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Thank you! I hope you enjoy it

What a nice test :)

for sure! Thanks for pointing it out

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You are totally free to make whatever you want inspired by the My Famicase Exhibition. If you want to take a quick look what other people made in the years before 2020 take a look!

A Game By Its Cover 2015

A Game By Its Cover 2016

A Game By Its Cover 2017

A Game By Its Cover 2018

A Game By Its Cover 2019

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(just stealing most of Ludonaut's thread from last year here)

One of the goals of this jam is to give the incredible annual My Famicase Exhibition the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, their website is a little slow, and can be hard to navigate. Here are a couple of ways to help you choose a cart to base your game on:

#1: Browse

This is the obvious one. Of course, their site is a little slow and I'm a little worried we might eat up their entire bandwidth quota and their webhost might take it down or something (hence #1 above). It isn't immediately obvious, and they don't seem to link them anywhere, but you can browse prior years all the way back to 2008 by changing the year in the URL. For example, to check out the 2010 collection, change the 19 in to a 10, like so:

Years prior to 2008 and later can be found here. Warning it takes some time to load and can be a bit heavy depending on your machine with its animation

#2: Let RANDOM FAMICASE decide for you

Pyrofoux made this neat little tool (Updated to 2020) to randomly browse through the Famicase collection. This one is helpful if you have trouble picking a cart out of the hundreds and hundreds of great designs. Warning: Right now this tool hotlinks images from, which makes it just as slow as browsing the site directly. If you want to help with the development of this tool here is the repo

#3 Famicase Finder

Baku made a little project with a high-res view of 2020 carts. You can find it on his personal website here:

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Short version:

Question: Can I-

Answer: Yes.

But: Be nice and respectful. Don't be hurtful or harmful. Breaking this rule will get you banned.


Long version:

Will there be voting/judging/ranking/prizes?

None of the sort. Just people making games and stuff :)

This jam is 100% non-competitive. There is enough crunch in the world already, and we believe prizes and competition are terrible motivators. Taking part and making something is a reward in itself.

Wait, what's Famicase anyway?

It's the annual My Famicase Exhibition, organized and hosted by Super Meteor in Japan. They accept submissions for fictional famicom-style game cartridge designs and descriptions every year and then display them in their shop and on their website. This jam is meant to a) bring attention to this amazing little thing and b) to turn these fictional cartridge designs into real little videogames! 

Can I start early?

Yes! Feel free to start early if you like. This is supposed to be a very relaxed jam with very few restrictions.

Is there a deadline?

Submissions are open all through September. Maybe longer, we'll see.

Can I work on an old project?


You can work on anything even if you didn't start it during the jam.

Does my game have to follow the Famicase entry's description?

No! You're free to adhere to the provided description, but you don't have to.

Do I have to name my game after its inspirational Famicase entry?


Do I have to pick a cart from 2020?

No, you're free to pick any Famicase design regardless of year. This is the 2020 exhibition. They also have this cool page listing every Famicase design ever made, they call it Chronicle. (If you're having trouble picking one, try this handy randomizer)

Can I call dibs on a design?

No reservations. And yes, there can be multiple games based on the same cart. There have been some in the past, and it was always super interesting to see different interpretations of the same theme.

Do I have to work solo or can I work as a team?

You can work however you want to!

If you're looking for collaborators, check out the Teams part of the jam community or the #teamfinding channel of our discord server.

Where can I share my progress?

This jam community has a section where you can share your progress. If forums are not your thing, you can also join our discord and post in the #progress channel.

You're welcome to share your progress anywhere else as well. If you're on Twitter, use the #AGBIC hashtag so people can find it.

What about copyright? / Is it legal to use these covers as inspiration? / Can I use parts of the graphic in my game? / Can I turn this into a commercial project?

These questions come up every year, so:

(IANAL) First of all, you always should try to look up and contact the original designer of the Famicase cart you've picked. We know that isn't always easy or might even be impossible, but you should make an effort anyway, because it's the Right Thing To Do.

Copyright unfortunately is A Thing and there is something called Fair Use (at least in the US) but, if a famicase designer should ask you not to turn their design into a game, please respect their wishes and choose another cart. This jam is all about a relaxed atmosphere and there's nothing chill about legal issues.

This is obviously a grey area, like fanart. At the end of the day, you are definitely working off of someone else's work, but if it doesn't develop into a commercial project that just straight-up uses their assets, you should be ok.

If you got any questions about the will of the original author concerning for example copying the art style, then ask them about it.

Everything works so perfectly together here

It is such a beatiful and artful game. I just have a questions: where are the screenshots saved?

wierd and inacessible

the cuts didnt felt coopy and the story was really intressting. I hope part two comes out someday ;)

psst maybe resize the gifs because now they are really tiny

a short and great game

short but perfect. the controls seem a little floaty at times and a way to know which character is sellected would be nice but i still finished it and had a blast. Great game with a perfect difficult level

a really sweet game especially the colors and style

Thank you for your kind words

Hey could you mark the download file for the itch launcher thank yo

very sweet and well paced. Sometimes i was having a hard time but at the end it was always there

a beautiful day walking

Such a great little golf game! A little bit hard to get into but rewaring with great levels :)

Thank you. It was more of a creative challenge than something that would be fun to play :D

This game is currently unavailable?

hey there maybe mark the exe so the itch app can download it (that I use) ;)

hey there maybe mark the exe so the itch app can download it ;)

Maybe some screenshots may help ;)

Thank you so much! I was so busy actually making the games I didn't ask for permission (sorry)

Maybe a diffrent browser may help like firefox or even search engines have this build into it like duckduckgo or something. Maybe they behave diffrently

Deadeus community · Created a new topic itch app

could you mark the downloadable for windows please

hey I wanted to try this game out but sadly the unity web player does not work anymore and is not supported

Thank you for your fast response! I am really happy to hear this and I am looking forward to it

Sooo this game is dead? :(

It is in gamemaker

I downloaded it at my main rig at home and then thought I would like to have it on the go thats why I downloaded it from the itch app again (now I also used the browser) and made a game with it. Then I found out there is only -1. I didnt edited anything I just completly deleted every file from sok pop stories and reinstalled it and I still get that message

I am unsure what causes this but when I try to do anything internet related such as making a nickname it is claming access denied. I already diasbled my firewall.

If you want an easier way (if Github isnt something for you) then simply download the app for your OS and download Bitsy

I am really interested but I can't get out of the first room. I can only talk with them

Finally a meta bitsy game

Maybe tomorrow ... Great one

This Bitsy is lovely and heartwarming.