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Cool, thank you.
I didn't noticed it works like a Game Jam!

Thank you for the detailed reply! :-)

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I have submitted a game and an asset, but I can't see if everything went trough correctly or not.
Since I have submitted the game first and asset after, I would like to make sure that the second didn't overwrite the first submission.

I think that such option would be useful too for future bundles.

Thanks :-)

Nice read. By the way, at the end I enjoyed pushing a couple of balls in the hole and wait to see them come back on the other side, just to confirm myself that was as expected only one level :)

Thanks I will check it out! :)

Not exactly a devlog, but I talk about what I could do and what I couldn't in my one day of participation to the game jam. Also I try to play the game as intended.

Here in English (I couldn't complete the game, but I could have if I didn't want to kill more enemies):

Here in Italian (where I could complete the game):

Thank you! :-)

I have recorded a couple of videos about my game, one in Italian and one in English and I would like to use the logo as thumbnail for my videos. Can I use it?

The videos speaks about what I did during the jam, what I couldn't fit, what were the main feedback and in the end I show the game play of my game. Trying to show what was my gameplay idea.

I think it should be fine to use the logo, but just in case I ask.

Thank you!

You are welcome, the game idea and realization was really nice. I am sure you can make a successful game if you keep developing more misadventures for our hero! :-)

Thank you for organising the jam!

I just noticed that I have 2 unrated game, I knew about only 1. I checked and the other game to rate is mine :-D
I found it strange that you can rate your own game, is there an option to avoid so in the jam setting? It would be nice to have it for next jam.

Yeah, I was guessing so. Good start with your Construct skills! :-)

No worries, you'll get better with next game :-)

I tried to do so, both in full-screen and both in iframe. It didn't work...

I had to leave out the game that requires to install the file (Sapph's Golden Eye), sorry M A R C U S, but for the first time in a game jam, I played, rated and commented all the games.

Nice work everyone, lots of nice games, experiments and good first games!

I'm glad I spent one day in joining the jam even if super busy, we need to have more of these Construct jams!

On a side note, it's my first time spending more time playing and rating than developing the game itself! :-D

Thank you to the organizers and Scirra for the prizes, I can see already who are some of the potential winners here.

Do you have a screenshot of the issue? Just to try to see what the problem could be?

I'm sorry to don't see this game as HTML5 because I am not able to rate it.
I love to use C2 too, I keep using it in 90% of my projects, unless they are clients' work, so I was happy to see others keep using it.

Have you tried to export a simple project in HTML5 to see the issue? Just put the text object, without any plugin and see if that works. It's a while I don't export for HTML5 and upload on, but I think C2 still works fine.

Do you have the latest version?

There is one old for Construct 2, with just tower mechanics, and completed one done with C3. You should give it a go, if you have time to waste in these games!

I had to quit playing games properly since long time :P

I didn't have anyone to play this game on time before the end of the voting, so I just moved characters by myself and play around to see the mechanics. I can see the potential of the game and it's fun.

I have actually done a similar game time ago, that need a bit of polishing and add some levels. If you think that you are going to release this game here on we could organise a bundle.

About the jam, definitely one of the best game I have seen and I didn't have anyone to play with!

Great work!

I'm so bad at this game, but the idea is nice, even if similar to other games I saw.

Keep working on it, it will come out a nice game once you polish it! :-)

I couldn't play it, neither full screen or iframe. The character was keeping falling to the right, no matter what key I was pressing.

I have Windows 10 and tested with Firefox.

Any suggestion about it?

Very nice creation, it bring me back in time.

Definitely a game that could be a commercial product.

Well done!

Interesting game, but I believe it's required to play it a long time to appreciate it well.
I like how you worked hard for the digging system and the magnetic shoes.

Great programming!

Good base for what can be a future game. Definitely a good investment for the future.
The fact that you couldn't make it work for the jam is not automatically a failure, because you might have planted the seed for a nice game here :-)

The experience you learned is worth as the game jam prize!

I can't believe I finished a platformer!

Nicely done, add an end screen and it's a finished game.

Add more levels and it becomes a commercial game!

Oh, that's confusing then, because in many platformers you can use them. Better use something else then :-)

Thank you for the info!

I was busy and left the game running, I didn't touch anything since the previous screenshot. I can show the accumulated wealth with my setting :-D

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Nice game, finally one where I am not too bad.

The power up are really a lot and nice to discover, more towers would have been good, but it's a game jam so I can't complain about it.

I had to stop to play because after 20 minutes I got only 2 damage because I was distracted replying to a message on my mobile.
The only issue is that you don't see a preview of the area that the tower will cover and you can't place them nicely in tiles. for the rest a nice game.

Great result for the jam. You can definitely improve and make it a nice game!

You didn't even try the game template in Construct?
That's a surprise! :D

Not my type of game, but the idea is nice for a mobile game.

It looks like you have used an AI generated mother board image.
Aside that it was not allowed and it's not cool to use, the image itself doesn't seem to have anything to do withe the audio played.

Fix the bugs, use proper art matching the sound and you might get a nice mobile game out of it!

Not sure about what to think about the game. It seems very nice and have a nice idea, but I couldn't play.

The fullscreen option was missing, so pressing CTRL led me to go back to Windows, then went back inside the game I couldn't move anymore the car. I managed to exit the car, but the character was not moving either.
I started again the game and pressing CTRL + other key close the browser window.

Nice idea, I love how you managed to handle the 3d, at least for what I have seen at the beginning.

Add the fullscreen option (it's simply an checkbox on the game page), and the game will be definitely more playable.

Good effort, I am curious to see how it will look like if you keep working on it.

Very nice art and well done game for 7 days.
Me too with Windows 10 and Firefox can't read the font, but I managed to finish it. Not sure if I have lost the game or it's the normal way to finish the game... I am not going to spoiler it here.

Use a Webfont or better a SpriteFont, so you will avoid that issue.

Keep working on this, you might have many little stories for the main character to live with, like a sort of memory of his work experience.

Well done, a pity for the missing of any audio.

Great art, I like the style!
The game is nice to play, tough I am giving it only a little bit of time in order to vote other games.

I love the old style movement of the screen from one area to another.
The character itself is lovable to watch, especially when becomes shield.

Nice SFX, that's a pity that music is not there yet.

Definitely a game worth to keep developing!

I agree with everyone, the CRT is too strong, to be honest having played games in the 80s, I never seen such a bad CRT, unless the TV was broken :-D

Controls are very well made, I usually perform very poorly with platformers, but I could control well the egg.

The egg animation and motion is well done.

It's a pity that there is no sound.

Nice work for the jam!

I am so bad with platformers and most of the entries seems like that!

Sorry, I couldn't progress much, the game is so nice, but I failed miserably at the first spikes.

I didn't understand how to hand to the stairs. Control position are quite weird, better use W to jump and if you want to use the spacebar have it for shooting, so the mouse is not required.

Nice realisation for what I have seen.

I am very bad with platformers, it took me long time just to reach the point where I need to jump up at the end of the first layout. I couldn't go up with max jump to see what's more.

It's a pity, it seemed interesting, but too difficult for non expert of the genre.

Interesting concept, good idea for the jam.

Congratulations for have completed your first game jam game. It's an important achievement that will lead you to greater ones :-)

The game idea is nice, but the missing an option to speed up the game, at least for testing during the jam. Might be an interesting game for the lovers of the genre.

I found weird that I created 3 times the soldier bee, but nothing happen. Just got a normal bee.

Keep working on it, might be a nice game to play on mobile.

Nice idea, but I agree with the others about the controls. Not much about the use of the mouse, that might work using perhaps a touch device, but because the balloon doesn't respond well. It takes a lot of gas to go up and drop down to fast, sometimes moves very fast on one side, other times you can make it move a few pixels to land on the tank to pick up.

Touching the wall drop you down fast, other times made me bunch a lot left and right between two walls.

If you polish the game you can make it interesting. It reminded me H.E.R.O. that I was playing when I was young, and I got frustrated in the same way for the difficulty to control it.

Again, fix it and it will become an interesting game to try :-)

Link to H.E.R.O. in case you don't know the game:

It could be a more tactical, but maybe I didn't understand well the rules of the call and forfeit.
Still prefer to keep my body part as a whole :-D

Nice job with the free version, once you'll get more practice with Construct you will learn how to squeeze more things with the limited lines at your disposal ;-)

I got to a point where I couldn't continue, the big piece took like 3/4 of the screen. I tried 3 times to avoid that, but nope.
I noticed that the character can "jump" pressing up, not a big jump, but it's doing that. If you don't want to have it, in the 8 direction setting, you can choose Left & Right.

Keep practicing with the free version, you will learn a lot. If you want more events, while waiting to purchase C3, you can try to practice more with the free version of C2. That has 100 lines and 4 layers ;-)