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Fault ToleranceView game page

Save the city before it gets consumed!
Submitted by Aemetta (@dAemetta) — 4 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version

on request

Game Description
Save the city before it gets consumed!

Mouse to look and select buildings. Space to advance to the next turn. Esc to pause. Home to enter freecam mode (buggy).

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Second time

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Let's play...


I can't say I really got to the point of understanding what I was doing when I clicked on buildings, especially since most of the time I would click on a building and there was no feedback on what was going on (if a building is clickable, it should either do something or tell me why it won't do something in a way that would suggest to me what to try to do next). I loved the visuals and the atmosphere of the game and the general concept, just had a hard time figuring out how to play in a way that had meaningful impact on the proceeding turns.


Those visuals are incredible! And the ambiant that comes out from the game and its narrative is fantastic.

I had difficulties understanding very well the mechanics. And once I got it, it felt a bit too repetitive. Maybe because I'm terrible at managment game, but I didn't feel I had much choices at some point. Especially once there are not enough reactor left, continuing the game seems pointless. Although that part match well with the game theme, which makes us feel more and more powerless.

Anyway, it's still a really cool game. And I loved the free cam mode!


Well, that was depressing. It has the same nihilism as Missile Command, except, y'know, which black holes.


Cool concept, always impressed with 3D entries. I like the pixel size slider; Godot engine 3D with a large pixel size always makes me think of some alternate universe where Atari had 3D graphics. Great music that conveys an atmosphere of inevitability. A "real-time" mode where you only have a limited amount of time to decide which buildings to evacuate/reinforce would be a cool addition that could add some challenge, but the slower, thoughtful nature of the game as is fits just fine. Great work!


This is amazing! The way the black hole starts off being peaceful and ends up swallowing the whole game (and you) is super scary and awesome!

I deeply enjoyed this atmosphere. Simple 3D graphics and black hole warping the viewport the larger it grew. Nice job!


Looking back at this after trying all the entries (that I can get to run), I think this is indeed my favorite this round. It's original, fits the theme nicely, graphically pleasing, and rather fun to play. Thanks for making this cool game!


This is a really creative game. There's a lot of content here too. I wish you could speed it up a bit and I accidentally skipped a few turns because I hit the space bar one too many times. This looks like it was a lot of work to get done so good job! The black hole looked cool as it grew.


Very nice game! My brain went into Strategy Mode while playing :D
But for me pixel art style makes game hard to watch :c


I agree it can be disorienting, but if you have a powerful computer you can turn down the pixel size in the pause menu.


Very nice game, although I would like my mouse sensitivity the way I configured it! The speed and acceleration set by the game really tripped me up a bit.


Yeah, I had to add those settings because when you capture the mouse cursor it behaves differently, and there's no way to do the camera the way I did without capturing the cursor. So blame the engine? :P


Lol, I wished I could do stuff every millisecond! xD
Graphics were very nice! Run smooth on my pc.

The game really has me rooting for the black hole to win though so it kind of breaks the whole gameplay. :S


Hey, there's no reason you can't just mash space if you like to watch the world burn! Different strokes for different folks.


Yes, it was very satisfying to be sucked up in it when I had fed it all my buildings! Weirdly reminded me of Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Both audio and writing. :S But that is a good thing!


Yeah that is a weird comparison. I'll take it as a compliment!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow, this thing runs like arse on my laptop! Will have another go when I'm on a more powerful machine.