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As long as the controls respond well and the player can feel that if they press A slightly before S the double action is still taken into account, I'd say yes!

Hi! Welcome to the jam!

The mouse movement is not accepted, it's more or less 4 buttons in itself (up, right, down, left).

I'm sure you'll find something with actual buttons :D

Btw, it's allowed (and even advisable) to offer alternatives for a function.
For example, if you have X to jump and C to shoot,
you can also have Mouse button 1 to jump and Mouse button 2 to shoot. That still counts as 2 buttons.

You can also keep ESC to quit the game, but it would be nice to be able to navigate the menus and quit the game with the 2 buttons too.

Have fun! =)

Here are the themes for this jam:




You may use one or several of them to inspire you. If you don't, that's fine too.

Yep, why not.

I'll play on PC and it won't feel as a 2 buttons game to me specifically :D but it'll be ok pour mobile players!

In the end anyway, it's always better to offer alternatives, you can assign all the keyboard AND joystick buttons, and so on, as long as only 2 inputs are need to play the game.

I mean that if the key "A" and the Mouse button 1 and another input all activate the same effect, it still counts as one button.

Yes, giving choice on controls is better, you can totally do that!

No size limit for the team. And as long as one member is registered here it's okay.

Congrats for your game! But, well, there's nothing to win. The point here is to create new games :D

Submitting it "as it is" would not be very interesting (you can still do it), but if you take some time to upgrade it (and make a HTML version if possible?) that would be great!

A theme will be given to allow for unique new games. That won't be mandatory but it's always better to see new stuff. If you want to submit this game without updating it (as long as it happens just once in the "2-buttons jam" history, that makes some sense), you can still also take some time to create/join a team and make a new game with the same constraints ;)

In any case, have fun!

Fixed, thx!

Congrats for this well polished game, it took me a game or two to understand the basics and then I managed to blast a good bunch of enemies :D

Btw, I can confirm that the Windows version works ;)

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Actually, I've played a very creative sound only warcraft-like game!!

It would "speak" very fast and tell you things like

"square 1-2, 1 1 barrack, 1 soldier"

you move to the right and then

"square 1-3, 3 soldiers"

and so on...

and you build troops and send them to war. It kind of worked :D

As long as usage rights are respected, you can use whatever you want!

There's a crowdforge page if you want:

That's a website dedicated to jams team making.

Teams are accepted, people can join you indeed =)

Well, I thought RPG Maker MV wouldn't be capable of making a 2 button game (remember you can't use the mouse or a direction stick), but I don't know it well... if that's possible, you can use it!

As long as it's playable by many people (PC executable, or browser capable), it's okay.

And about language: if it's in English or French (or simple Spanish/German), I'll give you some feedback . If that's another language, the game is still welcome but I won't understand it =) Other people will :p

Congrats to Mightylaster99 and fredstoyva!

I hope we'll see a more advanced version of The Blind Swordman :)
And kudos for L.A.S.E.R which is already pretty well polished.

(1 edit)

I tried this version when you talked about it on Discord. Do you plan do make a second version today? :D

Accessibility is a major theme indeed. That doesn't necessarily exclude difficult games but in case of very tough gameplays, it would be nice to offer a simple difficulty setting system.

In any case, the kind of game you're talking about is totally acceptable.

Hiscore: 29 pts!

Georgeous game, in every aspect!  I have simple headphones so it's difficult sometimes to see where the menace is coming from. AND I've got two screens so sometimes the mouse cursors goes out and I lose control. But that's still a great quality game!

I don't see what I could say to upgrade it... but if you make a future version I'll gladly play it too!

I'm not used to this kind of physics but I think that when you get far the player shouldn't stop but automatically come back (so maybe it should be impossible to give "thrust" for too long?)

Also maybe, if there could be a way to make it harder to hit stars (and if the player still "manages" to do so, it would be a loss instead of this strange repop).

And then, create more levels to have something easier after the 1st.

That's not easy to enhance/balance, for sure :D But it would deserve it!

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Cool game! Made it to level 3 :p

Don't understand the kind of basketball though, is it another magma rock? Why does it have a counter?

A cool game, beautiful and all :D I just find it too hard :p I mean, those games are supposed to be tough, but the collision boxes seem really picky.

Btw, if we die by diving (or touching the sky?) the game won't restart by itself? (but it's possible to use the menus, so no big pb).

Well done, congrats!

Cool to have a GODOT game =)

A a nice one at that!
The controls are not perfect and beating the 2nd level is pretty long/hard :p but it's still a good jam game for sure! An updated version with smoother controls would be really great!

Wow, very cool game!!

But all the texts disappear way too quickly.
The tutorial messages are not that complicated but they could stay 1 or 2 more seconds each, wouldn't hurt.

And I "think" I won the game but the text disappeared immediately :p

Also, even if you have good reasons to use T as your main key ;) it would be nice to add the space bar as an alternative usable button (with the same effect, so still a 1button game).

Very nice, I love the monsters, love the overall aspect, love the gameplay. Kuddos =)

And I'm glad you did, the game is really cool! Good ideas!

You can use any of those words, or none of them, as your starting point!

Now make a gaaaaaaaaaame :D

Ok, I'll try to have someone test your game with a mac!

Nice schmup!

Would be more accessible and user-friendly with a little modification, though: having the possibility to simply use the space bar instead of having to move the mouse cursor over a graphical button (it adds nothing but simply makes the game less "1 buttonish").

Other than that, a solid submission, thanks!!

Wow, very well done!! Nice game really. Pretty tough but I'll eventually tire this dragon :p

Made it to 59 :D

Thx for your game! As stated in the rules, games using the mouvement of the mouse are not considered "1 button games", but it's still great to see new games popping. And you got the "bounce" theme right :p

Love the hero and the enemy!!

Wow, that was quick then!! good job!

Hehe, I've stopped using Flash for years :p

Which tool do you use to make your game? Do you have a way to make a HTML version?

Oooooh, ok, I thought I had to click on the left side of the road to turn left, and then on the right side, and so on, sorry!!

That's totally in the jam, then :D maybe you could just add the possibility to add the space bar as an alternative (more comfortable), but nice work already!!

On my french matrix keyboard the > key does not respond (and would be placed too close to the other anyway).

You should add 'synonym' keys to allow for a choice of controls. But otherwise the game looks fun (can't play with a buddy yet :p )

You may try a few games and give your favorite here:

Mouse axis makes it more than 1 button ;)

But thx for submitting your game and making it available on a browser!!
It's pretty hard  :D

Congrats also for making it so quickly (3 hours, good job!!)

Didn't try everything yet (I will!!)

So far BLAMM is the most polished:

A very good game, playable solo or coop, with nice aesthetics and good gameplay.

But several other games were very promising and I'd like to see upgraded versions!

Here you can tell other participants what your favourite game(s) was/where, and why!

That gives me an idea, though :p