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I love the art and the gameplay is fun! I found myself playing for a lot longer than I expected. You're game is slowing me down from playing other submissions, ha! Well done!

Hi Everyone, I'm Anthony. I'm a Business Analyst during the work day and a Creative Generalist and father during the non-work day. I've dabbled in game development and art over the years and want to get a bit more serious and find people to work on projects with. Superpowers seems like a great solution for collaboration!

I've made some very basic games using Stencyl and Unity, I'm not a great programmer, but I can figure stuff out. I also like to make visual art and music here and there (my profile has a link to my website).

If you're looking for someone to collaborate with or for someone to fill a role on your existing small project (Beginner Coder, Intermediate Artist, Intermediate Musician, Project Manager, Cheerleader), please reach out to me and let's talk.

I haven't made anything in Superpowers yet, but that will be changing very soon.