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sick!!! Thanks for including it, I'll check it soon :)

I'll check back to see if you update!

This was a pretty cool concept! The screen is a bit cluttered for the actual game, but that's about what you'd expect for a game jam. Did you make that sound effect with your mouth or find it [for hunger]? I love it XD 

I would actually play this game! I love how the mechanics for movement change. Plus the penguin main character is just so chill. This may be my favorite interpretation. 

Please keep it up!

The first time the lava came up, I peed myself cuz I didn't figure out jumping yet. It was a strong motivator. Love the font choices and the music. 

Your game made me realize two things: 1) You can make a fairly polished game in a weekend and 2) I'm not as good at platformers as I orginally thought. 

I'm going to keep playing but just in the first ten seconds I had more fun than I have in awhile! 
Thanks! I'll edit if I get the chance to play more before the ratings are done. But I will still try afterwards :p 

You'll find out soon ;P

The next version will add combo multipliers and possibly a delay.  Originally you would lose points with each miss, but that seemed needlessly punishing. 

Thanks! I'm glad you tried the android. I've been secretly playing every once and awhile XD

I am going to keep working on this! Final version should look something like this:

Gamemodes are also going to be coming soon once I make all the game itself smoother and get the kinks out. If you are curious, I posted a devlog! 

Beat the game!

I would recommend is allowing enter in addition to clicking for the dialogue. We don't have to use the mouse for anything else (that I'm aware of) so it kind of ruined the flow. 

Pretty cool you had a little inventory system going! It was a lot of just running back and forth, but had a certain charm to it. I laughed at the quests a bit. Classic granny!

Pretty fun! I figured it out pretty quick. Maybe there should be a bonus for depositing the max amount of bottles at once? 

I have to concur that they look more like chicken drumsticks than water sacks, but I was willing to suspend my belief xD

Also, occasionally the collision will take several attempts on a water bottle (mostly from the top of them). I think it might be right after I deposit the bottles, maybe the variables makes it think I'm still full for awhile?

I will check out once I get home!

Each day is a struggle for me as well. Stay strong!

Love the spinning animation in the air! Worked on Windows fine

The camera makes it challenging!
I managed to stay alive quite awhile. This could be a fun game mode! 

I'm glad you like it! 

Truly genius

Loved all the references! Truly genius

Plays on Windows 10 64-bit. I enjoyed it! Pretty simple right now, but I could see this becoming quite an expansive "simulator" style game.

Thanks for including instructions! A lot of the games leave you hanging. 

P.S. Love the skyline 

Hey I just joined, but I wanted to let you know that this competition is really cool!  I'm looking forward to see what comes out of it!

I used this same text generator for two games :p Honestly, if you hosted a game jam where you could only use ideas from this generator- I would be in! 

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Spectacular! I'm glad the windows version is working now

It would be awesome to reward the player for taking on difficult situations, instead of now where they are almost punished. I'll definitely think through it more. There's a new devblog with some of the plans if you are curious! I'd love your feedback (some of it is what we talked about here). 

I'll end up doing both, but I realized a lot of people skip your game if they can't find a link easily. I'll add the github to my project description as well. Thanks for the advice!

I'm not exactly sure, it might be the scale size set for HTML5 - though I was playing on mobile at the time. I tried on PC and HTML5 worked fine. It may be a scaling issue for mobile, but it could also be my phone. No worries!

Awesome that you are thinking about the metagame already! 

I agree, and after having many people play test I think most end up skipping the orange for sure. A way to balance that may be giving points scaled by the difficulty of the bar or based on how hard it seems getting the current position of the bar

That, or spam clicking. I'm still debating a delay or way to detect spam clicks. There will definitely be a combo multiplier next version which should fix that as a gameplay issue, and maybe some sort of difficulty scaling.

A lot will be added to this game so there will eventually be more random stuff happening, effects, animations, new nice GUI (I have a screenshot in another reply, I'll make a devblog about it later), and of course high scores

I'm hoping to get this to a level that is good enough where there are even achievements and the like. Your feedback really helps! Thanks mate !

Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad It is working for some people now, I know there was exporting issues at first. Did you play in browser?

I will add combo multipliers and streaks to the next version so it actually is a game that is worthwhile. 

Another feature I was considering adding was different modes. It occured to me that the random placement/speed isn't exactly fair in a timed mode. So there could be a mode where you just try to get streaks, a timed mode that is more fair, and a couple more arcadey ones I thought up for later. 

I'll add that then, just in case. If you download the all pack, one of the zips should have all assets however.

the export tutorials could be more straightforward. I ended up getting it working but there was a lot of hoops to jump through. That said, I think most of my issue was using the Mono version for exporting. It did not play well with the templates

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my game (Metrum) had github linked the entire time, but I removed it and put source code in downloads. Either way, it is available and I'm marked as no source code

I couldn't see the temperature playing in browser, but on Windows very nice!!! Awesome job! Two ice cube!

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very impressive! Amazing this is your first game. You included instructions which many games didn't and put a lot of features! It even has local high score! Reminds me of Rainbow Unicorn Attack. Loved it! First try: 7090. I'll let you know if I beat it! Parallax scrolling, pause, etc!! But there is one long stretch. How is level generated? Is that meant to kill you off? I got each snowflake but still die!

I'm a better chef in real life 😂 XD

Great touchscreen controls on Android (lg g5) like the music

Gameplay isn't super intuitive with timing but you can get a feel (i know it's a game jam)

i laughed, i cried, this is the third time Ben died. I don't think he ever intended to get to work. You should make a sequel for the person outside the bathroom who has go go and you have to hold it as long as possible

I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong but it seems incredibly difficult to balance hot and cold with time , if it's even possible

Played on Android. Lg g5

Loved the animations, especially the dancing while scrubbing

I couldn't unzip

I'll try until I get it then! 
No problem, I'm excited to see more updates if you continue on!

I will check it out soon!

No worries! I definitely ran out of time too, so don't sweat it!

Juggling was hard, but I agree with the challenging nature

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Oh, sorry to miscommunicate- I am ideally going to make it look like the picture I sent. The picture is just what I'm working towards/concept art. I can't change it in the scope of the game jam. But the next version surely will look like that! 

I'm glad you think the combo multiplier is a good idea. I figured it is a good way to balance without needing to add delays that I've always found annoying in games.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hopefully fixed now, you can try Linux or 32/64 bit! Making HTML5 as well now

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Hopefully fixed now! Let me know. Trying to make HTML5 version as well

Also, to combat spam I was going to add a multiplier for getting correct ones in a row.  That or a delay

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Thanks for the reply! I think the mono version has glitches with exporting. I am fixing it right now. Also, you are definitely right about the thermometers. I ran out of time, so I just used modulate. There actually are graphics that I will upload later.

This is what it should look like