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Hey I had something in the working: I would have called it "Cut Kit" but it is far from finished! But hey I thought I simply share these screenshots (bad tutorials) here with all of you.  I will try to explain these techniques. 1. Fade between scenes. 2. Blendo Style Hard Cuts

So the event I am calling it from is the left mouse button (for testing). All these blueprints are in the first person character (the generic one)

Hard Cuts

  1. The logic behind it is: move camera to 0,0,0, so we can simply add the pitch/ Yaw.  As the camera is controlled through the controller we must take the same way. It is the same logic behind just looking around. Warning these controls have a scale applied to it (ex 1.7) and so you will want to divide it with the rotation you need. 
  2. You get that out of the Find Look at Rotation (divide it with the scale).
  3.  Then you add it to the controller
  4. The camera moves

Fade to Scene: For the fading scene we need to add something to the first person character blueprint: A Capture Component 2D. It should have the same settings (example: film grain, Lut).  It should capture the entire screen. You can think of a Capture Component 2D as a camera. Now to the blueprint

  1. So we create the Render Texture with the right settings 
  2. We apply the Render Texture to the UMG (the render texture will be the image on the box that fills the entire screen) (for easy communication we use game instances (
  3. We simply apply it to the viewport. (You could also set it to a loading screen when you change the level)( You can have it animated in the UMG (ue4 Unit))

Hard Cut

So I hope this is helpful. If you've got any questions, then please reach out to me. I will try to answer them. Good luck with these blueprints

funny you say that because I am a big fan of blendo games myself and think that Virginia is at least visually impressive. 

Sadly I have to deny your wish as it doesn't fit the kit very well. I always think about how many uses a new feature can have and how you could reinterpret it yourself. For example almost every game needs doors but cuts are something very specific.

I actually experimented with some cuts. A fade to black is pretty easy but a hard cut like in Gravity Bone is harder to do. If I ever wanted to actually release it it should be as modular as this kit and due to time constraints this is not possible for me. I might share some code I have made with you ;)

I dont get how to get inside the pc I pressed left and right both at the same time and still nothing happens

you can mark your zip file for an operating system then I can actually download it through the itch launcher

Maybe mark the download files?

Sounds awesome, but will itch get its deserved cut?

I just replayed it and it is still amazing. Something right out of the unreal ;)

Hey, thank you first of all. I sadly have really bad news for you. I tried a numberos ways to downgrade the project but all of them fail -> map cant be loaded+ no blueprints as well :( .

 Once I kept all developed versions but due to people downloading every version (even when simply worse) + unnessary cluttered I delted them. 

I sadly didnt know that there may be 3rd party tools that require a older version. Now to the "better" part: I have still kept one of the earliest versions around. It is a really bare bones. The character blueprint is messy, some features are missing and in general it is just worse, like you would expect. I will set it to public so you can download it again and maybe try it out? Just be aware that at home you will have a way better experience in 1.7 

I am sorry I could only half resolve your problem but for the future I plan to keep a backlog even though actually supporting it with updates might get messy

thanks for making this and I agree it is a strange one. I wonder the stairs should actually come closer and you should be able to move to the top mmh

I am glad to hear that

If I didnt want feedback and wont offer support I would not have made this forum post. Thank you again for bothering me.

 My knowledge is also not that great but after I cleaned up all blueprints it somehow worked. I also included the function that it comes to you (optional to use). Ah interesting might use it in the future. 

@inspect mode you should need a branch for the movement as it already sets the walking and *now* also the crouching speed to 0 

@trigger zones okay I thought about a different feature

for the other thing. I came up with three solutions (two already work)

1. the handler just comes closer to you

2. the handler comes to you if the line trace finds a surface to the front

3. some trigger volume

I am not quite sure what thing I should implement yet but we will see. When you push something through the wall then it actually is because UE4 needs to do two things first never let the physic handle and the object be on two different  positons and at the same time always respect collision (because I set up a physics handle it has a higher priorty).

Thank you!

It's great that you changed the kit to your liking. The problem with pushing objects through walls is something I started literally yesterday when I read your message. It should be in the next update ( I already got a idea but I want to see if there is an even better decision ) . 

for the inspect mode I am not sure what you mean. Did you disable it or are the inputs not right for you?

The trigger zones are something that I may include later. It is something basic, done with a trigger volume and just one tag that it checks if the author already has it

what controls are this? Why would you ever think lets use the full keyboard

Still on Unity? Now there is a demo game and its added to the marketplace

short review: warm

I liked the game and the overwall visuals (the effects, simply awesome).

The double jump dindt really get a introduction, right? I had to use it on a way to complex thing but thought I was just too stupid to finsih it

Will you someday release this beauty?

no problem, you had the cortrols on your site. Anyways windows and 1920x1080

Dont let me other anyone else stop you. And its great that you enjoy making games but also I see it like you. Improvement comes only when you know what didnt work

oh yes that may be possible ( didn't thought of this at all). You are right they should be way higher like the mario walls

Yes the graphics are awesome and very close to the cart

(1 edit)

Wow such good pixel art with a bit too much film grain on top. It was the one of the few horror games that I enjoyed and played to the end. Creppy and intressting. 

Add maybe some screenshots to this site and some text ;)

Tight controls, UFO 50s palette and funny dialoge that are 5 stars. The only bad thing was that I didnt overstay its welcome with this length

Psst have some screenshots on this site so folks can actually see this challenging puzzler. Very neat concept could see a little mobile title build upon this :)

while *Ridding the bike in the air* and then kicking the skeleton in the face praising this game. I was strange that the skeleton ran sometimes freely into the lava but overall well done ;)

This game feels very deep and that I was only scratching the surface. The colors are stellar and the setting fits so well

simple paint software but fits the cart

Wonderful idea, while I was streaming you released it and I had to try it right out. I love the idea even though the spray cans could be more realistic (with velocity and so) and also a little bit bigger as often you cant fill these canvas. Well done and incredible that you made a multiplayer mode

the art is so wonderful and I can see where you  were going with this but I really felt held back by seeing all the other characters play for most of the time. I also think you matched the cart art perfectly

Simple graphics but a wonderful message

short but honest. Thanks for helping others with your music and your streaming

"concrete feedback" right here.

First I played 40 AGBIC games today and this was one of my personal tops. So well done on this part. The idea carries the whole game but also the potencial to speedrun (the elevator level can be solved only by shooting yourself into the air). Let us come to the feedback

First of course make your site here pretty and add a GIF as a cover. This is one of these games that you can scroll though on twitter and understand at first sight. Perfect

Second change the graphics of course! I would go into the direction of looking cute with a animated face that changes with velocity and height. For some inspiration 

Lastly there should be some UI and for a full game some (optinal) timer for people searching for highscores. I really enjoyed it and thank you for making it

Some white lights of hopes were not capable at standing where I could pick them up but well done nontheless

Random--- Planned ---- Random. No I liked the game but at my first dream there was no Q and I was afraid that the sub was my new home. Well done

There could have been my empire and now its gone :( Neat colors and abstract but the parts I understood well written story

I killed the red cats. Some more maps/ tactical choices whould have been nice but I can only imagine how hard it is to make such a system from scratch

Fitting for the theme, the low rez jam and the cart. I was a bit boring at level 5 and got way to hard at level level 6-7 but I enjoyed my time with it