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Thak you artsybarrel My pixel art Hamburger plus the buttons will be soon viewable on where I have imported the project from github with the built in button but a pixel art hamburger is a pixel art hamburger :D

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Hi, thank you for the jam, so I've pushed my first commit here

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Thank you very much for the time you gave to evaluate it

Sure, i'll dig on the idea, thank you

Oh sure it needs it, thank you for your comment

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Excellent analysis, you said everything what have to be said on this little game, i wonder if i can smooth the move of the camera when we click on one of the ten charcters

Thank you, yes sure it needs a lot more work

Thank you for you comment, it's just another unfinished game, that my self doesn't really know how it will go

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Very usefull ! Thank you again, now i am keeping a changelog so you can look how the devs are going, or even fork the game on Github, if you have the same idea for other games, please just let me know, i'll do my best to make it a game

Hi, thx a lot for the assets, so i've made it!

There were a game looking like yours on the Discord of that Game Jam, anyway gg

It's just beacause  thought i've seen this game in GitHubGameOff2017

Nice to see it again here

Hi and happy new year i am starting the gamejam today, so i've taken what i've proposed to githubgameoff2017 and i just want to implement a click hnadler on the player, here is the game

not false i have to work on the gameplay

Thank you Sygmei

unfortunately it's qwerty not azerty

i like how you made the gameplay

Nice graphics

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Excellent really funny and addictive

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Funny game and addictive

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Same issue i have an azerty keyboard

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I really like how Piskel turned into an opensource project and how its interface is cool, i've not yet tryed Bfxr thanx for the link

concretely i still use The Gimp in pixel mode

thank you i'll try again this afternoon

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Sorry to not be in it won't work here my connection won't to allow it, i keep watching the hashtag on Twitter, and i have to keep this account i am using as minimal as possible because of some engagements

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I like this sprite to replace the one i use in my basic example starting point, it's free and from the same guy, and can be cool to start animating him, the other ones are paid assets

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I know this guy who make cool pixel art livestreams on yt and have a list of what he did on store some are free but you can say it's open source because he explain what he does from scratch

I personally use PhaserJS then the question is still asked in this thread

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Bad News In fact i can't work on that RenJS project because i actually have a very little bandwidth

RenJS is about >100MB size 

so sorry i'll work on something lighter related with PhaserJS and EasyStarJS

So i'll start with this basic repository that i was working on just before the GameJam

it's also a good opportunity to discuss new stuff, new features ... with a theme used like a general topic

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Thank you, in fact RenJS in developpement i don't know why on GitLab but i like the way it makes a story interactive so i can focus on writing a scenario with my favourite characters that i exercise myself to draw

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A GameJam is a self challenge to make a new game, if there were like a gifts for the winner or something i would understand why people uses theire existing games but they also try to adapt their existing games to the theme just to challenge them self

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I think i'll do something with RenJS nothing much, i thought i'll make something addictive with PhaserJS and EasystarJS but no i'll stay with RenJS and some characters drawing, the only problem is that RenJs is on GitLab 

Good Luck

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Hi, i use to use PhaserJS framework to make games you can find it here if you have questions you can ask them on the forum 

The cool info is that the image of Phaser is used in the logo of#GitHubGameOff