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I thank you so much for the comment you left me, as well as I thank all those who have left me a comment ... these raise my motivation so much!

this is the first game I make, but I've played some of them ... so I thought I'd include all the things I enjoyed in those I played (instructions, controls, pause, confirmation before going out, etc.)

Rainbow Unicorn Attack I do not know ... but I run immediately to see it! :)

The level is generated randomly, starting from a list of parts from which it randomly draws ... for lack of time I provided only 3 pieces ... I wanted to do more but I did not have time ... I'm sorry. ..

the same is true for snowflakes that are randomly generated on the basis of percentage probabilities established within the various pieces ...

even the fact that you die even if you take all the snowflakes, unfortunately, is due to lack of time ... it's a problem of balancement and randomness ... now the jam is over, otherwise I would have fixed something (unfortunately this you can not really define a bug-fix!)

if you want me to keep developing the game, I will definitely fix the balancement and insert many more pieces! I could also make different ice creams to unlock with different characteristics, and different worlds to unlock! :)

finally, congratulations !! 7090 is a resounding score!

Thanks again