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Yeah, the game was really unbalanced in this way, I changed a line of code so that the tree houses have a range and the game is way better now. It's a bummer that I've gotten so many ratings already...

Thank you a lot for the feedback! I wasn't expecting anyone would actually play these games, but looks like some do. This has really motivated me to continue participating in game jams. I'll also try to polish this game up some more, when I have free time.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I was thinking of at least speeding up the game as you progressed, but I encountered too many bugs and didn't have time to fully implement the feature, so I disabled it. I'll try to implement that feature as well as some others, while still trying to keep it simple and minimalistic.

Great idea, but the controls make it very tedious, it would really help if you could use the mouse.

Great idea! I tried to make a fighting game without any fighting, but couldn't think of how to do that.

Wow, this game's movement is much better than  Super Meat Boy. I really hated its mechanics and that's why I didn't finish it, this game on the other hand - amazing movement.

You should create a new game from scratch, that's the whole point of the jam.

Hi! This is my first jam, and I'm still not sure what I'm going to make. So far my idea is a "The Lost Vikings" type of game, but with time travel.