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Interface déroutante au début (surtout si on n'utilise pas trop twitter =)), mais bien pensée au final, avec des dialogues intéressants et, il faut bien le dire, assez réalistes :p

Le truc donne parfois envie de foutre des baffes mais je dirais que c'est le but, bravo :D

Très mignon, les illustrations sont simples mais vont bien avec l'histoire. Si je ne m'abuse j'ai vu toutes les fins, elles sont bien différentes les unes des autres c'est toujours plus cool =)

Par contre !!!!!!!!!!!!! je n'ai pas réussi à lancer le jeu en exe, j'ai dû le mettre dans mon Ren'py pour pouvoir y jouer.

Thx for contributing to the jam!

I launched the game, that seems really nice and cute, but I can't more my char which stays in a corner. What am I supposed to do/expect?

Thx for contributing to the jam!
The game is cute the build mode promises to be interesting, do you wish to expand the game to a more finished state?

Nice! Not easy but the idea is interesting. Didn't undestand at first the "bad energy" but I finally got it=) 

Congrats and thx for contributing to the jam!

Really well done and interesting. The only drawback would be that sometimes when you miss a direction, it takes a long time to backtrack and come back, which can be pretty frustrating.

But for a jam game, it's really good. Congrats and thx for contributing!!

Great game, with simple but elegant aesthetics. At first I thought it was a snake like game but it's more of a race =) Very nice to have a 2 players mode. I hope you'll update it, it deserves it.

Congrats and thx for contributing to the jam!

Love it! Interesting gameplay, and it's always nice to offer a 2 players mode. Thx for contributing to the jam!

Really neat! A slight "ghost and goblins" vibe. It's already a good jam game, but it really has some potential to make a more complete one. Hope to see an upgraded version in the future =)

Update ideas: It's not very long to understand, but having to jump to shoot is not evident at first. I also encountered a bug which you probably know (if you shoot a lot and get stuck in your bolts).


L'histoire et l'esthétique n'ont rien de bien particulier. J'ai cette fois profité de la jam pour travailler sur un rendu "responsive", avec une priorité sur un affichage correct pour téléphone mobile. N'hésitez pas à me faire des retours à ce sujet.

Woaaaaaaaaaaaaah it's super hard lol. Took me a while to simply go past the "tutorial" start. Maybe some nicer difficulty curve would make it less intimidating =) but at least the controls are reactive, it feels hard but not unfair.

Good job also on sound and graphics. There's a nice coherence.

Congrats and thx for contributing to the jam!

Cool game! Simple but effective gameplay (although a little bit stressful to me lol). Good choice of aesthetics and music, I love it.

Congrats and thx for contributing to the jam!

Yes, sorry  for the delay, I will give a comment on each game, but I'm not sure I will "rank" them. I'll still probably which ones feel to me the most polished, and will try to promote them and have them played by other folks.

Concept and text by Feldo.
Music by Asderrde.

Voici le thème pour 2018 !!

Il est fortement encouragé d'en tenir compte (au moins de manière indirecte/imagée), mais si vous tenez absolument à écrire une histoire qui n'a aucun rapport, envoyez quand même ;)

Cowlapse jam community · Created a new topic Modifiers

Additionnal modifiers (you may use that to help finding ideas or work on technical challenges):

- game uses graphs/diagrams
- game mixes 2 traditionnal gameplays
- game uses almost no language, needing no translation to be understood
- game has an elaborate options screen (ability to choose music/sound volume, maybe resolution and so on)
- game has several difficulty settings and/or cheat codes

Héhé, malheureusement pas terminé (il manque le boss), et j'ai plus Game Maker (reloue leur politique de licence). Mais ptet que je referai tout ça un jour sous Godot!

Nice concept book =)

Cute :D
Hopefully the tiny fireball didn't set me ablaze =)

Nice concept, it works well for a 2 button game!

I stopped after 4000 pts because once you have good guns you can just leave the game untouched and kill everything =) but it's a very good game! Congrats!

Maybe you could add an alternate enemy which tries to catch up by behind to avoid the mentionned exploit. Still a solid contribution to the 2 buttons jam, thx!

Just finished it, cool game!

Awesome gameplay idea, and good execution. It's already well done but let me know if you make an updated version :)

Hey!! Nice work!

That's a good start and I'll come check it again once you added the other levels. But I can also suggest another very useful change:

not everyone uses a QWERTY keyboard and W+S is not very pratical for me (I use AZERTY, but there are still other layouts). Adding the Arrow keys as a substitute would be nice! (and would still count as a 2 button game, "synonym keys" are free =)).


Very nice! Good mood and promising gameplay. A few bugs that you still know about (when you touch the missiles you can be stuck on them), but on the overall that's a very solid jam game. Hope to see it updated and expanded, indeed!

Either that, or you can submit a WIP and then update it later.
In any case, happy to learn that you enjoyed the experience, see you for the next jam, I'm thinking about another concept, we'll see that ;)

Just finished it, good job! You nailed the 2 buttons constraint =)

It's better to have 2-buttons menu (waaay better, hehe), but not really "required". Just think about it next time!! (or make an updated version of your game next week ;))

Well, if one can play the game without missing anything by using just space and right, I guess you can do that =)

As long as the controls respond well and the player can feel that if they press A slightly before S the double action is still taken into account, I'd say yes!

Hi! Welcome to the jam!

The mouse movement is not accepted, it's more or less 4 buttons in itself (up, right, down, left).

I'm sure you'll find something with actual buttons :D

Btw, it's allowed (and even advisable) to offer alternatives for a function.
For example, if you have X to jump and C to shoot,
you can also have Mouse button 1 to jump and Mouse button 2 to shoot. That still counts as 2 buttons.

You can also keep ESC to quit the game, but it would be nice to be able to navigate the menus and quit the game with the 2 buttons too.

Have fun! =)

Here are the themes for this jam:




You may use one or several of them to inspire you. If you don't, that's fine too.

Yep, why not.

I'll play on PC and it won't feel as a 2 buttons game to me specifically :D but it'll be ok pour mobile players!

In the end anyway, it's always better to offer alternatives, you can assign all the keyboard AND joystick buttons, and so on, as long as only 2 inputs are need to play the game.

I mean that if the key "A" and the Mouse button 1 and another input all activate the same effect, it still counts as one button.

Yes, giving choice on controls is better, you can totally do that!

No size limit for the team. And as long as one member is registered here it's okay.

Congrats for your game! But, well, there's nothing to win. The point here is to create new games :D

Submitting it "as it is" would not be very interesting (you can still do it), but if you take some time to upgrade it (and make a HTML version if possible?) that would be great!

A theme will be given to allow for unique new games. That won't be mandatory but it's always better to see new stuff. If you want to submit this game without updating it (as long as it happens just once in the "2-buttons jam" history, that makes some sense), you can still also take some time to create/join a team and make a new game with the same constraints ;)

In any case, have fun!

Fixed, thx!

Congrats for this well polished game, it took me a game or two to understand the basics and then I managed to blast a good bunch of enemies :D

Btw, I can confirm that the Windows version works ;)

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Actually, I've played a very creative sound only warcraft-like game!!

It would "speak" very fast and tell you things like

"square 1-2, 1 1 barrack, 1 soldier"

you move to the right and then

"square 1-3, 3 soldiers"

and so on...

and you build troops and send them to war. It kind of worked :D

As long as usage rights are respected, you can use whatever you want!

There's a crowdforge page if you want:

That's a website dedicated to jams team making.

Teams are accepted, people can join you indeed =)