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Excellent job! Really enjoyed playing this game. Great presentation and quite fun. Love the particle effects.

thank you for playing! I actually tried to make a freezing progress bar  that is updated from my “frozen countdown” variable , but I couldn’t figure it out...

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thank you for playing! Yeah, they are spawning randomly in a set larger area, but the math does seem a bit biased to a small center of that area for some reason...

hi Akien,

I have uploaded the zip of my project folder yesterday. Please let me know if it’s acceptable or if I must do something else as well to comply. Thanks!

hi, i uploaded the zip of my godot project folder. could you please update me on your list? Thanks!

I did. I tried zipping the file in different ways too, but no luck. I have not tried Firefox, but tried Chrome, Safari on iPhone and Edge. 

hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has the time available and would be willing to stream or record a video of them playing all or some of the Godot Jam games? It would be awesome for some of us that are freetime-challenged to watch later...

yeah I checked that too.

I updated my submission too with a Linux build, but I have no idea if it works... HTML didn’t work for my game, I tried a few different methods.

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haha thanks! I actually did have a great time with Godot. I’m very new to game development, am getting pretty good at GMS2, but never tried anything in 3D or using Blender or Godot before.

 Sadly, I work weekends, so I only had a few hours to throw something together for this jam. But I’m sold on Godot as an engine and I think I’ll be using it for my next main  project after I finish the Game Maker platformer I’m working on.  Hopefully the upcoming GameDev TV  course on Godot will be great, because current documentation is tough to follow compared to GMS and Unity.

hey guys, i'm not sure how to export the source code. If i zip up the Godot project file and upload, does that count?

Thanks for the help! by the way, your game is very fun!

In my case, I did get a loading bar for the HTML version when I uploaded using your method with the zip file as the root. So I think that's the one that works. However, after the loading bar I still get a black screen.. On Microsoft Edge I get the error (WebGL2 not available), on Chrome it just crashes, and I even tried it on my iphone and it seems to be just infinitely loading. Gave up on HTML now, but did upload the other Linux and Mac versions, which was very easy to do.  

Hi, sorry I'm really new to this. Trying to upload Linux version now. I zipped the two files, is that ok for Linux?

Hi, I actually tried to post the HTML but didn't work... I tried both .zip file and the non zipped versions but all I got was a black screen when pressing "Run Game". Is there another step other than using the HTML export template in Godot?

play mine too if you get a chance

I really like this. Good job! Gets hard fast though

It's my first ever Godot attempt, first ever 3D game, and first ever attempt at Blender.

It's bad, but I learned a lot. I look forward to the GameDev course, because godot documentation online is really lacking compared to GMS2 

Really enjoyed it, but it was a bit too difficult right at the beginning. Tim mode is hilarious!