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Hello everyone!

A topic by Renaud Marshall created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 850 Replies: 16
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Just stopping in to say hi! 

I'm making a game about a slime and a hook, called Grapnel Slime.

What are you all going to be making?

Best of Luck!

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I think i'll do something with RenJS nothing much, i thought i'll make something addictive with PhaserJS and EasystarJS but no i'll stay with RenJS and some characters drawing, the only problem is that RenJs is on GitLab 

Good Luck

You can use any tools for the jam, only your source code should be open. Besides, RenJs is still open-source, so don't worry about it ^_^

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Thank you, in fact RenJS in developpement i don't know why on GitLab but i like the way it makes a story interactive so i can focus on writing a scenario with my favourite characters that i exercise myself to draw

I think it's a great opportunity to try this new trendy thing called fantasy consoles. I'll go with TIC-80, since it's open-source.

Best of luck to everyone!


This will be my perfect opportunity to try out the new Unity Tilemap system. Pretty excited about it all!



This is my first Jam! Super excited! Going to be using Godot <3


hi! This is my first jam and im using it as an excuse to learn Unity. My wife is my co-designer, so it's kinda a bonding thing too 😀

cute (:


Hi! This is my first jam, and I'm still not sure what I'm going to make. So far my idea is a "The Lost Vikings" type of game, but with time travel.


Greetings. This is my first jam too. Will use Love2D. Maybe I will make a retro looking roguelike.

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Hi guys, this is my first jam as well. I am using Cocos2D-JS. I am thinking of creating a platformer with multiple timelines.


I'm making a top-down in Godot! I'm actually in a physical computing class and got the green light to make a game for my final project, so I'm going to interface it with Arduino and have physical sensors affect the game. I'll make a digital-only version too, of course.

The concept is sensory overload, the game will get faster and harder with how loud/bright the room is!

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Bad News In fact i can't work on that RenJS project because i actually have a very little bandwidth

RenJS is about >100MB size 

so sorry i'll work on something lighter related with PhaserJS and EasyStarJS

So i'll start with this basic repository that i was working on just before the GameJam

I'm making a terminal-based web adventure.


new game in the house yeah!!!!!!!