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Jammers, Please export your games to html5

A topic by alex9099 created Jun 18, 2018 Views: 1,300 Replies: 8
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Hi, when the rating time starts i would like to try everyone's games, but downloading every game is just tedious, please, be nice and add a "play in browser" option :)


HTML versions seem pretty buggy. Mine wouldn't start at all.

Yep exactly. That's why I suggest people to download the windows version if possible.


have you tried on Firefox? For our game (Temple of loot) the export works fine on firefox

Don't forget that you need to change the your-game-name.html to index.html inside the zip

I didn't see how to add the HTML version as well as the download versions. Seemed like it was either HTML or a download when I submitted.


Seems like most HTML builds don't work on chrome - but using Firefox seems to work fine. On my game the only thing that's wrong is slightly delayed sound effects.


Has anyone got Chrome to work on their HTML5 game?.. Or does anyone know of a project that works?
Everything I've tried so far including demos aren't working correctly.

(Using the simple Python sever when I test)


Chrome has issues with HTML5, try firefox, AFAIK it is the best one on compatibility

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My game had problems on Chrome too.  On my latest version (I'm working on a release for after the voting) it works when I remove the Particles2D.  I plan on replacing it with animated sprite since that will work with my game.  If someone has found any other node types that don't work with Chrome, maybe they can reply to this post. 

I plan on creating a bug report after I've made sure it isn't already reported.

Edit:  The issue with Particles2D and Chromium browsers is a known issue.