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Inspiration: The Art of BreathingView game page

The most Intense Office Work and Breathing you will ever do.
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound Effects#283.1923.192

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
The 2nd Google dictionary definition of "inspiration"; breathing.

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
- Phone pickup up audio (if it ever appears, most likely bugged)
- Ambient office sounds
- The talking sounds

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I have not rated this because i could not get it to work .On chrome/ie/or firefox I assume that this is a problem on my end . Just commented to let you know i tried .

Developer (2 edits)

Oh okay, technical issues are always annoying. Have you tried out the Windows version?

EDIT: Also, I had done some horrible UX design. Have you also tried on the Web version if all the pads do anything? For example: the place with paper will give you paper, the trash can will trash it, and the machine next to it will turn it into a printed document? Also, the coffee machine and the phone?


ah that's so much better now that I know what I'm doing! I've updated my rating ;) love the breathing mechanics and Tim mode, excellent jam game :D 


Really enjoyed it, but it was a bit too difficult right at the beginning. Tim mode is hilarious!


really fun game. doing all the tasked at once.I also like the tim mode for some extra difficult. only one question there is a character at the door but what doe he need? I couldn't figure it out.


Nice. Really original twist on a theme. I love "Tim mode" :D


loved it


The breathing mechanic is hilarious, I absolutely love it. But the tasks flat out did not work for me. I don't know if it's browser (Chrome) or what, but it was clearly bugged. So I made no money.


Did you try right click?


Yeah, I tried both clicks and a bunch of random keys. Not sure why it didn't work. It was a fresh install of Chrome on Windows 10, so pretty standard platform.


Did you have any item on your hand or something?


not that I know of. It was really weird, I could do everything but actions.  Teleport, breathe, etc. It was all fine. I might try it again later. Regardless, I still got a kick out of the game because the breathing mechanic was so funny.


it was exactly the same for me, unfortunately :( I completely agree about the breathing mechanic, it was hilarious :D 


I tried using Chrome and the game works fine. Odd.


Had a lot of fun playing this game, even though my fingers hurt from the clicks I had to do in the blue mat (maybe increase 2 air for 1 click?). I played uptil I got  $12 and didn't continue after that. I think the pacing should been a bit easier, i.e. the first achievement should be $5 or $10, after which a new element is added to the game.

Good job with the voxel art, gameplay, and nice (mis-)interpretation of the theme. ;)

Keep making games!