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Play my game Chill, Brodot!

A topic by Manoiu Music and Games created Jun 18, 2018 Views: 249 Replies: 8
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It's my first ever Godot attempt, first ever 3D game, and first ever attempt at Blender.

It's bad, but I learned a lot. I look forward to the GameDev course, because godot documentation online is really lacking compared to GMS2 


Could you possibly post an HTML version? This will allow many more people to play your game. You might as well upload Linux and Mac versions too if you can, Godot makes it pretty simple.


Hi, I actually tried to post the HTML but didn't work... I tried both .zip file and the non zipped versions but all I got was a black screen when pressing "Run Game". Is there another step other than using the HTML export template in Godot?


Yeah people seem to be having issues with HTML. Here's what I know about it: You should create a new folder and export to that folder. Say you called your game "MyGame", these files would be created: MyGame.html, MyGame.js, MyGame.pck, MyGame.wasm, MyGame.png. And possibly more, but those were the ones in my case. Then you should rename MyGame.html to index.html for This step can be easy to forget. Now zip up every file so that they are all at the root of the zip folder. It may work if everything is contained in an extra folder, but I can confirm it works if everything is at the root.

If it still doesn't work you can try a few other things. Try different browsers first. Try right clicking and choosing "Inspect Element" from your browser, then click "Console" and see if any errors come up. I've had errors with strange audio file configuration problems show themselves here when it worked fine as an executable.

If you still can't get it to work, at least export to Linux and Mac. The default settings should produce a valid executable even if you don't have a machine to test them on. I can test a Linux executable if you want, haha.


Thanks for the help! by the way, your game is very fun!

In my case, I did get a loading bar for the HTML version when I uploaded using your method with the zip file as the root. So I think that's the one that works. However, after the loading bar I still get a black screen.. On Microsoft Edge I get the error (WebGL2 not available), on Chrome it just crashes, and I even tried it on my iphone and it seems to be just infinitely loading. Gave up on HTML now, but did upload the other Linux and Mac versions, which was very easy to do.  


Thanks! And yeah as long as you have Windows/Linux/Mac builds you're good. HTML can be convenient is all. Your game is pretty funny, hopefully you had a good experience making it!

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haha thanks! I actually did have a great time with Godot. I’m very new to game development, am getting pretty good at GMS2, but never tried anything in 3D or using Blender or Godot before.

 Sadly, I work weekends, so I only had a few hours to throw something together for this jam. But I’m sold on Godot as an engine and I think I’ll be using it for my next main  project after I finish the Game Maker platformer I’m working on.  Hopefully the upcoming GameDev TV  course on Godot will be great, because current documentation is tough to follow compared to GMS and Unity.

And never ever forget to change the main scene option in the applications tab of the Project Settings before exporting. That's where I went wrong.


yeah I checked that too.