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consistent assets

actualy, i think this is a bad behavior:

 canvas.width = window.innerWidth;
canvas.height = window.innerHeight;

because its assumes that the aspect ratio will always be the same.

old monitors where 4:3, nowadays monitors are 16:9 and if your game is mobile, the user may hold it as landscape or portrait mode, breaking the proportions.

did you try clicking on the game screen?

ok, first off, this game does run on linux, despite the page saying "windows" as the only platform, its a f***ing html5 game of course it will run on mac or linux (even android, but android would need touch controls or an keyboard/gamepad)

this game is using musics from castlevania (i didn't play it enough to know if they used something else too)

there are countless pages providing free /copyleft musics to use on your project, just search for and use one of then instead of violating an copyright, everyone will recognize the music and downvote your game.

in the worst case scenario, some one will not and will get new memories associate with the music that dont resemble what it supose to mean (and if the game sucks, they will not like the music either as result).

if you cant respect copyright from others how do you expect being respected?

"but on the other hand as an open source project anyone can clone its code and continue working on it and with that in mind i wouldn't say its easy to kill (but not imposible)."
that is not an criteria, if i create an 0 bytes text document, and distribute it online, techinicaly its an open source document that does nothing.

any one can download and add new features and give it an purpose, but that dont means its alive, if it dont have maintainers, for all intentes and purposes its dead.

any one can fork it, but having too many programs (forks) with the same name maybe confusing and the name may end up changint to avoid harm the reputation if someone make an malicious code with the name. (so the name may be an brand copyrighted)

if you cant add new features yourself, take a look at the github and click on the number at the right of "forks" see what fork is active, and as long as there is at least 1, its alive.

the oficial branch may acept patches from it on the future or not, in the mean time you can use one of the forks.

"HTML5/Browser environment is ever-changing what works today may generate error tomorrow....."
nope, the specs for html5 has been complete, now w3c is working on html6 i guess.

i any case, as long as they didnt use something in draft stage, things should work forever.
HTML will get new features but the old ones will keep working (except the draft ones as i said before)


Hi, My name is igor, and here is my story on game making...

I started making games 16 years ago and didnt finish anything yet due to a lot of reason, but the main was that i was
Changing the engine all the time (more than 10x) due to the engine limitations ( couldn't fit my needs)

Then i decided to use open source engine instead, so if i reach the limits of the engine, i can add new features instead of restart the game from scratch on another engine or giving up a feature that i want for my game.

I started (making games) with easy to use tools, so its quite hard to left the confort zone for something harder, but deal with the engine limitations can be even worse, sometimes the engine makes it easier to do simple stuffs but harder to do complex stuff (for example, ¹make it easy to add 2D sprites to the screen and move then on x/y and simple physics but ²dont have support for 3D, lights, shaders and you have to do it yourself from scratch if you want this kind of features) the tools that i used in the past solved problems that i can solve my self with a little knowledg in coding, instead of the really hard ones, if i gonna make more for the engine than the engine for me, i rather contribute to something open source instead.

there is no sense in doing add'ons to help proprietary software that make me dependent on one software provider for fix bugs/add new features in the core pieces of the engine, why should i help then to make me dependent on then as my only provider for certain pieces if they arent dependent on me?
even if i chose to , the ones who were adding features to the proprietary engine that i used in the past were backfired when they change their SDK and made the extensions not work anymore on the newer version of their engine.

Also there were an ethical issue, the company that made the game engine was putting their own engine "cracked" on torrent sites to kill their open source competitor ¬¬, i didn't used the competitor because it was windows only, both the engine and the content created with the same and, latter on, the company give up on the open source version of their engine because it was not economically sustainable.

so i was learning html5 because you can make multiplatform games with it and get the best of both worlds (run it on linux, wich is awesome and also run on windows that have an larger marketshare so its more likely to have enough users to make profit) but write my own engine was not easy and i couldnt find an good open source engine, until i find this one (super powers) and even better, they even find an way to sustain it, so it will not die due to monetary reasons .

this engine still don't have the features i need, and i lost the motivation during those years due to never accomplishing anything, i dont have the willpower that i used to when i was studing 12 hours/day so i didnt did any contribution to the engine yet, but my knowled is better than ever so hopefully i will someday, but for now i want to focus on my project and rather finish it than never finish anything, i will finish the prototype even if i have to give up on features, then polish it, by this time the engine already should be more powerfull and i can add the features that are remaining to make it as i wish, instead of add a lot of stuff before i even start my game.

also if i ever decide to move to another engine anyday, it will be easier to transfer the project (insted of reinvent the whell) since the engine is open there will be no data lock in.

i think he means viewport (split screen multiplayer)