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2.7 Light Years AwayView game page

Travel faster than light without overheating the ship
Submitted by DAZEL (@Samdzeq) — 5 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound#33.9233.923
Theme interpretation#223.2693.269

Ranked from 52 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

First Godot game


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Neat game! Super fun. I included it in my Godot Community Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Cool expanded mechanic of arcade space games, please keep it up!


Very neat idea, took me a couple of goes to get the controls fully but otherwise really like it.


Got a bit of problems timing the roll to avoid the wall-barrages of the enemies but the rest looked good.

Really cool graphics too.

Consider making powerups you can buy to change the control modules (other types of shots, phase in-out to dodge,etc.), or upgrades to make the modules more efficient.

Jam Host(+1)

Awesome entry, the look and feel is incredible for 2 days of work, with nice pixel art, animations and even character comments :) It's a lot of fun!

I also really enjoy the gameplay, and could well see this turned into a full fledged game. I like the WASD + Arrow keys controls, with four modules that you can use while taking care not to overheat.


Thank you! I always try to think about the long-term game initially and then to narrow down it to adapt it to a jam.
It definitely wasn't an easy job for a 2 days rush!


Amazing graphics and sound effects. The whole idea is really neat, I think this has a lot of potential!


I REALLY enjoyed this game. I liked all the commentary that Mako had, as it really helped to add some charm. One thing that I noticed was that the playable area was tiny. It's like a third of the screen. If you flipped it so the playable area was 2/3rds of the screen with the HUD and Mako occupying the remaining space, it would really enhance the experience and provide more room for enemies, obstacles, etc.


Thank you very much!
I initially ended up making that area even smaller than how it is now, because I wanted to highlight the engine and its modules and also keep space to add more feedback on how the ship was going and for Mako.
Then I incresed a little its size, as you said, previously it was tiny to be able to move freely, but I kept it this way for the reasons just mentioned and because I was thinking about interesting new features to implement taking advantage of this setup.
Anyway, glad you liked the game, I hope to be able to continue its development in the future!


What you said about highlighting the engine modules makes sense and I can see what you are going for. I love that kind of stuff. You could really draw attention to that by having a smaller HUD but displaying a large overlay for a split second with a detailed animation. This could happen before going FTL or perhaps firing a super-powered version of the weapon.

Anyways, awesome work and I'll be following as you continue development.


Awesome visuals and gameplay, i'm a fan of these kind of games d:


Wow, very well done ! =)


Hey man, you did a very impressive job in this game... Congrats!


Replacing basic movement with ship management: genius.

And the visuals and sound are pretty excellent, too. Five stars across the board.


The overall feeling is nice and polished, liked the mechanics, even having half of the screen to show the current ability. Can find some similitudes with undertale and FTL, nice work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Game is pretty cool, yet the implementation of "temperature" is not the best IMO

Graphics and sound are good

About the controls it seems like wasd and the arrow keys are a litle bit messed, wasd seems to control the ship and arrow keys seem to enable habilities, maybe description is wrong

Developer (1 edit)

Yes, the description was wrong, thank you for pointing that out, fixed it.
Glad you liked the game! I wish I could have added some more heat feedback on the engine and the ship to highlight the fact that something temperature-related was going on.
Anyway, the temperature here is important because it's the design component that balances the entire game.


Brilliant mechanic. I feel like there's a lot more you can do with it given more time to experiment with it.

Also it'd be good upload a web build as well as Mac and Linux builds. I had to run the source myself :P


Thank you! My jam started sunday morning (UTC), 48 hours are passed too quickly and I probably focused too much on polishing.
I uploaded the web version, will do the same with the Mac and Linux builds soon.