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Introduce yourself here! Sticky

A topic by Doomcaster created Jan 08, 2016 Views: 4,760 Replies: 74
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Welcome to the community!

Whether you've just discovered Superpowers or have been using it for a while, feel free to introduce yourself. It's a great way to meet new people and share your current projects. You might even find some cool games to play!

Want to learn more about Superpowers? Here's some links that'll help you get started:



Have fun!

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Hey, I'm Luke, a self-taught programmer / artist. I'm always trying to find ways to improve but have a bad habit of procrastinating, haha. I'm somewhat colorblind (probably an understatement), but not completely. Blue and purple is pretty much the same color, so is bright greens and yellows. Cyan is almost non-existent. It's awesome to see Superpowers finally go opensource, and I can't wait to see what people make :D

@LukeLanFaust -


Hi, I'm Jean, a french self-taught game maker. I can't describe me as programmer because I'm not realy one, I can't describe me as designer because I'm not realy one, and I'm not musician. I just make games. For fun, for learn..

I used Construct2 as my main game engine because it's "code free" but Superpowers have an awesome potential. For my work, I will use Unreal Engine 4 but I want to leave C2 for SP for my perosnnal use. I hope someone will make a "brick editor" to avoid coding ;).

I also make video tutorials (in french, sorry) on C2, UDK3, other engines, and guess what ? Superpowers too !

I hope that Superpowers beats top engines too grow community and help Sparklin Labs to make awsome games and software updates !

Hi, I'm Archeia, I just want to make games but most primarily an artist. I'm still learning how to program with TypeScript 'w')b

I'm Yvanor, a 15 years old french teenager and programmer, and I follow Sparklin Labs since Craftstudio. Craftstudio really helped me to make games early, and helped me to learn easily how to make games, and I enjoyed it ^^

I'm a perfectionist, so I have problems to end up my game, except in Ludum Dare ( I guess it's because of the time limit, it help me to focus :3 )

Good luck with Superpowers, and good game dev' ! ;p


Hello, I'm Gorabora, I heard about Superpowers only yesterday and I had a gamemaking drive so I just jumped in the train.
I have a low level of python so I'm trying to get a hang of the syntax and basics of TypeScript.

I sometimes draw stuff.

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Hi ! I'm Hugo, a 17 y/o French man, aka as Gugu ( the 42 is from the answer to the universe, life and everything, and is added when Gugu is already taken ) on the web. I'm a moderator of a French Minecraft modding forum, and I've been programming in Java for about 5 years now, and in other languages for about 3 years.
I've heard about Superpowers when I was looking at Craftstudio to see what it had become, and thought that I'd try it out. I'm a lazy person but once I get inspiration from a project I'll spend nights on it, and try to make it work. I'm a really, really bad graphics man ( I can't draw a stickman ) so I have trouble getting projects out since I often don't have any way to represent them.
I hope I'll be able to achieve something fun with friends ( Thanks collaboration ! ) and maybe do some bigger projects once I get the hang of it !


Hello, i'm Reza, you can call reopucino, a self-taught programmer. yes superpower power it's the one game engine I have been wait :D, any way I'm from Indonesia.


Good evening everybody ! I'm Acyde, frrrrrench multitask artist and (poorly) self-taught programmer, and I've been simply charmed by what you made, guys ! Superpowers seems like the perfectly perfect game making tool.

Other than that, knowing myself, I think my creations will be for the least... sporadic. Well, we'll see. Happy to be here anyway !


Hellow there !!

I'm Lucas, a french student in Video Game development in Strasbourg. I've discovered first CraftStudio before Superpowers was annouced, and I'm pretty happy to start work on it :)

So, I'll try to become a great Game Developer in the future and I need to work a lot. See you next time =D

PS: Sorry for my bad English :x

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Hello everyone and welcome!

I'm bilou, one of Superpowers's founder and maintener. I'm a self-taught programmer as well, coming from a mechanical engineer background (not really related I know).
I met my two friends, Élisée and Pixel-boy, through CraftStudio, the "ancestor" of Superpowers, and I ended up working with them full-time :)

I hope we will all do cool stuff together with Superpowers, and most importantly that we will have fun while doing it!


Hello, I'm ninjabou. I found this through some searching on the world wide web. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, but hopefully I'll be able to put out content when the community flourishes, and tutorials appear.

Really excited to be working with Superpowers!


Hi! I'm Jayjay :) I'm also a self-taught game developer/programmer and have been playing with various game development tools as old as Clickteam's Klik'N'Play.

I bought Craft Studio but with University and work I didn't get much time to toy with it, so I'm really excited that Superpowers went free & open source, as I'm hoping to work together with some classmates on making games collaboratively!

To the devs at Sparklin Labs I just want to say thanks very much for making this amazing tool, and even more so for sending it out into the world as FOSS! :D


Hi ! I'm Nattack. I'm 15 years old and I'm a self-taught developper too. I follow Sparklin Labs since CraftStudio !

I'm really happy to see that Superpowers is now open-source after ayear and a half of development !

Really really excited about what we can do with Superpowers :D !!!


Hello everyone!

My name is Nick, or FriskyCowboy, and I am a 23 year old college student from Texas and I am going to school for game programming. I am not so good with the art side of game development, but programming is something I both take pride in and thoroughly enjoy! I have not been acquainted with the typescript language, but since it's a form of JavaScript and probably a lot like UnityScript, it should become natural after some time with it. I also have experience with the C++, Java and Python languages!

I hope to have a great time making games here!


Howdy Folks,

My Name is Alban, I am a Graphic & Communication Designer from Germany. I love testing out Game Making Enviroments and Superpowers looks really awesome so far. I am still at the very beginning of leraning to code. I hope I can improuve a lot through the collaborative workflow.

Eager to see your works on itch. cheers.


Hi people!

I'm Guillaume. I was first doing my teeth on XDK/Cordova/Phaser, but since I saw Superpowers I wanted to test it.

So that's why I'm here. Expecting the best to come :)

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Y'ello. I'm George

I'm a high school student who likes to spend the whole day on the computer. I was planning on learning Godot, but then i found this wonderful little software on the front page of, and now I'm attempting to become an indie dev.

It might end horribly. Hopefully not.


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I'm Elisée, I started CraftStudio a bit over 4 years ago and now I work on Superpowers! I wrote more about myself in the Superpowers megathread so go there if you want to know more about me. Just wanted to say that it's very nice to see everyone posting here, thanks for being a part of the Superpowers community :D. Let's have a ton of fun and build cool games together!


Hi all, I'm Leonard, mobile app developer who loves game development. Using Unity 2D so far for my first serious game (client's project). Interest in HTML5-based game engine, and want to know Superpowers, beside Construct2.


Hello, I'm Michael (aka Pixelrobin aka @ThePixelRobin aka bluerobin2)! I'm a 15 year old self-taught game designer and programmer from the US. I'm also interested in graphic design, web design, UI design, everything design, video editing, pixel art, 3D modelling and DIY electronics (Arduino!). I would probably say I know the ends and outs of Gamemaker Studio pretty well. I decided to finder a lighter, simpler engine to use on the side. Looking forward to following progress on Superpowers and considering eventually taking advantage of the open-source nature to contributing to the engine myself :).

Still a noob-ish-kinda at everything, but getting there.

do you use Sony Vegas for video editing?


Adobe Premiere and blender ftw :)

Blender forever!


Hey folks. I'm Matt. 24 years old, graduated from college (majored in materials engineering, and now I'm coding, go figure), nascent game dev living in North Carolina. I've had a long-standing (if largely casual) interest in game design, and recently resolved to teach myself how to make games myself. I have some background experience in coding (dabbled in a number of languages, mostly through high school/college courses) and did make a couple simple games before in Python, using PyGame, but Superpowers is my first real foray into game development.

A good friend who's been at this longer than me recommended Superpowers to me and I took to it pretty quickly. Still getting the hang of things since I'm a bit rusty as a programmer, but it's a learning experience!


Hi Everyone, I'm Anthony. I'm a Business Analyst during the work day and a Creative Generalist and father during the non-work day. I've dabbled in game development and art over the years and want to get a bit more serious and find people to work on projects with. Superpowers seems like a great solution for collaboration!

I've made some very basic games using Stencyl and Unity, I'm not a great programmer, but I can figure stuff out. I also like to make visual art and music here and there (my profile has a link to my website).

If you're looking for someone to collaborate with or for someone to fill a role on your existing small project (Beginner Coder, Intermediate Artist, Intermediate Musician, Project Manager, Cheerleader), please reach out to me and let's talk.

I haven't made anything in Superpowers yet, but that will be changing very soon.


Hi, I'm Caleb.

That is it.

Just kidding.

I'm a self-taught game creator attempting to throw myself out into the world. All my work with Superpowers will be non-profit and completely free. Currently, I'm trying to make a massive RPG, and having troubles getting started. New engines mean new adventures, and I'm all for it! And if you'd like to help, I wouldn't turn down a few helpful hints! Thanks, and let's have some fun!


Nice to see interest in the Superpowers IDE & Engine - I'm Joshua, an Englishman living in Sweden. 15+ years experience as a professional software developer, 30+ years playing and dabbling with making games, Microsoft certified developer trainer, Agile Coach, father of 2. I've participated in Ludum Dare, organised a GGJ location and tried out a bunch of game IDEs & engines. Attempting to do #1Gam this year!

My interest in Superpowers stems from a desire/need to Game Jam together with my kids and their friends. Teaching them the intricacies of a distributed source control system like GIT and having them all install an IDE and keeping it updated is an impossible task... It looks like Superpowers hits the sweet-spot of enabling enough to actually make an advanced game, providing real-time collaboration and integrating it all in a simple to use IDE! I'm impressed by what the team have accomplished.

Follow me here: @agilejoshua Github #1GAM


Hey, I'm An, I was a UI programmer for Star Citizen for two years (known there as "CIGHuntokar" or Brandon Evans", but I prefer An w/ friends now :v) before I quit the games industry and went to Dreamworks Animation, where I write lighting tools now. My usual M.O. these days seems to be really intensely into some open source project and contribute helpful tools until I run out of ideas and burn out then move on, but with Superpowers I'm helping my best friends create a game they've wanted to make forever so hopefully I'll be around longer.


Hi, my name is Nabor, I'm a software developer from Chile and I would really like to contribute to the project.

I'm pretty bad at introductions



Hello, I'm Thibault a.k.a Nazolait, and I'm learning how to make vidéogames using Superpowers !
My first game while be a clone of Jump'N'Bump ;)
It's almost finished but I still have some collisions troubles between players ...


Hey there. I'm Danny. CraftStudio was the one project which led me to it's successor.

While I, at some point, moved away from CraftStudio and started using different Engines like Unity... I kinda plan on tinkering with Superpowers, maybe extending it with plugins and the likes.

At least one idea I have for that is to be able to do scripting in different languages, which would be possible through some kind of "translator" for code.
But for now I'm really only starting to get a hang of JavaScript and TypeScript, which is great, because I will be able to reuse that skill for web development.


Hello everyone! My name is Kyle. I primarily make music, but have wanted to make games my whole life and am starting that now. Still a beginner in programming languages but I'm looking forward to learning and having fun.


Hello! I am Zlac. I have been tinkering with BGE and Arduino.. When I saw platform independent game engine that works without plugin, I had to try it. Deal of stuff is just new for me, so its all sparklin new :)



I'm Ben. I've been using GameMaker since GameMaker 5 and I love it. I'm looking into Superpowers as an additional engine for me to use. I teach GameMaker Studio on YouTube and Udemy. I'd like to start teaching Superpowers as well. I love the fact that Superpowers uses TypeScript and has such a clean IDE. I'm excited for the future of the engine and I hope to be a big part of that future.


Woah! Ben's here too? Hi!



I'm Jessie, I started off in libgdx about a year ago and am now enjoying using Superpowers html5. I have been streaming and recording the process of learning to do basic things in super powers and been porting a game that I have made in libgdx to Superpowers. So fare I am very impressed with Superpowers and once I get around to it I will put the videos on youtube for others to hopefully learn a few things from, for now though I am just streaming.



I am a self-taught programmer and definitely not a good artist. I enjoy making video games, but I'm also interested in creating software for ease of use. I know many different compiling and scripting languages, but I am an expert in none of them. I enjoy object oriented programming better than procedural. I am new to "SuperPowers", but I am enjoying the ease of use and the robust community ready to help at a moments notice!

Thankyou for accepting me into this community!




My name is Sylvain and I'm french. I'm training in front-end web development, and I'm also a dabbling artist and bass player. I'm interested in making video games for a long time but I've never gone very far with it (played a bit with RPG Maker and Game Maker).

I'm trying to learn Superpowers right now and I wanted to thank Antarka Games and Michael Seyne for their great tutorials (thank you HeartBeast too, your tutorials while I was toying around with game maker were very helpful).

I'm eager to succeed in finishing a game this time and I'm looking forward to participate in this community.


Hi everyone !

We're Zhao & Mjollna, two hobbyists (and beginners) in game making.

Two weeks ago, we've started to create the prototype of a platform game with Superpowers. We've finished today \o/

It's released here :

We hope you'll have fun with it, and that the content/code can be useful to others :)

The Chocolat-Endive team :)


Hi every single one game makers out there!

I'm Ricardo, a "Self-taught Single-man Game Studio" (it means what you're thinking, i do ALL the work needed for a videogame and yes, i learn everything myself either by experience or by reading about it somewhere).

I'm from Venezuela, a forsaken country in the north of south america (i dare you to locate my country without using any google services or similar, just try, i can wait).

Jokes aside, it has been my dream since i can remember to make an awesome game, a really, impactful game, like M***o or Z****a or P*****n, but actually i never really "finish" a game until now (sure, i've made a bunch of clones of classic arcade games with some public domain assets, just for the fun or as learning exercise, but nothing brand new from scratch to final release).

So, to cut to the chase i'm hoping that, with the... Superpowers that i downloaded, maybe i can finally make a polished game!

Welcome! I wish you well in your endevours :)

Welcome, and don't worry, their is more people knowing about Venezuela than you can think. (yes even in the gamedev community)


Hello, my name is Joaquinton and I'm from Spain :)

I had a little bit of experience in Music, Sprites, Programming with Scratch XD lol lollylops, and more things.

My English level is too low, I need to practice more.

Bye :)



I'm antarka. I was born three years ago on CraftStudio. I grew up with it and now I live my teenage on Superpowers. During my life I have developed several games like :

  • Spherunner1 & 2
  • Glanduff
  • Connection-war
  • Monochrome
  • Blubbymorph
And many others games ... I try to be a model for my younger brothers ! At first I did not know how to make games... I continued to fight to become what I am today <3
If you want to know more about me and my creator :
I am happy to be not alone now.

Hello, my name is Jonathon. I live in the USA, and have been a programmer in the games industry for nearly 9 years now. In my spare time I like to dabble with side projects, and recently came across superpowers. The thing I love the most about superpowers is the real time collaboration aspect: I was able to work through a tutorial in tandem with a friend who has a desire to learn game development, but no previous experience. I'm excited to see Superpowers continue to develop!


Hello, my name is Alfredo, I am from Venezuela. Personally i have little experience with the game industry but have been in the programming world for 5 years by now, so i'm really excited to begin the adventure of gaming with a growing engine.

My major flaw is the low experience i have with art, design and stuff like that, but i start working on improve my skills and build better games.


Hi. I'm a professional software engineer for native app, web app and mobile app. Also i have a few experiences for 3D technology (OpenGL, mascotcupsle, SIO2, etc), but never experienced as a gaming developer. Somehow i want to join a team to build a demo app or something through superpowers(or else platform). If you are looking for a curious man, maybe i can help in someway. Aside from coding, i can do composing music and designing flyer.

Cheer you guys, and have a happy coding.


Hello! My name is Mauricio, i'm a brazilian working-hard-to-be game dev. I'm 19 and, that's what it is!
I'm in college studying Game Development, but i really want to do Math to improve my programming and logic skills.

How's your journey going?

It will evolve now!

You better...


Hi everyone,

My name is Kacper and I'm a pixel artist / IT student. I knew about Superpowers from Twitter but didn't try It out until couple of weeks ago. The fact that is a HTML5 game engine with such a nice editor, open source code and amazing potential convinced me to give It a shot and I'm very happy with that.

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Hi everyone!

Im Dhruv, a Computer Engineer from New Zealand. The sheer beauty of this engine in terms of usability and polish alongside its immense potential as users start developing plugins (maybe even me!) has really drawn me to Superpowers. Moving from the menial libgdx to developing with this has been nothing short of a pleasure. Well done devs! you're amazing.

I hope to soon have examples up to showcase to everyone.

Within my time between now and February next year I expect to be extremely active so I really look forward into getting into this community!

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Hi all!

Name: Victor

Age: Old

From: Indonesia

Never have any experience in writing codes

Never have any experience in game development

Eager to learn how to make a very simple game that at least my children will like it.

I do have limited experience in 3D modelling, maybe that will help me a bit. LOL.

Best Regards.


PS: By the way.. How I encounter superpowers? Well, I want to make a very simple game, and I search about open source game maker, and superpowers were shown in the top 3 in the list.

Hey, that's pretty good that Superpowers was listed so high up in the search!

Welcome aboard and good luck! :)

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Thank you for the warm welcome.

By the way, just 1 simple stupid question.. when we work in superpowers, do we have to be online all the time?

UPDATE: Sorry, I think I need to read more tutorial about this.. LOL Just forget my question above.. :D

haha no problem, I get ahead of my self sometimes as well, and I tend to ask instead of reading lol :)


Hi, My name is igor, and here is my story on game making...

I started making games 16 years ago and didnt finish anything yet due to a lot of reason, but the main was that i was
Changing the engine all the time (more than 10x) due to the engine limitations ( couldn't fit my needs)

Then i decided to use open source engine instead, so if i reach the limits of the engine, i can add new features instead of restart the game from scratch on another engine or giving up a feature that i want for my game.

I started (making games) with easy to use tools, so its quite hard to left the confort zone for something harder, but deal with the engine limitations can be even worse, sometimes the engine makes it easier to do simple stuffs but harder to do complex stuff (for example, ¹make it easy to add 2D sprites to the screen and move then on x/y and simple physics but ²dont have support for 3D, lights, shaders and you have to do it yourself from scratch if you want this kind of features) the tools that i used in the past solved problems that i can solve my self with a little knowledg in coding, instead of the really hard ones, if i gonna make more for the engine than the engine for me, i rather contribute to something open source instead.

there is no sense in doing add'ons to help proprietary software that make me dependent on one software provider for fix bugs/add new features in the core pieces of the engine, why should i help then to make me dependent on then as my only provider for certain pieces if they arent dependent on me?
even if i chose to , the ones who were adding features to the proprietary engine that i used in the past were backfired when they change their SDK and made the extensions not work anymore on the newer version of their engine.

Also there were an ethical issue, the company that made the game engine was putting their own engine "cracked" on torrent sites to kill their open source competitor ¬¬, i didn't used the competitor because it was windows only, both the engine and the content created with the same and, latter on, the company give up on the open source version of their engine because it was not economically sustainable.

so i was learning html5 because you can make multiplatform games with it and get the best of both worlds (run it on linux, wich is awesome and also run on windows that have an larger marketshare so its more likely to have enough users to make profit) but write my own engine was not easy and i couldnt find an good open source engine, until i find this one (super powers) and even better, they even find an way to sustain it, so it will not die due to monetary reasons .

this engine still don't have the features i need, and i lost the motivation during those years due to never accomplishing anything, i dont have the willpower that i used to when i was studing 12 hours/day so i didnt did any contribution to the engine yet, but my knowled is better than ever so hopefully i will someday, but for now i want to focus on my project and rather finish it than never finish anything, i will finish the prototype even if i have to give up on features, then polish it, by this time the engine already should be more powerfull and i can add the features that are remaining to make it as i wish, instead of add a lot of stuff before i even start my game.

also if i ever decide to move to another engine anyday, it will be easier to transfer the project (insted of reinvent the whell) since the engine is open there will be no data lock in.


Looking forward to see what you can come up with! Remember, this is html5 so there are tons of online js libraries you can port to superpowers to fit your needs. Also, I recommend learning threejs in and out of you want to access more advanced 3D functions. Here is the plugin: and documentation can be found at

Have fun! :D hopefully you find this to be the engine you stay with :). (I'm 16 too, so high-five!).


Oh, my bad. I misread your post. Sorry about that.

I am 16 though :)

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Hi I'm Andrew and I've been trying to build HTML5 games for many years. I first started creating my own JavaScript based RPG engine and had some success with that, but eventually the real world of jobs, family, and time just prevented me from creating anything really interesting. I've had a game idea for a long time but I've never found just the right engine to build it, but from what I see in other Superpowers based games, this could be it! I'm not a big fan of TypeScript but perhaps I can just ignore that and build something fun. I started looking at building a game in Electron, and that led me to rediscover Superpowers. Are you continuing to add features and extensibility to the framework? I hope that this engine gains more adoption as it looks very promising. I think that my game idea will be something that takes advantage of all the features of Superpowers, and I hope to start posting updates here in the WIP forums.


Hi! I'm Ruben, I'm from Spain, and I've just discovered SuperPowers. I'm an "old school" gamer / developer , and I have used other engines like GameMaker, Monkey-X , Stencyl and Godot. I also make illustrations, comics (you can see it here) and music. I have some Flash-web games published, and even a Greenlighted game in Steam! Now I'm heading to make web games again, and this is why I've chosen to try Superpowers. I hope this is a wise choice! :D


Wow! This is so cool. I just found out superpower and it's exactly what I have been looking for! Getting my hands on a project here I'll eventually post progress and see who'd like to join. Hope to be helpful and collaborate in the future!



I am Kholo and I am a Fine Artist looking to spread my artistic and coding skills to the test. Although I don't know the coding method for this game Engine. I am hoping to take the ideas i have and turn them into practical game to play with. :p


I am Kholo and I am a Fine Artist looking to spread my artistic and coding skills to the test. Although I don't know the coding method for this game Engine. I am hoping to take the ideas i have and turn them into practical game to play with. :p



I'm a french coder, i'm trying superpowers and i like the way i can code everything as i like and whereas the typescript is a new language for me, it is really a good one.

thanks for your framework i love it, i was searching that for a long time.

I'm trying to make a tactical RPG but as a hobiist i don't have much time. I hope one day i will post here a demo or a RC of that game.

Heyow !

I'm Mario, just trying to have fun coding games and stuff ! Working on a 2D Moba game, i'm just starting and hope those who are familiar with Superpowers can porvide a litle help :P see ya on the forum.


I'm Gresh1234 aka Greshy. I'm a 2D/3D artist from Chile,  slowly learning how to code (SLOWLY).

Superpowers is so much different from other engines I'm (not) used to, but it's super fun! I hope I look forward to learning TypeScript and developing with more people! I love collaborating, so be sure to invite me over to your server!

Right now I'm trying to make an FPS in Superpowers, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi! I'm Jengamon! I'm alive. ._. Yeah.

Hi! I'm Tom. ^^"
I'm French ("Baguette")
I installed superpowers because a friend of mine advised me.
I try to understand the basics of programming but I do not always succeed xD
I love Undertale, i don't have the best english ever and...
that's all. x)

Hi, My name's John, I'm an old English guy who's really interested in developing visual novels (especially visual novels that don't feature Japanese schoolgirls in high school). I stumbled across this software today and I'm interested to see what it can do. I've worked as a programmer in the past but I'm primarily an artist. So yeah, that's me.

Hello, I'm Calvin from Calva Software's Draconic Studios

I just started a project called Chosen Warrior. Its a game about a Prince who died 300 years ago, was reanimated by mistake, and must regain his past and save the world from a world ending happy cult that wishes to free an old Order of Elemental Titans that will take their vengeance on the Earth, destroy it, and help this cult make a new world in their own image. What's more, he only has 5 days to regain his past and stop them.

Other projects I am hoping to work on are Conquesta, an older style RTS game with new elements, SHADOW, an FPS game about the future of combat with new ways to play, Shopping Royale, a cutthroat shopping battle royale game, and a few others.

My server is open to the public, and its under the name Draconic Studios, and the Password to get in is DraconicStudios.