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(Suggestion) For next game jam, add a tutorial on proper exporting and what to upload

A topic by Winged Adventurer created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 254 Replies: 16
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I'm sad that I can't play some games because only .exe files were uploaded without the pack file needed. :(

In the future jams please put a tutorial on how to properly export and upload a game, for all OS-s.

Jam Host

That's a good point, many seemed to have troubles exporting their project, so we'll need to cover that more in depth.

There's a tutorial already but it should have been linked on the jam page:


the export tutorials could be more straightforward. I ended up getting it working but there was a lot of hoops to jump through. That said, I think most of my issue was using the Mono version for exporting. It did not play well with the templates


I had a similar experience with the tutorial. I was trying to export to Linux, took a look at the tutorial page, and decided to just figure it out on my own. I'm not 100% sure I did it correctly, but it seems to run so I guess that's good.

It seems like some don't know how to export to linux/windows/mac/html5 or just don't bother trying :D


"just don't bother trying" I'm one of them. :/ Exported Windows only, but I was busy.

Guess it should be a condition too for next jam (Win, Mac, and Linux at least), but I'm not sure if there can be some problems between different OS-s. I know HTML5 is a mess sometimes. Also devs can't test the game on OS-s they don't have.

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I exported to all platforms (excluding mobile) but it is kinda of a "use at your own risk"(still, better than no export at all) :D anyway, imo i value much more a dev that at least tries to make a game cross-platform than one that only makes it to one platform ;) (an example of this behaviour of mine is that i only spend my money on games that support linux)

EDIT: for me HTML5 works fine on firefox/linux

Anyway, good luck :)


You're right. I will export more for the next jam. :)

you can still export after submitting, the only thing that you shouldn't do is add features :) On my spreadsheet of games i can't rate yours because you have neither Linux nor HTML5 export ;)


Done. Exported for Win 32/64, Mac, Linux 32/64 and HTML5. HTML5 working in Firefox only though...

Nice, thanks, i'll change my spreadsheet to include it :)


I updated my submission too with a Linux build, but I have no idea if it works... HTML didn’t work for my game, I tried a few different methods.

have you renamed the html file to index.html ? also which browser? firefox seems to work best


I did. I tried zipping the file in different ways too, but no luck. I have not tried Firefox, but tried Chrome, Safari on iPhone and Edge. 

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chrome is known for not working correctly, try firefox


I'm one of the guilty, my bad. T_T - I didn't realize the pck was needed, but added it once someone pointed it out.

I would suggest uploading the .pck separately in case you don't have the time to export to all platforms. That way, users can just drop it next to a Godot executable and boot up the game. Just make sure to specify _exactly_ which version should be used.