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I thank you very much for the comment!

I worked this way (if it can be useful to someone):
1. I created the basic gameplay using a unique texture for all the elements of the game (a black rectangle - I think it's still in the project files :))
2. I looked for a way to add the game elements dynamically and casually, which would easily create new pieces (I finally did it with an array of scenes - from which they are randomly extracted)
3. I looked for a way to add snowflakes almost randomly, so in the scenes of the pieces I built placeholders to indicate where I wanted the snowflakes to appear, so I gave them odds of appearance
4. I started to make the graphics because with all the black blocks I was not understanding anything anymore :) the first were the backgrounds and the parallax (as you can see from the graphics in the svg file, I wanted to insert other elements, but I finished the time) ... the graphics required me a lot of time (of course from here on I had to constantly bounce between the code and the graphics to make all the necessary corrections and additions)
5. I made the HUD (traveled meters and collected snowflakes)
6. I then made the graphics and animation of the player
7. I made the start screen of the game
8. I added scenes with instructions and controls
9. I added the management of the hi-score
10. I tried and realized all the audio (something taken from opengameart, the hateful voice made with the voice playback of google translator and audacity :))
11. I finished the time :)

I tried to parameterize everything as possible so I can add elements to the game in the future (different ice creams and different worlds to unlock are already possible ... just build them! :))

if you think it's worth continuing with the development of this little game I could also continue it ...

who knows that something beautiful does not come out! :)

ah, I forgot (for completeness of information)! between points 6 and 7 I managed the calculation of the final score and made the scene, and between points 9 and 10, I proceeded to manage the pause, the return to the title screen and confirmation for the exit from the game