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Excellent graphics!  So colorful and fun!  Sound is nice too!  Great first Godot project!  You must be an artist to have created all that with Inkscape!

Many thanks!

oh no! I'm not an artist at all ... on the contrary!

I had the opportunity to learn how to use a little inkscape during the wedding of my sister, 2 years ago ... (I made all the graphics for the ceremony) and since then I fell in love ...

I like to follow inkscape's tutorial on youtube ... you learn a lot (like all the tutorials :))

since then all the graphics that I realize for any reason I try to do it with inkscape ... and I must say that the jobs done so far have been quite appreciated :)

all the graphics can be found in the SVG in the project assets folder ... if you want you can use them without problems.

I thank you again for the comment