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Thanks for trying it out. Watching you play it helped give me an idea of some other things I could improve on. Cheers!

Has anyone got Chrome to work on their HTML5 game?.. Or does anyone know of a project that works?
Everything I've tried so far including demos aren't working correctly.

(Using the simple Python sever when I test)

Thank you! Glad you liked it. ^_^

You're correct. The negative planets showed up too often and were in sequence too often, and the angle that the path takes isn't a true 45 degree so one direction is slower than the other. -_-
Got some bugs to work out..

Gradual speed change would be great, I considered something like that but couldn't work the logic out in time before submission.

I appreciate your input!

Glad you liked it! 

I can admit that sometimes it is unfair lol.. Didn't realize how often that could happen. :/

They do! :-)

Red is the coldest, blue is warm, white is hot.

Did we need to upload it directly to I linked from my GitHub

Forgot to read the instructions^_^
Really fun to play, a bit addicting, I can see this being a great mobile game.

(Crashed after the second contract.)

39 meters! Glad you put that restart key there, I needed it :P

Update with controls later, I gotta try it! 

And I feel your pain, I had a few hours and some time Monday to work on mine. lol

Very nice! I like those fire cube things.

I froze! T_T

Hmm, I tried that but still couldn't get it to scale right. Going fullscreen should allow it to play for now.
I'll play around with it some more and see what I can do. Thanks for the tip!

I'm one of the guilty, my bad. T_T - I didn't realize the pck was needed, but added it once someone pointed it out.

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I'll fix that asap