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I love all the tiny details like how the thruster particles bounce off the asteroids. Nicely done

Beautiful visuals. Love the damage mechanic and the thruster display. Another favourite for me.

Thanks for fixing the Mac build. Solid entry for a first time jam and first game ever. Well done! I agree that the zooming should be a toggle, but maybe you're going for the whole "leap of faith" thing? It's really impressive how much you managed to get into this for a first. Menus, varied controls, split screen!

I enjoyed the concept. I got stuck on the second level though. I like the mouse drag jump mechanic.

The Mac build isn't working for me. :(

Nice first entry. Well themed version of Dodge the Creeps. :) The controls seem to still work before and after the main gameplay loop. I still have issues with managing states like that too.

Had fun playing this. I don't have much to add to what's already been said.

Very nice first entry, well done!

Fun prototype, I like the ship model. At first I kept gunning it straight for the goal thing, but then I just started having fun flying around. :)

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Whoa...very impressive! Reminded me a bit of Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander which is an amazing accomplishment for a jam game. I'd love for you to release the jam code for this as I'd love to implement some of these mechanics in my own games in the future.

Had me stumped for a good bit, but once I got a handle on jumping into the holes it got easier and was a lot of fun flinging the cat around. +1million for the menu screen!

I think this is my favourite of this jam! I'd love to see this one iterated on since my brain is already racing with ideas just from what you've started here. Well done!

Really enjoyed this entry. I thought I had "won", but I think I lost? I managed to get to the top of the meter but then I still got swallowed into the blackhole. The Mac build didn't fit my screen and I couldn't resize or maximize the window so I had to play with no visibility of the fuel bar which meant the other cues you have for low fuel work well too. Overall, great!

I enjoyed this game and it stands up well as-is. I dig the concept of gathering data as the goal for having a dance with danger - very much in the spirit of space research. Despite the realism, I think this game could benefit from wrapping the player around the screen if they find themselves overpowering themselves into space. Also if there was some indicator on the screen of your highest score, it would motivate me to take more risks to try and climb to a higher score.

I can't say I really got to the point of understanding what I was doing when I clicked on buildings, especially since most of the time I would click on a building and there was no feedback on what was going on (if a building is clickable, it should either do something or tell me why it won't do something in a way that would suggest to me what to try to do next). I loved the visuals and the atmosphere of the game and the general concept, just had a hard time figuring out how to play in a way that had meaningful impact on the proceeding turns.

This game has my heart and my ears. My brain feels like there needs to be some tweaks to help it catch up with the others. I'm not sure what could help, I think the previous comments touch on possible improvements. One thing I was thinking was the have a sort of macro-recording ability where the player selects a ship, hits "record" and then they control the ship for a short period of time using the arrow keys and then the recording ends and that's the ship's loop until they record another direction setting.

If this were the 80s, you would have definitely gotten a few dollars worth of quarters out of me. You matched that aesthetic perfectly. Maybe too perfectly? BTW, on the Mac build I had to hit space to start the game, hitting Enter only made a fun little noise but kept going through the title/high score loop.

I totally ran out of time too. What you have is great already, I look forward to seeing it elaborated on if you do so.

This game is rad, but I definitely had a hard time with the controls. It was impossible for me using my mouse, I couldn't quite release at the right rate needed to get a good enough kick. However, when I switched to my pen tablet I was able to last longer than 3 seconds. I'd love to try this game on a tablet or phone where I could use my finger. I'm sure that would totally transform the experience here.

This totally took me back to my Atari days and my grandmother yelling at me to turn down the TV because the sound effects were driving her mad. Ha! I enjoyed the whole aesthetic of this game. I did find it pretty difficult, very fast. The rate of fire felt a bit too slow for me. I'm not sure if anything shows up later (since I die pretty fast), but some collectibles that change the ship and weapon properties could help shake up the strategy of defending the hole.

I love TD games and this was a fun take on it. I'd like to see some variety in satellites of the blackhole with some that you can set as stationery or increase/decrease the speed of the orbit. Overall, very nice!

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The clock caught up with me this time. Thought I could get it all done before going camping, but stopped short of putting audio in (I’ve not done it before and figured I’d spend too long figuring it out and bug fixing).

I’ll definitely add sound and visual FX after I get a chance to play and comment on other games. I’m sick in bed today (camping was fun but exhausting ;) ). I’m glad it managed to still be engaging though.

I love the art and the gameplay is fun! I found myself playing for a lot longer than I expected. You're game is slowing me down from playing other submissions, ha! Well done!

Hi Everyone, I'm Anthony. I'm a Business Analyst during the work day and a Creative Generalist and father during the non-work day. I've dabbled in game development and art over the years and want to get a bit more serious and find people to work on projects with. Superpowers seems like a great solution for collaboration!

I've made some very basic games using Stencyl and Unity, I'm not a great programmer, but I can figure stuff out. I also like to make visual art and music here and there (my profile has a link to my website).

If you're looking for someone to collaborate with or for someone to fill a role on your existing small project (Beginner Coder, Intermediate Artist, Intermediate Musician, Project Manager, Cheerleader), please reach out to me and let's talk.

I haven't made anything in Superpowers yet, but that will be changing very soon.