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thank you very much for the comment!

I took music from two different artists on opengameart, while the graphic is my work freely inspired by images found here and there on the internet (but the drawing is mine and the svg file containing all the assets is included in the project published on github).

the jump movement, it is true, is unnatural ... but I did not have time to improve it ... I preferred to invest more time in simplifying the creation of levels and bonuses (in fact the level is generated by randomly queuing several pieces in a dynamic way. .. unfortunately the different pieces are only 3 because, even here, I had run out of time).

the idea of adding enemies is nice ... but I think I'll have to study a lot more to do it ...

the strange voice is thanks to google: I used the google translator's voice playback, recording the audio with the phone, then using audacity to change the pitch a little ... a crap! :)

the font is not bad even if you actually read poorly at low resolution ... the text at the bottom contains the following text:

Godot Community Game Jam - June 2018
Theme: temperatures
Credits: Design: fiaful - Coding: fiaful - Graphics: fiaful - Sound FX: fiaful (and Google translator + Audacity) - All other: fiaful ... Oh yeah! It's me!
Music: Easy Joy by Arthur on OpenGameArt - Sound FX: 3 2 1 go-noise-removal-equalized by Arthur on OpenGameArt
Sound FX: Fanfare 03 by Fantasy Music on OpenGameArt

If you think it's worth I continuing, I can spend a time to improve it and maybe publish it on the play store :)

I am not sure if it is worth to publish on Play Store as first game, but definitively you can try to publish it here and other platform to get more feedback and learn more from that.

Once you get enough feedback, then you can evaluate if start a new game or keep working on this and then publish on Play Store or similar platforms.

Well done anyway and good luck with your game development ;)


Sorry but ... what do you mean to try to publish it here? is not already published? I have to do something? sorry but I'm new on the itch platform and I do not know it very much ...

I see, however, that I am receiving some appreciation ... I am very motivated to continue with this game

and anyway, thank you very much for the comments! They are really precious to me!

I mean publish it here as complete game, not only as jam entry :-)


ahhhh... ok! :)