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Escape Velocity - try HardEdition now!View game page

Black hole is after you. Use booster and escape!
Submitted by JestemStefan, szrap — 3 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version
Godot version 3.1 Stable


Game Description
Reach 40320km/h and save your lowerback from destructive gravity of black hole

Shift - BOOST, Arrows - Movement

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First time

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My l
My let's play. 

someone broke my game again. Those bugs never happened in my system xd I should totally  give someone to test that more


ow no... You don't read controls, don't you? They are even on main menu screen. You missed the point of the game :)

(1 edit)

No, I like trying to figure out controls. I thought I did good job, I eventually figured out everything could kill me but fuel, and I got to the end my 1st play through. Sorry if I'm a bit thick, but I avoided objects and got fuel, wasn't that the point ? Unless there is a deeper meaning you meant the player to find.  Sadly, there are and were issues with youtube posting time links I'm seeing, so sorry if the time stamp was off. 


Nice game. Plays better on hard mode than easy. You should think about removing the easy mode altogether. Needs a moving backwards animation to reflect the fact that you're losing distance when you crash. (I rated based on the entry submitted before the deadline. I know you've improved it since then.)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you. The only thing I really improved was that I changed 3 for 0.5 in the difficulty code and that's it ;) 


Really enjoyed this entry. I thought I had "won", but I think I lost? I managed to get to the top of the meter but then I still got swallowed into the blackhole. The Mac build didn't fit my screen and I couldn't resize or maximize the window so I had to play with no visibility of the fuel bar which meant the other cues you have for low fuel work well too. Overall, great!

Developer (2 edits)

That's some serious bugs :O I really sorry, but i can't test for Mac :( on windows and linux it works fine :c

Really sorry. If you have access to some other PC I encourage you to try there.

Also. If you win (reach 40320km/h) the ship should fly to the rights and there should be "you escaped Black hole".

If you lose (reach 0km/h) the ship will fly left with popup: "you have become food for black hole"

Deleted post

i talked with my friend who has MacBook Air and everything works fine.

Try downloading HardEdition.

Thank you!


Neat endless-runner (flyer?) type game. Really like the black hole effect in the background. Might be cool to add some y-axis motion the both the obstacles and the powerups, just to add a little more variety.


Thank you for playing my game. Have you tried HardEdition?


HardEdition added, because game turns out too easy. Enjoy beating ;)


The audio is pretty well done. I really like the catchy background music. It's also a rare one for me in the many many arcade-y games this round, in that I don't find the controls to be too stiff to my liking :D


Thank you for playing our game! SilverSock (szrap) made an SFX and Music all by himself :)

The gameplay was optimized for my non-gamer girlfriend (I should mention her as Lead Game Tester :P)


Good game. I like the original graphics and hud. The start screen ship looks sweet! The gameplay is solid.


Thank you for nice comment :) I did everything in Blender and Krita. Hope you enjoy playing!

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Excellent job! Really enjoyed playing this game. Great presentation and quite fun. Love the particle effects.


Thank you for playing my game! I work a lot on effects!


Fun game! Very polished. Maybe a slight shake on the rocket would make it feel even more satisfying to boost speeds!


Thank you for playing my game and nice comment!


This game is super fun, and the graphics and sound are great. I only feel like it's too easy, and turning the difficulty up doesn't make it any harder, it just takes way longer to progress. I think the difficulty curve would be better if you spawned more asteroids rather than spawning less fuel.


There IS actually more asteroids. The spawn rates are based on  difficulty. But maybe I should crank this up more ;) But in my playtesting it makes game impossible to beat becouse after boost you always hit obstacle :O


HardEdition added. ;)


Funny how the game starts as a light bullet hell to become a game about resources managment. :) Nice work on the graphics!


Thank you for playing my game :D


I tried the hard edition, but it doesn't change that much the feeling of the game. I also realized that you don't die when your fuel is at zero. While it sped up progression (winning took forever when I was trying to use fuel reasonably), it also made the game even more easier, just waiting for the next recharge to pop up.


The gameplay works well enough, but too often it's just a case of waiting for the next fuel tank to spawn. It needs more things getting in the way, more problems to outwit rather than just "pickup the tanks, dodge everything else, burn while you still have fuel".


The spawn rate is based on difficulty and a little bit RNG. You need a little management between collecting fuel and spending it.

Thank you for your feedback!


HardEdition added. ;)