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Thank you very much kitjo :-D

I have done my best to create a quick tribute to Miura, I hope to have a bit of free time to improve it in the next months :-)

Creepy Mahjong, a dark theme mahjong solitaire, is now completed and published on!

Started nearly 3 years ago, as a simple project to develop for fun a few days before Halloween, now Creepy Mahjong is a fully completed game!

From its initial 5 levels, it has improved having 34 levels that follow a non-linear story. With the addition of the level editor and the possibility to share your creations thanks to encrypted code, you can have endless combinations of new levels to play.

Creepy Mahjong has a few special rules that differentiate it from other mahjong games you might have played, without disrupting the original feeling with alienating features.

Get your copy now and start to share your creation with your friends and in your communities.

Until Sunday it is 34% off, at only $4.95!

Find and share new levels here:

...and don't forget to let me know what do you think about it!

Thank you!

Nice, it is quite challenging. I had to play it twice and I solve it with some efforte.

Well done and thanks for sharing it! :-)

Thank you very much FaKris, I am glad you like the idea to create and share levels.

Feel free to create more and share them opening your own topics! :-)

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Once again a big discount for my birthday.

43 years = 43% OFF on EVERYTHING until the end of the month!

Be quick to don't miss this big change to get a discount on my Assets and Templates!

Thank you very much for your comment!
I really appreciate it! :-)

I have created some Assets for sale for Dark Metroidvania video games.

What do you think about them?


That's good then, I will focus on more monsters creation with next assets.

Thanks to you. for your feedback :-)

I see, but in the specific are you searching for a particular type of monsters for example?

You asked for more resources and animations.

Thank you very much.

I am planning to develop new set of monsters and maybe some characters and HUD.

Is anything in particular are you looking for?

Good improvement!
Well done :-)

Nice game, with a little improvement can become a good casual game.

I have sent you in private the details ;-)

I have just finished to participate in a Jam last week, so I don't have free time left for this right now, but I will have a look at your games.

I love Japanese anime robots, so I am definitely interesting in the jam for next time you will do it.

Good luck to everyone! :-)

Hi Ecation,

It's an event that sets the character width of each letter on start of the layout.
It's not kerning pairs since the font is so tiny and the result would be anyway the same.
The result is that between each letter there is always only one pixel of stroke in the closest point between them. As you can see from the images.

I hope that helps :-)

Good luck everyone!

Evolutionary Games I know that I can leave a comment, but that's not really the same thing.

While I understand about your point of view, you can't even expect to have everyone building a system as the Steam's one or have players happy to be tracked. As it happens in all other fields, not only related to games, yes, there might be some fake reviews (in good or bad way), but when you have a few reviews on your game, player will still think that some could be not honest. However if you have 100+ review then the occasional fake one are anyway not counting much.

If you have one fake review from a friend that say, the music is so cool and all the 99 other reviews says that the music is horrible, which one are you going to trust? Same thing in the other way around. So on the medium/long term I think overall reviews will be quite ok.

I agree with bmcarbaugh, the system is there, so why don't just publish it.

Then if the owner of the game is worried about troll, he can still hide the reviews.

When you have the review system as an option, then it will be all to the developer to decide if set them public or not.
I don't see the issue.

I totally agree, I was searching how to activate the public review for a while, only to find out it isn't possible.

I think it would be really useful to have an option to let reviews be public.

It would benefit both seller and potential buyers.

In addition it will help to look even more professional as platform :-)

Very nice game, I left the review here because I couldn't write all the text in Google play :-P

I will keep an eye on your next jam ;)

You are welcome :)

I have finished to vote all the games (at least the one that is possible to play online).
The jam was nice and I enjoy participate in it, since I got a new project ready that I can develop further.

The only think I wish was present in the jam was the opportunity to vote for the "Execution of the Theme" since many seemed to have not followed it at all.

For the rest, some really nice games, and very good project from beginners.
Thank you for organising Xander!

I am very bad in these types of games, but it looks nice the art style.

I find the collision punishing too much, like jumping vertically on the first stairs kills me if there is a spike coming up on the above step even if I don't touch it.

Despite my poor result I can see that the game is quite fun you have a minimum skill in jump timing :D

I was waiting for a friend to come over before rating this game. Unfortunately he couldn't make it before the end of the rate time, so I am rating for testing myself the browser version.

I love these type of games and it seems quite fun.

It's a pity sometimes I get black screen and I can't load image from url, I was really keen to play one of my games' screenshot to see how it would have worked.

The idea id nice and great result.
I will definitely try the game after the jam with my friend :)

It has good potential and the minimalistic pixel art looks very nice.

Great job!

I couldn't really play much, I am quite bad with timing in jumping, but the game could have be a bit better development considering that is quite simple.

I would suggest at least to make 2 frames moving the Player's leg, add fullscreen and a button to restart the game (refreshing the page every time is quite annoying).

Lots of space for improvement if you wish to go on with the idea, that it's ok maybe as mobile game.

By the way, the monster is a minotaur, not a cyclopes :P

Simple but not too bad too play :)

Dropping speed increases really fast and I died because a meteroite was just behind the fuel I collected.

Good game in a jam's time :)

Very nice game and well executed.
Even the level selection use the same game mechanics.

Really a great game considering to be done during a jam.

Nothing really innovative, but in this short time having a game that is 100% complete is a very good result!

Well done! :)

You are welcome! :)

I close the window after 3000 because I had to go to sleep :P

Took me 3 games to figure out how to attack the boss (and I notice its live bar only at the second game :P).

The game is quite simple, perhaps adding different enemy attacks with different speed/ behavior could have made the game a bit challenging and give it replayability.

Once the boss is being hit twice the game ends and when you know what to do you don't feel like playing again.

Good attempt that can lead to a better game :-)

Nice little game, not sure how the theme fits though.

It's good to have the music speed increasing with the boat speed.

Very nice game that suits well for mobile.

Nothing to say, only missing a bit of clear instructions, that could be like an in-game tutorial and than it's ready to be placed on the market! :-)

Very good as first project and you have potential to expand more.

For example the obstacles could change dimensions getting big and small continuously, have irregular shapes, so the player can try to get the time to pass through even if a bit bigger and of course they can every now and then change rotation direction.

Good use of the game theme and nice bonus area at the end that makes the player become just 1 pixel :D

Well done!

I have left the dino outside the screen and rating other games, just to beat your highscore :D

That's a pity, it's the second game I am playing with the same issue.

Same for me. Unfortunately can't make it work...

Oh, that makes sense :)

Nice simple game, good as you are learning new things.

In addition to what the other have already said, I would avoid to leave so many hearths around. The game is already very easy, so I would leave maximum 2 of them.

In addition I wouldn't destroy the heart when touching it if the princess is in full heart, this because a player might leave it for later.

Good as starting point of game, you can definitely build up more from here :)

Grey screen for me too :(

Nice game :)

I didn't quite understand how sometime I couldn't bonce much on some pads even if I tried to approach in different angles, speed and height, but for the rest the game is quite entertaining and I played it until the end.

Thanks to you :-)

So for the Skills, drag & drop them in the slots to the left or to the right.
The blue and red bars in the middle form a value of 4 in total. You can have minimum 1 as value for one colour and therefore 3 as max for the other.
Once you have two Skills aligned at the same height you can click the one to the left to increase the blue bar or click the one to the right to increase the red bar. As the theme said "Less is more" so less of one Skill is more for the other.

Said that, keep in mind these points:
- HP it can go from 1 to 3.
- Armour (from 1 to 3) it helps to reduce the damage from enemies, so if an enemy deals 2 Damage and you have Armour 1, you will suffer 1 HP damage. If your max (or your current value) HP is 1, you will die. If you still have some lives left, you will respawn.
- Damage (from 1 to 3), some enemies have no armour, but others yes, so if you deal low damage, their armour could nullify your attack. Also, enemies have HP going from 1 to 3 as well.
- Bullets (from 1 to 3), this is how many bullets you spawn. If you pick the Flamer (icon with 3 red circles of different size), the higher the bullet the further the flamer can reach. If you pick the Barrier (yellow circle icon), your Bullets value determine the enemy bullets stopped. (If your Bullets value is 2, the barrier destroys enemy bullets with Damage of 1 or 2, but will let pass the ones that deal 3 Damage).
- Speed (it adds a bonus to your base speed). The more points you give to Speed, the faster you move.
- Jump (it adds a bonus to your base jump). The more points you give to Jump, the higher you can go.

Once all the Skills are set you can click confirm to go to the weapon selection.

In the weapon section, you can pick and test any Standard Weapon (from bottom row) and Special Weapon (from top row).
You must select one of each before being able to go to the start and play the game.

In this section, you can test as much as you want the Special Weapons, but keep in mind that in the game, the amount is limited to 12 and the value is shared among all players.

As another participant told me, Player 3 and Player 4 input are inverted, so make sure to read them in the opposite way as they are written.
Sorry about that.

If you have still issues, please give me details and I will be happy to help you more specifically :-)

Thank you! :-)

Thank you for the accurate feedback!

I have fixed the keys, but I can't upload a new version until the voting of the jam will be completed.
I will definitely upload a fixed version later.

I totally agree about testing, and outside of the jam, I always ask for feedback.
It definitely makes a difference between hook players or lose them straight away!

Different enemies will be added for sure, I had a bunch of them on the paper, but didn't have time to build them. I was actually lucky enough to have uploaded a "working" game. I have definitely added too many features considering that I worked on the game for a total of 25 hours only :D

About the grenades, some don't explode for a while due to a bug, need to fix that part.
Aside for that, I tried to find a good timing between let them explode quickly and give them time to bounce down some eventual holes the player might want to clear.
Once again, testing here will help :)

I like co-op games and I think too this has good potential.

I just need to decide the direction to give to this game:
a) Rushing quick action where players are forced to move to the end of the level.
b) Exploration and use strategy to defeat enemies using synergy between players.

It could be too to have some levels in one way and others in the other way and let players decide which mission to choose between the two, maybe changing the story and so on.

Thank you again for your great feedback!