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Summer VS Ice CreamView game page

Run Ice Cream, Run! Before you melt!
Submitted by fiaful — 2 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound#123.2653.265
Theme interpretation#233.2653.265

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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First Godot game


This is your first Godot project

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Neat runner! I included it in my Godot Community Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you guy! :)


Excellent graphics!  So colorful and fun!  Sound is nice too!  Great first Godot project!  You must be an artist to have created all that with Inkscape!


Many thanks!

oh no! I'm not an artist at all ... on the contrary!

I had the opportunity to learn how to use a little inkscape during the wedding of my sister, 2 years ago ... (I made all the graphics for the ceremony) and since then I fell in love ...

I like to follow inkscape's tutorial on youtube ... you learn a lot (like all the tutorials :))

since then all the graphics that I realize for any reason I try to do it with inkscape ... and I must say that the jobs done so far have been quite appreciated :)

all the graphics can be found in the SVG in the project assets folder ... if you want you can use them without problems.

I thank you again for the comment

Jam Host

Congrats, for a first Godot project and a first game project it's very impressive! The art is very nice, and you did a great job adding instructions on how to play and the controls in-game - crucial info sadly missing in most jam games due to lack of time/polish.

The gameplay works well. It's relatively simple but it shows that you set your priorities straight: good presentation, working base gameplay and high scores/instructions - it already feels like a real game. Then more features and more level elements can be added incrementally in future builds :)


I thank you very much for the comment!

I worked this way (if it can be useful to someone):
1. I created the basic gameplay using a unique texture for all the elements of the game (a black rectangle - I think it's still in the project files :))
2. I looked for a way to add the game elements dynamically and casually, which would easily create new pieces (I finally did it with an array of scenes - from which they are randomly extracted)
3. I looked for a way to add snowflakes almost randomly, so in the scenes of the pieces I built placeholders to indicate where I wanted the snowflakes to appear, so I gave them odds of appearance
4. I started to make the graphics because with all the black blocks I was not understanding anything anymore :) the first were the backgrounds and the parallax (as you can see from the graphics in the svg file, I wanted to insert other elements, but I finished the time) ... the graphics required me a lot of time (of course from here on I had to constantly bounce between the code and the graphics to make all the necessary corrections and additions)
5. I made the HUD (traveled meters and collected snowflakes)
6. I then made the graphics and animation of the player
7. I made the start screen of the game
8. I added scenes with instructions and controls
9. I added the management of the hi-score
10. I tried and realized all the audio (something taken from opengameart, the hateful voice made with the voice playback of google translator and audacity :))
11. I finished the time :)

I tried to parameterize everything as possible so I can add elements to the game in the future (different ice creams and different worlds to unlock are already possible ... just build them! :))

if you think it's worth continuing with the development of this little game I could also continue it ...

who knows that something beautiful does not come out! :)


ah, I forgot (for completeness of information)! between points 6 and 7 I managed the calculation of the final score and made the scene, and between points 9 and 10, I proceeded to manage the pause, the return to the title screen and confirmation for the exit from the game 


Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

very impressive! Amazing this is your first game. You included instructions which many games didn't and put a lot of features! It even has local high score! Reminds me of Rainbow Unicorn Attack. Loved it! First try: 7090. I'll let you know if I beat it! Parallax scrolling, pause, etc!! But there is one long stretch. How is level generated? Is that meant to kill you off? I got each snowflake but still die!


I thank you so much for the comment you left me, as well as I thank all those who have left me a comment ... these raise my motivation so much!

this is the first game I make, but I've played some of them ... so I thought I'd include all the things I enjoyed in those I played (instructions, controls, pause, confirmation before going out, etc.)

Rainbow Unicorn Attack I do not know ... but I run immediately to see it! :)

The level is generated randomly, starting from a list of parts from which it randomly draws ... for lack of time I provided only 3 pieces ... I wanted to do more but I did not have time ... I'm sorry. ..

the same is true for snowflakes that are randomly generated on the basis of percentage probabilities established within the various pieces ...

even the fact that you die even if you take all the snowflakes, unfortunately, is due to lack of time ... it's a problem of balancement and randomness ... now the jam is over, otherwise I would have fixed something (unfortunately this you can not really define a bug-fix!)

if you want me to keep developing the game, I will definitely fix the balancement and insert many more pieces! I could also make different ice creams to unlock with different characteristics, and different worlds to unlock! :)

finally, congratulations !! 7090 is a resounding score!

Thanks again


Funny sprites and music, but after some runs I start hating the voice, haha. Nice for your first game, keep up the good work!


thank you very much!

ahah... yes... his voice is really hateful!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to do better next time!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

The voiced sounds are pretty funny XD Nice first game! Highscore 6570


thank you very much!

6570 is a very good score! congratulations! :)

I am very happy that you enjoyed it!


Lovely game! Had some fun. But The jumps were a bit hard. Hope to see more games in the future.


thank you! 

this was my first experience in creating video games ... I hope in the future to give you more satisfaction!

thank you very much!

Nice little game, especially considering that is your first time using Godot.

The game has a nice art and music. The voice is a bit strange but you will get use to it after playing some games. The jump motion seems having an unnatural movement sometimes, like hitting an invisible roof/boundary. With a little bit of more work you can make of it a nice time waster, maybe adding some enemies to avoid as well.

The font is nice but not easy to read, and due to the small resolution (at least in the HTML5 game on, probably due to your resolution setting, it is impossible to read the text at the start of the game.

Overall a very nice job considering your first attempt. Well done!


thank you very much for the comment!

I took music from two different artists on opengameart, while the graphic is my work freely inspired by images found here and there on the internet (but the drawing is mine and the svg file containing all the assets is included in the project published on github).

the jump movement, it is true, is unnatural ... but I did not have time to improve it ... I preferred to invest more time in simplifying the creation of levels and bonuses (in fact the level is generated by randomly queuing several pieces in a dynamic way. .. unfortunately the different pieces are only 3 because, even here, I had run out of time).

the idea of adding enemies is nice ... but I think I'll have to study a lot more to do it ...

the strange voice is thanks to google: I used the google translator's voice playback, recording the audio with the phone, then using audacity to change the pitch a little ... a crap! :)

the font is not bad even if you actually read poorly at low resolution ... the text at the bottom contains the following text:

Godot Community Game Jam - June 2018
Theme: temperatures
Credits: Design: fiaful - Coding: fiaful - Graphics: fiaful - Sound FX: fiaful (and Google translator + Audacity) - All other: fiaful ... Oh yeah! It's me!
Music: Easy Joy by Arthur on OpenGameArt - Sound FX: 3 2 1 go-noise-removal-equalized by Arthur on OpenGameArt
Sound FX: Fanfare 03 by Fantasy Music on OpenGameArt

If you think it's worth I continuing, I can spend a time to improve it and maybe publish it on the play store :)

I am not sure if it is worth to publish on Play Store as first game, but definitively you can try to publish it here and other platform to get more feedback and learn more from that.

Once you get enough feedback, then you can evaluate if start a new game or keep working on this and then publish on Play Store or similar platforms.

Well done anyway and good luck with your game development ;)


Sorry but ... what do you mean to try to publish it here? is not already published? I have to do something? sorry but I'm new on the itch platform and I do not know it very much ...

I see, however, that I am receiving some appreciation ... I am very motivated to continue with this game

and anyway, thank you very much for the comments! They are really precious to me!

I mean publish it here as complete game, not only as jam entry :-)


ahhhh... ok! :)