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Superbe =)

C'est génial !

Je n'ai pas encore tout lu (et pour cause), mais j'y reviendrai de temps en temps.  Cette masse d'infos, de références, de photos aussi sombres et minuscules qu'évocatrices... C'est génial ! Clairement un jeu qu'il ne faudra jamais coder, mais dont on aimerait voir la mythologie continuer à se développer.

« Tout mon oeuvre n'est qu'un "Je suis en train de mourir" interminable,
bavard, farceur, digresseur et baroque. »

Haha, l'extrait dans Tilt (Tilte pardon), génial d'avoir retrouvé ça !!

J'espère trouver un jour cette disquette sur eBay (voire la boîte, mais ça risque d'être cher). Y'a encore moyen de lire du 5,25 pouces ???

At some points, I really thought it was an actual but abandonned game. Huge work here, but now I want to play a Mushen!! =)

Jamais vu un service clients aussi dévoué ;) hâte de crier dans le tramway dans mon téléphone pour terminer ce jeu !!

Addictif, ce jeu. Je passe mon temps à lancer les cheatcodes TRANSTERRILIENNE puis GRISOU GRISOU GRISOU GRISOU...

Très joli !!!!!! Et maintenant je veux cette manette NES !!

PS : chez moi j'ai un nabaztag, il me reste à trouver le lamaztag...

C'est dingue :) et ça rappelle de beaux souvenirs ! Tilt, quelle époque !!

Magnifique jeu, impressionnante couverture, sublime Eddy ;)

La jam est clairement méta, mais je ne m'attendais pas à voir une FI sur une FI. Sympa :)

Bravo pour cette participation (et merci à Helios) et bonne route sur le fascinant chemin de la fiction interactive !!

Awesome game! Love to see it updated but I fell on a bug on the very 1st screen =) After killing the guys, if I try to move "west" instead of "east" I get stuck in a infinite running stance from which I can't escape.

Really great. The game is gorgeous, the music very nice, the controls well thought... even the menu is very pleasing with its charging buttons.

Congrats!! A very solid game! (my score so far : 42)

Nice atmosphere! Gameplay, graphics and audio fit well together. Having a simple story is cool too!

I don't know what happened to me sometimes, and of course it's hard to 100% finish a game during a jam, but if the team is still together to make an updated version that would be great!

Haha, not my favorite gameplay buuut the game is funny and I loooove games which allow for keys customization (even though I shouldn't have to do it for each try, maybe).

Congrats, thx for contributing!

Great work, puzzle games are not that easy, and this one is very well thought. Congrats!

Impressive game, everything fits to well together!

I couldn't finish it yet, the level with two rows of disappearing blocks is pretty tough :D but I'll git it another go!

Wow, a programming game, great =)

Quite tough but I got the hang of it after a few tries!! But the score disappears too quickly after a loss. I would be nice to display the highest score of the session somewhere.


Good way to train on a real skill :)
Well, I guess it's not very useful nowadays but it's still interesting to experiment ;)

Oh, it's not so bad =)

There are a few interesting aspects, but it's tough to start over from the very beginning at the 1st death!!

Could you maybe add a few tries on a level before having to start over?

Best score 57200 :)

Very nice! The high quality slows my computer :p but the race is all right, and I've been really impressed by the menus and options. Being able to choose the keys and all. Very nice work on those parts, which are important too!

Nice game! I got to level 5 but stopped there because the scrolling gets hard for the eyes =)

The idea is pretty cool and the arcade style well done.

As possible improvement I'd see:

- alternate keys (I have an AZERTY keybord and I play with Q and D, not A and D, you could have Q and A for left, but also allow for the "right" and "left" keys, that still counts as a 2-button game)

- a way to make the scrolling easier on the eyes?  I'm not sure to see how :)

Anyway, congrats for making this game!


Most people are posting their WIP and completed games on Discord, but it would be nice indeed to have some authors offer big screenshots and a few words about their games here :) Which engine/language did you use to make your game?

It's not mandatory, but it's better this way if you have time to implement it =)

Omg it's insanely hard but very original =)

I think you can let the player accumulate some score when they miss a square, though... avoiding the trees is already hard :)

In any case, well done!

I can't understand why I never saw a game like that =) Clever idea, well done!

As usual, a 2-buttons menu would make it even better, but it's already a great idea with the leaderboards and all :)

There's no hour limit!

It's best if you use the same buttons, yes!

One way to implement that would to to have one button move a cursor along each option (and cycling back to the 1st one after the last), with the other button used for choice validation.

Well done =) Simple but nice concept. Too bad we need 3 buttons to handle the menus :p (and the keys, even if they are pretty standard, are not displayed in the game). Just some thoughts to make it even more accessible (or for next year jam :)), but it's already a great game! I

Really great :)
And with multiplayer too, awesome!

A welcome addition would be to allow the same 2 buttons to be used in the menus (and the keys should then be displayed on the 1st screen). Just an idea.

That's cute and fun, congrats!!

Congrats for releasing a game =) But I don't understand the controls well. And the jump tutorial seem to be written after the 1st jump, which is a bit strange :)

Hope you'll keep working on it, that's a good start!

Thanks for participating! That's a good start, I hope you'll develop the game further :)


Each mouse axis (horizontal/vertical) would count as one button (or even two), so mouse movement + left and right click would be 4 or 6 buttons!
Usually the games in this jam don't use the mouse movements.

BUT you can have several keys acting the same way, so that people can play with their favorite part of the keyboard.


- A and D (for Qwerty)
- Q and D (for Azerty)
- K and L
- left arrow and right arrow
- left click and right click

You can implement all of that at the same time in your game, it will still count as two buttons!

I don't see any game, is everything all right?

You can have multiple keys acting the same way, yes. It's even  better that way, actually!

As long as they refer to 2 functions, that's ok! So you can have left/right + A/D + K/L and so on :)

Very impressive game, great work! Everything is well done, with even a tutorial included. Congrats!