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A list of useful open-source tools and assets Sticky

A topic by souserge created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 2,572 Replies: 11
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I there's such a list, I would be really grateful if someone could share it. If not, let's create one here.


Thanks to Calinou!! :)

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There's Awesome Gamedev which is pretty awesome 😍

Edit: was late with my response by 50 seconds lol

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Edit: Looks like I was too slow, and two others have posted this first. Kudos to those who replied first, I guess that's a sign of how good this list actually is


I've been researching open-source alternatives to PICO-8, since I really like the idea of limiting  oneself in order to boost one's creativity. Besides, it perfectly fits into the theme of the jam. So here's a list of what I've found so far:

They are all very similar, except for the VectorBoy which is (as the name suggests) for vector graphics, and Zenith80 which is for hardcore programming :)
As far as the functionality, stability and documentation go, it looks like TIC-80 and PX8 are the most mature, and they also have the biggest communities, but I am eager to try less known ones.

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I know this guy who make cool pixel art livestreams on yt and have a list of what he did on store some are free but you can say it's open source because he explain what he does from scratch

That's a great resource, especially for me, since I'm probably going to create assets on my own. Much thanks!

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I like this sprite to replace the one i use in my basic example starting point, it's free and from the same guy, and can be cool to start animating him, the other ones are paid assets


consistent assets


Python modules for game dev: ModernGL pymunk pybullet Pyrr

:D I will use these

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You may want to check out the LucKey Toolset, it is a collection of free and open source software that should suffice to make any 2D or 3D game from scratch.

My cents: