Created a new topic Feature Request
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Here you can request features

Additional Text: This post is about what you want. If you already own the package or if you need just this one feature for your satisfaction then you can simply post here. Most of the things I add to this list will be features you can actually build yourself but it would be a nice to have.  

Ideas: that I thought of but you still need to express your desire for one of these ideas below


  • an animation example
  • door sounds
  • background music
  • taking and Put back sounds
  • inspecting key before consuming
  • have longer name descriptions
  • footprint sounds
  • Film cuts like in gravity bone
Created a new topic Feedback

This Thread is made for feedback for the FPEkit. So, we can have a way for reviews and how you liked the kit. You can leave of course a positive& negative review here, the only thing is please be constructive and don’t insult people. Thank you

Loved it

I cant download the game in the itchio app. Did you check the windows box right next to the name? 

I liked it but do have do the same thing over and over again. But great piece

First I dint made the game or I can edit it. But I dont want it to sit in my library. It was bought so it actually stays there even uninstalled.

So How to delete a game in my library?

Yes 15 is a bit high for such low poly ones. If they were high poly with textures than it would be worth it

I was really great <3

Loved it. It was just great! <3

Oh some details would be nice :) What program did you use and would you do it for larger projects?

I want to make a tool and charge money for it. Would that be allowed?

Created a new topic Check the windows box

I cant use the itchio app to download it, if you not check windows box by the downloads ;)

thank you very much now everything works :) and I can download it

thank you works now :)

He says not aviable for windows. Thanks

No the main reason why that happens is because he checks what systems are avaiable and if windows is not listed it just wont download it and say its unavaiable

Created a new topic Check the windows Box

I cant download it for the itchio app without you ticking the box besides the file name

Created a new topic SAY WHAT DOWNLOAD IT IS

Itchio app cant donwolad unless you say (check the box) for windows. Please

How? A lot of room or witchcraft?

Its awesome. but a Volume Slider/ Mute button would be welcomed

Really fucking cool. I listend to the RIME Soundtrack while playing and I think it adds even more atmosphere to it

Is there a way to download it with the itch app. SO can someone please add the windows check to it

Yup if I would only have to do only one room. I snoke around the bad one at the beginning but then did one step to much and died. Its just a little bit hard

Did you need a jam to make it? Not judging or anything just cool to see one

liked it very much. The part where you actually get higher and see old positions were interressting

Let me give you an example of this: a door when you got nothing and you step on the door nothing happens but when you got the key suddenly you get teleported to the next room. Or another one some one says bring me these 3 objects of power and you actually have to give them to him before you can get teleported to hell or shit. Well basically you got something so you go somewhere different than if you wouldn't have it.

Would loved to see some starts though. But I can only agree with everyone else here

well done. Loved this game simply for the discorvery! Very chill too

Yo let it also play in html ;)

Windows will follow?

Also It does run poorly on mobile when having many sprites. It would be awesome if a web build where you could even create bitsys would be avaiable. I can see myself sitting on my daily bus and building a small game. Sadly it runs so slow on it its almost impossible.

Arranging the work tiles I mean the windows not only horizontal but vertical. So art can be under animation or so

-Music inspired


-Box Art