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inside a LAN yes

The game is pretty fun with friends. There are two things which would be nice to see implemented

Possibility of hosting a server (like the official servers, not P2P, or, if P2P being able to specify IPs manually, if other players are outside the LAN)

Linux build (shouldn't be that complicated, if needed i don't mind doing testing before releases on linux), if not possible PLEASE don't put an anticheat (or make it optional) that is incompatible with wine/proton (most client side anticheats are incompatible, just do some checks server side and it should be ok, i mean, one player shouldn't be able to go reactor to navigation in one second :D)

(i'm curious do devs even read these?)

Agree :) if there is a mac export should be easy enough to port to linux

Will there be a linux release?

Chrome has issues with HTML5, try firefox, AFAIK it is the best one on compatibility

Hmm, guess i'm  dumb, i can't go trough the second level :D what is that underground connection suposed to do?

MacOS version is marked as being Android, fix that ;)

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chrome is known for not working correctly, try firefox

have you renamed the html file to index.html ? also which browser? firefox seems to work best

Nice game, theme interpretation is okish, graphics and sound are good and gameplay is good

I see some potential on this game for mobile, for pc it is a little bit difficult to play.

Graphics and sound are pretty nice, the interpretation is also good :) about gameplay... yeah, if there was an android/ios build i would understand and vote a little bit higher

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Game is pretty cool, yet the implementation of "temperature" is not the best IMO

Graphics and sound are good

About the controls it seems like wasd and the arrow keys are a litle bit messed, wasd seems to control the ship and arrow keys seem to enable habilities, maybe description is wrong

The controls inside water are not the easiest ones, jumping is also really short :(

Overall graphics are ok and theme interpretation is also *good*

The controls are a little bit difficult (player speed is quite high), but the overall game is really good, thanks :)

Well, if you have version control create a new branch, i would like to see your game but ... "You can't, it's not playable."

Nice, thanks, i'll change my spreadsheet to include it :)

Your export is not quite right :) zip the exe and pck file and then resend, also consider exporting to html5/linux (otherwise at least i will not see your game)

Select the file as being for all platforms (windows, linux,mac), having to download to see is a PITA :D

Well, there are some windows only games, that i could also say "no .bin" (even tough there are no "extensions" in linux), but in your case (game being linux only), you can download for example linux mint and test it in virtualbox :)

Choose the corresponding platform to the files so it shows on the game list :)

Add the corresponding platform to the files :)

TOTALLY PROPRIETARY, won't play :D anyway, there is a high chance that who created custom graphics not wanting to share them, that may be the reason, but yea, i agree with you that the source code should be shared :)

you can still export after submitting, the only thing that you shouldn't do is add features :) On my spreadsheet of games i can't rate yours because you have neither Linux nor HTML5 export ;)

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I exported to all platforms (excluding mobile) but it is kinda of a "use at your own risk"(still, better than no export at all) :D anyway, imo i value much more a dev that at least tries to make a game cross-platform than one that only makes it to one platform ;) (an example of this behaviour of mine is that i only spend my money on games that support linux)

EDIT: for me HTML5 works fine on firefox/linux

Anyway, good luck :)

It seems like some don't know how to export to linux/windows/mac/html5 or just don't bother trying :D

have you tried on Firefox? For our game (Temple of loot) the export works fine on firefox

Don't forget that you need to change the your-game-name.html to index.html inside the zip

Hi, when the rating time starts i would like to try everyone's games, but downloading every game is just tedious, please, be nice and add a "play in browser" option :)

Would you mind trying openhmd with rift in linux (or at least adding the lib to it)? It does not have positional tracking (which means that there is not much imersion), but if there are mores games that use openhmd there will be a higuer incentive to develop positional tracking :)

Is VR on this game compatible with openvr/openhmd on linux?

I will try to modify the entry on, meanwhile you can try and download both files (SomethingRemarkable.Windows.exe and the pkg ) from Bin on the github repo

Yea, i think that is it, the binary is "the engine" the other file is the game itself, sorry guys :)

How to run the game on arch linux? is empty :(

The controls are a little bit strange and the game lagged a little, sometimes is difficult to pick stuff :D after all, great game